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The Similarities of Species
Science is finding new similarities between humans and other species

Click to enlarge the photos. The photo on the left was taken in Hindu temple where an abused neglected monkey was seen adopting a stray puppy dog

Clever pigs show how they have learnt how to beat the food system in farms around the UK. Interesting animal video from BBC show 'Clever Critters'.

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Animals Think, Therefore... - Dec 2015

Everything you think you know about animals is wrong - April 2015

Interview Transcript: Frans de Waal: Primates, the Evolution of Morals, Top-down and bottom up Morality - 2014

According Animals Dignity - January 2014

Animal Intelligence Under-rated By Humans, Researchers Say - Dec 2013

Scientists declare: nonhuman animals are conscious - Oct 2013

Dogs Are People, Too - October 2013

Scientists Proclaim Animal and Human Consciousness the Same - Sept 2013

I Fell For An Ape - July 2013

The inner world of our animal cousins - July 2013

Scientists on Animal Consciousness - May 2013

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness - January 2013

'Elephants are very human'  - Daphne Sheldrick tells Chelsea Clinton about what makes baby elephants so unique.

Scientists Finally Conclude Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious Beings - August 2012

Animal Consciousness and Science Matter - May 2012

Nobel Laureate: Mice and Men Not That Different, After All - March 2009

Benz-Schwarzburg.pdf - Cognitive Relatives yet Moral Strangers?

Don't Blame Other Animals For Human Violence

Animal Sentience and the Evolution of Emotion

Do Animals Have Feelings? (PDF File)

How Important are Animal Feelings?

book review: Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild

Six 'uniquely' human traits now found in animals - 2008

"They're Like Us", Elephant Researchers Say. From Kenya to Tennessee, Elephants With PTSD Symptoms Are Finding Some Peace

