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Pig Rescues Baby Goat from Drowning

Humans are not the only ones capable of heroic acts. When a crisis happens, even animals can come to the rescue. In this case, a pig at a petting zoo is being called a hero for saving a baby goat from drowning.

The video entitled "Pig rescues baby goat" was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday by jebdogrpm and is on its way to almost half a million views. The swift swine's heroic instincts seem to kick in as he hears the goat squealing in fear or agony. He swims as fast as he can toward the goat, whose foot is stuck under a rock, and nudges it to safety. After getting out of the water, the pig acts as if nothing much just happened.

Most of the comments of the video are positive, with one person writing, "I think I just shed some manly tears." But some people are questioning why the person who shot the video did not jump in to rescue the drowning goat. "The water looked about 3 feet deep, why was the guy filming instead of getting the goat out?"

On Twitter, one person said, "This made my Friday."

We couldn't agree more. Even if it's just another day at the petting zoo.

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