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Bull finds way to dead owner's grave

A bull that pined for its owner has been led away from his grave after a vigil lasting a number of days.
    Barnaby the bull left his field in the German town of Roedental and found his way to the cemetery where owner Alfred Gruenemeyer was buried.
    The eccentric farmer is said to have treated his animals likes pets, allowing several to have the run of his home.
    The bull found his way one mile to cemetery and then jumped a wall before locating his owner's grave. He stayed there for two days despite numerous efforts to coax him away.
    Vets said it was common for dogs to pine for their lost owners, but they had never heard of a bull doing so.
    "It shows an acute level of intelligence. It seems incredible that a bull could find the exact spot where his master was buried, but he did it," said Klaus Mueller.


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