Essential Species Quiz

Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls


Smart lab rats filmed using hooked tools - Nov 2016
Parrots Are a Lot More Than 'Pretty Bird' - May 2016
Gorillas Seen Dismantling Poachers' Traps In The Wild - A First - May 2016
Who you callin' bird brain? - June 2015
Tiny Pig Is Star Pupil At This School For Dogs - May 2015
Crows Understand Analogies - Feb 2015
Pigeons are smarter than you think! - Feb 2015
Research shows chimps way ahead of humans in complex memory tests -Article in The Guardian - Jan 2015
One Mealworm, Two Mealworms: More Evidence Birds Can Count - Nov 2014
An Elephant Never Forgets - Here's Why (VIDEO) - Nov 2014
Killer whales are so smart they can learn to speak "dolphin" - Oct 2014
Chimps Outplay Humans in Brain Games - Sept 2014
What Are Animals Thinking (Hint: More Than You Suspect) - August 2014
Scientists Translate Chimpanzee and Bonobo Gestures That Resemble Human Language - July 2014
Are Trout Too Smart To Eat? And Other Surprising Questions - June 2014
Elephants in the Mirror - Theory of Mind - April 2014
Monkeys are Good at Math - April 2014
Goats are far more clever than previously thought - April 2014
This Crow Is The Smartest Bird You've Ever Seen - Feb 2014
The startling intelligence of the common chicken - report in Scientific American - January 2014
How intelligent are goldfish, and do fish have feelings? - January 2014
Are Chicks Brighter Than Babies? - October 2013
Dolphins Use Names - October 2013
Do Animals Think and Feel? - October 2013
Chickens: smarter than a four-year-old - August 2013
A Dolphin Doesn't Forget - August 2013
Primate Memory - August 2013
Birds and Humans Have Similar Brain Wiring - August 2013
cockatoo-cracks-lock-with-no-prior-training.html - July 2013
Study suggests chickens are smarter than toddlers - June 2013
Pigeons Peck for Computerized Treat - June 2013
With Incentive, Monkeys Can Coordinate to Solve Problems - April 2013
The Brains of the Animal Kingdom - March 2013
Capuchin monkeys show biases against humans who deny help to others - March 2013
Parrots Barter With Nuts - March 2013
Dolphins call each other by name - Feb 2013
Chimpanzee Memory Study Suggests Apes' Short-Term Recall Better Than Humans' - Feb 2013
Dogs understand human perspective - Feb 2013
Crows Infer Actions of Hidden People - September 2012
How Did Elephants Know? - September 2012
Gorillas worked together to dismantle the poachers' trap that killed their friends - July 2012
Dolphins May Be Math Geniuses - July 2012
Complex thinking goes beyond primates - July 2012
Monkey See, Monkey Do. Monkey Read? - May 1, 2012
Orangutans Smarter Than Previously Thought - May 1, 2012
Orangutans go ape over iPad apps - September 2011
Hitchcockian crows gossip about mean humans - July 2011
Pigeons are completely incapable of forgetting a human face - July 2011
Elephants Show Cooperation in Test - April 2011
Elephants are as smart as apes and dolphins - March 2011
Sheep Are Brighter Than We Thought - Feb 2011
Cookie Einstein: Dog Who is Good With Numbers - Feb 2011
Chimpanzees Outsmart Hunters - Jan 2011
Young crows learn to make tools in 'tool school' - October 2010
Crows Using Cars to Crack Nuts - Sept 2010
Clues to Human Thought Found in Worm's Brain - Sept 2010
Smart Parrot Gets Smarter - August 2010
Who Are You Calling a Dumb Animal? - August 2010
Orangutans Use Mime to Make Their Point - August 2010
Cognition Paper Retracted - August 2010
Seven Animals Smarter than Humans - July 2010
Are chimps cleverer than we are? - July 2010
Italy discovers the 'Consciousness of Animals' - July 2010
The Smartest Domestic Animal In the World - June 2010
Scientists learn red grouper operate as underwater architects - March 2010
Elephants and their Shocking Math Abilities - Feb 10
The Octopus: One of Earth's smartest - Dec 09
Canine Intellect - Dec 09
Boom! Hok! A Monkey Language Is Deciphered - Dec 09
Lost Dog Gathers Clues to Find its Family - October 2009
Pigeons Not So Bird-Brained - August 2009 - Chimps learn from Video Demo
