Whoever came up with the term 'bird-brained' had obviously never met these three enterprising pigeons.

With temperatures rising in Australia the three feathered friends were in dire need of a drink.

So, it would seem, a cunning plan was hatched.

Proving that birds of a feather drink together the trio took it in turns to operate and drink from a water fountain.

Showing remarkable teamwork, they waited until the fountain was clear of humans before making their move.

One pigeon then jumped on the lever of the fountain, while another kept watch and the third took a cool drink.

When it had drunk its fill, and had a bath, it was time to move along and let his mates in on the action.

For 10 minutes the birds drank and washed while passers-by marvelled at their ingenuity.

MUST CREDIT PHOTOS BY: Newspix / Rex Features

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