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Crows bring gifts to girl who feeds them

United Kingdom
23 February 2015

A little girl who recently started feeding crows in her garden was surprised when the birds began bringing her presents in return.

The crows began bringing eight-year-old animal lover Gabi anything bright and shiny that they could find.

Her collection so far features dozens of objects including buttons, paper clips, nuts, bolts, a small light bulb and even some earrings.

She reportedly feeds the crow peanuts, dog food and general leftovers, but Gabi says she doesn't do it for the material rewards, but because she loves watching nature.

You can hear Gabi and her mum Lisa - who live in Rome - talk about her relationship with the crows in a The BitterSweet Life podcast.

Lisa reveals that the crows had once brought back her camera lens cap which she had lost while taking photographs near her home.

Crow expert John Marzluff tells the podcast that crows will sometimes try to build relationships with humans that feed them.

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