Animal Intelligence and the Obsolescence of Left Humanism - Steven Best
link: cnn - Dogs Smarter than Children - July 2009
Monkeys Sense Poor Grammar - July 2009
Crow Intelligence - June 2009
The Meanings of Chicken Clucks - June 2009
Primates Vary in Intelligence - June 2009
Chimps vs. Man - May 2009
Baby Chicks Do Basic Arithmetic - April 2009
Baboons and Pigeons are Capable of Higher-Cognition - Feb. 09
Scientists Find Both Mice and Men Equally Adept At Assessing Risk - Feb. '09
Orphan Chimpanzee Cleverer Than Humans, Study Finds - Feb. 2009
Otto the octopus wreaks havoc - November 2008
Can Animals Escape the Present? - November 2008
Bees Count to Four, in French - October 2008
Elephants master basic mathematics - August 2008
Magpies are no bird-brains, mirror test shows - August 2008
When Fish Talk, Scientists Listen - July 2008
Capuchins and Appreciate Symbols - June 2008
How Smart Is the Octopus? - June 2008
Study: Rats Weight Cost and Benefit - June 2008
Apes Plan for the Future - June 2008
Ape Genius reveals depth of animal intelligence - May 2008
Pigeon Intelligence - March 2008
Japan parrot beats humans in solving chain puzzle - March 2008
Schoolboy explodes goldfish memory myth - Feb 08
Genius Chimp Outsmarts Tube - Feb 08
Animal Cognition
Beat the Chimp - Jan 08
Picture-sorting dogs show human-like thought - Dec 07
Variations in a cockroach's learning ability - September 2007
Talking With The Animals. Science May Be Leading the Way - August 2007
Crayfish Are Not Stupid - July 2007
Chickens are more evolved than previously believed - July 2007
Orang-utans solve nutty problem - July 2007
The Scheming Minds of Crows - June 2007
Monkeys can calculate statistics - June 2007
Rats Capable Of Reflecting On Mental Processes - May 2007
Crows are no bird-brains, Japanese study finds - May 2007
Pet fish knows his name - April 2007
Chickens Are Intelligent, Gentle Vivacious Individuals - April 2007
Rats Think Like Humans - March 2007
Pigeon Decisions - December 2006
Lab Chimp Speaks Own Language - January 2003
Chicken Smarts - They are smarter than we thought.
Manatee Brains 2
What Your Pet Is Thinking - Research into animal intelligence, October 2006.
Dolphins: brighter than we thought
Who's That Pretty Pachyderm? Mirror's test self awareness. October 2006.
Animal Intelligence -- June 2006. Animal intelligence resists definition.
Self Awareness -- May 2006. Self Awareness: Who's That Stunner?
Orangutan Lessons -- April 2006. The discovery of a group of privileged primates teaching each other sophisticated behaviour hints at the way human intellect has evolved.
Smart hummingbirds -- 2006. Hummingbirds show surprising brainpower.
Cow Leadership -- Jan. 2006. Cows Choose Leaders Based on Intelligence, Confidence, and Experience.
Prairie dog language - 2004. Language of Prairie Dogs Has Words for Humans.
Animal Language -- Excerpt from Animals in Translation. Do Animals Talk to Each Other the Way People Do?
Animals' Selves -- Do Animals Have Selves?
Bird chirps -- June 2005. Bird's Warning Chirps Reveal Surprising Smarts.
Sheep Intell -- 2005. Ewe would be amazed: sheep solve problems, by Devai.
Smart dogs -- Why your dog is smarter than a wolf.
Alex says "None" -- No Birdbrain, Parrot Grasps Concept of Zero.
Warbling Whales -- 2006. Warbling Whales Speak a Language All Their Own.
IC Rat Brain -- 2005. OF MICE & MAN, & A BIG DILEMMA, By Janes Langton.
Rat brains -- Study: Rats have head for language. Three types of mammals shown to have such language skills.
Pining Bull -- Bull finds way to dead owner's grave.
Animal Intelligence -- Sheep might be dumb ... but they're not stupid. Studies show that farmyard animals have a range of emotions and a sharp intelligence, by Mark Townsend.
Speciesism Sucks -- At least we'll think so when "Intelligent Beings from Alpha Centauri have arrived".
Chickens think -- July 2005. Study: Chickens can anticipate the future and demonstrate self-control, a new study finds, something previously only attributed to primates.
Inside Animals Heads -- Getting inside animals' heads.


