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Do Animals Have Emotions?

From: Mark Bekoff: Do Animals Have Emotions? (Bark Dog Culture Magazine)


The borders between �them� and �us� are murky and permeable, and the study of animal emotions helps inform the big question of just who we are. Another big question for which answers are revealed by studying animal passions is, �Can animals be moral beings?� In my development of the phenomenon that I call �wild justice,� I argue that they can. Many animals know right from wrong and live according to a moral code.

When people tell me that they love animals because they�re feeling beings and then go on to abuse them, I tell them that I�m glad they don�t love me. I often ask researchers who conduct invasive work with animals or people who work on factory farms, �Would you do that to your dog?� Some are startled to hear this question, but if people won�t do something to their own dog that they do daily to other dogs or to mice, rats, cats, monkeys, pigs, cows, elephants or chimpanzees, we need to know why. There�s no doubt whatsoever that, when it comes to what we can and cannot do to other animals, it�s their emotions that should inform our discussions and our actions on their behalf.

Emotions are the gifts of our ancestors. We have them, and so do other animals. We must never forget this. When it comes to animal welfare, we can always do better. Most of the time, �good welfare� is not good enough.

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