Hippopotamus Rescues Helpless Animals from River - Nov 2016
Chimps filmed grieving for dead friend - July 2016
Rats Have Empathy, But What About the Scientists - June 2015
Elephants Rescue Baby Who Lies Down on a Busy Highway - June 2015
Captive Orangutan Sneaks Food To His Friends In Never-Before-Seen Act Of Kindness - April 2015
Rats see the pain in other rats' faces - April 2015
Crows bring gifts to girl who feeds them - Feb 2015
Rats Remember Who's Nice to Them--and Return the Favor - Feb 2015
Tortoise turning over friend - Dec 2014
Monkey Revives Electrocuted Friend at Train Station - Dec 2014
How Elephants Show Empathy - Feb 2014
Social experience drives empathetic, pro-social behavior in rats - Jan 2014
Disabled Whale Missing Two Fins Cared for by Family - November 2013
Primate Morals: Where They Came From - May 2013
Meerkat Predator-Scanning Behavior is Altruistic - February 2013
Monkey brain area keeps count of kindnesses - January 2013
Milk of Human Kindness Also Found in Bonobos - January 2013
The Mouse That Saved a Life - December 2012
A Mother's Love - Dog Saves Her Puppies - November 2012
Study shows lab rats would rather free a friend than eat chocolate - September 2012
Pig Rescues Baby Goat from Drowning - September 2012
Rare neurons discovered in monkey brains - June 2012
Humpback Whales Protect a Gray Whale from Killer Whales - May 2012
A Horse Named Champ Rescues A Drowning Filly - April 2012
An Elk Saves a Marmot - March 2012
Animal's Empathy - Jan 2012
Rats exhibit empathy - 12/11
Dog Rescues Kittens Sealed in Meow Mix Bag/Run Over by Cars - 12/11
Chimpanzees Clear Some Doubt After Generosity Is Questioned - 8/2011
Chicken Empathy - March 2011
Chickens are capable of feeling empathy, scientists believe - March 2011
Chimps Mourn Death of Children - Feb 2011 com/watch? v=9Y9BmOBhTy8 - Animal Empathy
Grief of the penguins: Scores of birds bowed in mourning after the deaths of their chicks - Jan 2011
Dolphins Save Man from Shark - Oct 2010
Why Bonobos Don't Kill Each Other - July 2010
Cat Helping Mate - April 2010
Cow Saves Deer - Jan 2010
Ravens Mourning - December 2009
Photo Showing Chimps Grieving - November 2009 - Animals can tell right from wrong
Animal Justice - January 2009
Hero Dog - November 2008
Bird Sentience - October 2008
Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say - August 2008
Dolphin rescues stranded whales: conservation official - March 2008
Dog in Street, Showing Emotions - January 2008
Jumbos mourn black rhino killed by poachers - November 2007
A World of Eloquence in an Upturned Palm - August 2007
Altruistic Rats: Two Studies Show Reciprocal Cooperation - July 2007
Altruistic Chimps act for the benefit of others - June 2007
Otters holding hands - video
Leopard Saves a Baby Baboon - March 2007
Gee Whizz a Hero - dog rescues dog
The Animal Roots of Human Morality - October 2006
Elephant Compassion -- 2006. Elephants show compassion in face of death.
Dog Saves Newborn -- Jan. 2006. Husky saves newborn from drowning.
Monkey - puppy -- Jan. 2006. No monkey business this.
Altruistic Ants -- Scientists at the University of Sheffield in the UK have demonstrated altruism in ants.
Tortoise -- A tortoise adopts a hippo.
Do Calves Cry? -- The House Dog's Grave, by Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962)


Refrigerator Duck - remarkable will-to-live


Just like humans, dolphins have complex social networks - May 2015
A Dolphin Asks A Human for Help 01-11-2013 Manta Ray Night Dive - Kona, Hawaii - May 2015
Rescued Dairy Cow Hides Newborn Because She Thinks All Humans Steal Calves - March 2015
Evidence Reveals Sharks Are Pretty Much The Opposite Of What We Saw In 'Jaws' - Oct 2014
Lonely parrots live less - May 2014
Crows Are Jokers - April 2014
This Spider Makes Fake Spiders. But Why? - January 2014
Cats & Farm Animals - Not So Different After All - January 2014
Four Animals Who Mourn Their Death - Dec 2013
Wolfish-Social-Skills - Dec 2013
Neuroscientists Show That Monkeys Can Decide to Call out or Keep Silent - Sept 2013
Chimpanzees Have Five Universal Personality Dimensions - June 2013
Magpies Make Decisions Faster When Humans Look at Them - June 2013
Personality Is the Result of Nurture, Not Nature, Suggests Study On Birds - June 2013
With exposure to babies, rodent dads' brains, like moms', become wired for nurture - June 2013
Signs of culture in monkeys and whales - May 2013
Longer Days Bring "Winter Blues" for Rats, Not Humans - May 2013
'When in Rome': Monkeys Found to Conform to Social Norms - May 2013
Monkeys Are Adept at Picking Up Social Cues, Research Shows - April 2013
Fish Win Fights on Strength of Personality - April 2013
Dolphin Funeral Videos - March 2013
Mother Bear Kills Cub and Self to Escape Life of Bile "Milking" - 3/2013
A Roundup of Recent Discoveries in Animal Behavior Research - Feb 2013
Whales Welcome a Deformed Dolphin into Their Pod - January 2013
Stricken dolphin asks Hawaii diver for help - January 2013
Spider Sculpts Fake Spider - December 2012
Rats Get Placebo Effect - November 2012
Mites Remember Enemies, Fight Back - October 2012
Dog Sits By Grave for Six Years - September 2012
Mother gorillas use a type of "baby talk" when communicating with infants - June 2012
Wild Elephants Gather to Mourn Death of Human - May 2012
Why Cockroaches Need Their Friends - May 2012
Crafty Crayfish? Are crayfish capable of deception? - April 2012
Humpback Whale Puts On Show For Men Who Saved Her (VIDEO) - July 2011
Baboon Study Shows Benefits for Nice Guys, Who Finish 2nd - July 2011
Gorilla Reunion - April 2011
Mice Love to Sing - and Sing to Love - Mar 2011
Eight Animals That Saved People's Lives - Feb 2011
Gorilla Walks Like Human, Upright on Two Hind Legs - Jan 2011
Pigs have psychological issues from earthquake  - Nov 2010
The Mongoose Shows It Has Traditions - June 2010
Moscow Dogs Commuting - September 2009 - Mother bird uses body as dam
Chimp Mother and Baby - April 2009
Blurring the lines between human and chimp - April 2009
Chimps Trade Meat for Sex -- And It Works - April 2009
Smart Animal Videos - March 2009
Link: Clever-little-piggy-high-hopes-real-life-Babe - March 2009
Orang-utan Catches Rope and Swims to Save Her Baby - March 2009
Monkey Kills Cruel Owner with Coconut Thrown from Tree - March 2009
Monkeys Retaliate - December 2008
Choking toddler saved by babysitter's parrot - November 2008
Dog hailed as a hero after saving kittens from fire - October 2008
Interstate closed to let bear retrieve dead cub - October 2008
Scarlett, the cat that saved kittens from 1996 Brooklyn fire, dies - 2008
Monkeys Experience the Joy of Giving - August 2008
A mother's grief: Heartbroken gorilla cradles her dead baby - August 2008
Male Turtle Pays Tribute to His Slain Partner - August 2008
Duck Walks the Extra Mile - June 2008
Kerala monkey doubles up as a shepherd - June 2008
Birds Can Tell If You Are Watching Them - May 2008
Listening to Elephants. Breaking the Human / Nonhuman Divide - May 2008
Thailand tree apes use song as warning - Jan 08
The octopus who loves his Mr Potato Head - Jan 08
Sharing a Joke: Empathy Among Apes - Dec 07
Animals Do the Cleverest Things - Dec 07
Fish Personalities - 2 - November 2007
Go Ahead, Rationalize. Monkeys Do It, Too - November 2007
Elephants can sniff out human friends from foe - November 2007
Monkey Seen Weeping At Girl's Death In India - October 2007
Iran Alarmed by Mass Dolphin Suicide - October 2007
Tusker elopes with circus elephant - August 2007
How Chimps Avoid Temptation - August 2007
Flamingo Pride - June 2007
Evolution of Animal Personalities - June 2007
Doggie See, Doggie Do - April 2007
Emily, Tyke, and animal escapes
A Kiss to Forget a Fight
Fishy Cooperation - December 2006. Describes the discovery of coordinated hunting between groupers (Plectropomus pessuliferus) and giant moray eels (Gymnothorax javanicus) in the Red Sea.
Triumph and Despair Alter Fishes' Future Behavior
Did Humans Invent Right and Wrong? Or is morality a part of our inheritance from our primate ancestors?
Birds and Bees May Be Gay: Museum Exhibition - October 2006
Farm animals bonds -- Family bonds within farm animals.
Farm Social Groupings -- Social Groupings within farm animals.
Parrot Behavior -- 2006. Parrot's behavior mirrors human mental disorders.
Elephant Revenge -- March 2006. Study says elephants might seek revenge.
Chimps Cooperate -- March 2006. Chimps Display a Hallmark of Human Behavior: Cooperation.  Ant School -- Jan. 2006. Ants Are First Non-Humans to Teach, Study Says.
Monkey luv -- Nov. 2005. Primates Are People, Too.
Monkeys Pay -- Jan. 2005. Monkeys Pay to See Female Monkey Bottoms.
Birds Naming -- Oct. 2005. Birds refer to other birds with specific bird names.
Mouse Songs -- Nov. 2005. Male mice sing songs of love.
Membership -- Can Animals Attain Membership Within a Human Social/Moral Group? by Eli Kanon. Honor Among Beasts -- Altruism, empathy & fair play are not only human traits. By Lemonick.
Dolphin Culture--'Sponging' Dolphins May Be Sharing Culture, By Rob Stein.
Primatologist -- A day in the life and in the lab of Frans de Waal.
Gorilla Wake -- Gorillas hold 'wake' for group's leader. Last respects similar to human behavior.
Monkey Empathy -- July 2005. Monkeys Reflect a Degree of Empathy.
Chimp Culture -- Aug. 2005. Chimpanzee culture 'confirmed' by Helen Briggs.
Whale Culture -- Whales show an ability to learn and teach.
Animal Laughter -- It seems that animals like to laugh, too.
Wild Justice.pdf-- Wild Justice & Fair Play, Cooperation, Forgiveness, Morality in Animals, by Bekoff
A Dog's Life -- from the Renaissance on, art and literature seem to have been way ahead of science in granting animals - or at any rate, mammals - some acceptance of sentience.


Grizzly bears can use tools, study shows - August 2014
Fish Can Multitask: Scientific Review - June 2014
Honeybees Can Recognize Individual Human Faces - Dec 2013
Dung Beetles Use Milky Way as GPS - January 2013
Elephant speaking words in Korean - November 2012
Is this squirrel the next Picasso? - October 2012
Fish Uses Tool - August 2012
Bird Recognition and Remembering - July 2012
Black bears show counting skills on computers - June 2012
Bird Nest Engineering - April 2012
Brown bear exfoliates using rock as a tool - March 2012
Subway Riding Pigeons Think Flying Is For The Birds - Nov 2011
Two-legged Pig Learns to Walk - Oct 2010
Wild chimps outwit human hunters - Sept 2010
Monkeys use trees to catapult themselves out of Japanese laboratory - 7/10
Nut? What Nut? The Squirrel Outwits to Survive - 7/10
Chimp-made Movie - January 2010
Squirrel Robbers - links to videos
Chimps use cleavers and anvils as tools to chop food - Dec 09
Aussie scientists find coconut-carrying octopus - Dec 09
Monkeys Recognize Their Pals in Photos - November 2009
Birds Can "Read" Human Gaze - April 2009
Gorillas Know Sign Language from Birth - March 2009
Dog Typist - July 2008
Psyche! Fire Ants Play Dead - April 2008
Dog skateboards - Mar 08
Some Birds Can Communicate About Behavior of Predators - Jan 08
Scientists Decode Dogspeak with Computer Software - Jan 08
Dogs Have Ability to Think About What Humans Think About - November 2007
Migrating Birds Can See the Earth's Magnetic Field - September 2007
Oscar the Cat Predicts Patients' Deaths - July 2007
When I See an Elephant ... Paint? - June 2007
Orangutans Play Video Games - April 2007
Monkeys Learn Stone Skills from Each Other - March 2007
We're Not Unique, Just at one end of the spectrum
Birds plan ahead, study shows
The Chimpanzee Stone Age
Raven Nation: Avian Superstar both Athlete & Egghead Gibbon Communication - with songs
Chimps develop green cross code for highways - Sept 2006
Manatees: brains over beauty - Sept 2006.
Shared Ancestor to Humans - 2006. Possible linchpin to evolution of language.
N'kisi -- Feb. 2006. Parrot's Oratory Stuns Scientists.
Singing mates -- 2006. Some animals are better musicians than first thought.
Fish Tricks -- Jan. 2006. Goldfish Can Learn Tricks.
Monkey dont see -- Dec. 2005. Children Learn by Monkey See, Monkey Do. Chimps Don't.
Squid Moms -- Dec. 2005. Scientists' Discovery in the Deep Casts Squid Mothers in a Brighter Light.
Gorillas Use Tools -- Sept 2005. Wild gorillas seen using tools for first time.
Gorillas Tools -- Oct 2005.
Crows Make Tools -- More studies show that the line that separates man and animal is fuzzy.


Fishes Have Feelings, Too - May 2016
The Extreme Sorrow of a Young Whale - Nov 2014
Incredible sight of the elephant that cried: Raju was held in chains - July 2014
The Emotional Lives of Crayfish: Stress and Anxiety - June 2014
Psychology Today: Fish are Sentient and Emotional Beings and Clearly Feel Pain - June 2014
A mother's sorrow: Macaque monkey - May 2014
Do lobsters and other invertebrates feel pain? New research. - March 2014
Africa's last polar bear mourns partner's death - Feb 2014
Do Crustaceans Feel Pain? - August 2013
Psychiatry Tries to Aid Traumatized Chimps in Captivity - April 2013
Why Mice Like Massages - February 2013
Lobsters may need painkillers, too - January 2013
       Painful Feelings In Crabs - January 2013
Midlife Crisis in Chimps and Orangutans - November 2012
Video - Cow Cries All Night Over Loss of Her Calf - Then They Reunite - August 2012
Gorilla Joy Without a Doubt - August 2012
Grief Of a Dolphin Mother and Noise Mitigation by Whales: Troubled Waters - July 2012
An Elephant mourns a fallen friend - April 2012
Equine Therapy: Learning Empathy from Horses - April 2012
Angry Cows Kill Dairy Farmers - April 2012
Do Swans Mourn? - April 2012
Pilot Whale Commits Suicide in Taiji - January 2012
Two Elephants Reunited After 20 Years - August 2011
Eagle Love Story: Injured mates Reunited at Rehab Center - July 2011
depressed-lion-reunited-with-longtime-partner/ - July 2011
Mother Bear Killed Her Baby and Committed Suicide - July 2011
Do Animals Have Emotions? - July 2011
Does a Calf Cry? - July 2011
A Mother's Revenge: Elephant Kills 17 and Eats Human Flesh - 2/11
Animals Said to Have Spiritual Experiences - Dec 2010
Psychological Stress and Welfare in Fish - June 2010
Science Shows Animals Have Distinct Personalities - June 2010
Do Animals Think and Feel? - November 2009
Boiling Mad: Crabs Feel Pain - March 2009
Studies Show Dogs Have Sense of Fairness, Jealousy - Dec 08
True feeling from the heart of the beast - March 2008
Rats Laugh When You Tickle Them - September 2007
Alex's legacy is to listen to animals - September 2007
A good home environment boosts birds' morale - April 2007
Commentary: Do Elephants Cry? - April 2007
Dolphin 'dying of broken heart' after keeper is stabbed to death - April 2007
Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior - March 2007
Is It Unscientific to Say that an Animal is Happy?
Brainy Whales Get Emotional - December 2006
Animal Seem to Have an Inherent Sense of Justice - November 2006
They Think, They Feel Pain
Pet Pleasure Study -- July 2006.
Mice Show Empathy -- June 2006. Mice show empathy for fellow rodents.
Mouse Empathy -- July 2006.
When Animals Grieve -- March 2006. Pets go through an emotional process much like ours when facing loss.
Lobster's pain -- 2006. New Scientific Study Shows That Lobster's Feel Pain.
Goldfish Memory -- Jan 2006. Goldfish have memory of pain, and employ pain avoidance techniques.
Whale Rescue Changes Rescuer - December 2005
Emotions -- 2005. 1st Veterinary textbook on mental health for animals. 
All Beings Feel -- 2005. All beings that feel pain deserve rights, by R. Ryder.
Animals Feelings -- August 2005.


Dolphins Are "People" Say Scientists - March 2013
Scientists say dolphins should be treated as 'non-human persons' - Jan 2010
The Case for the Personhood of Gorillas
Rights for Gorillas! Oh, and Humans - April 2007
Should apes have human rights? - March 2007
Yes, Elephants commit suicide Peter Singer -- Philosophy Under Fire: The Peter Singer Controversy By Dr. Steven Best.
Intelligence Of Dolphins Cited in Fight Against Hunt - Nov. 2006.
Primate Essays -- March 2006. A collection of entertaining primate essays.
Proud Speciesist -- Sept 2005. Reply to a Self-Proclaimed Speciesist, by Joan Dunayer. by J.Dunayer -- Review of novel: Speciesism by Joan Dunayer.
Small Claim -- A (Small) CLAIM FOR SPECIESISM by Chris Borthwick.
Spec vs Rights -- The Origin of Speciesism by Hugh LaFollette and Niall Shanks. Speciesism vs. Inalienable Rights.
Equality -- Animal Equality by Joan Dunayer.
From Speciesism to Equality -- by Joan Dunayer.
Man & Other Animals -- Man and Other Animals, by Jeremy Rifkin, Aug. 2003.
The Line -- Novel: Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights by Steven M. Wise.    Bekoff Nystrom.pdf -- The Other Side of Silence: Rachel Carson's Views on Animals by Marc Bekoff & Jan Nystrom.


Fish Can Remember for 5 Months - Jan 2010
Time in the Animal Mind - April 2007


Animal History -- History from a wolf's perspective? or a cow's? A new breed of thinkers looks beyond Homo sapiens.


Fossil Ida: extraordinary find is 'missing link' in human evolution - July 2009
Neural Mechanisms Of Empathy - January 2009
Human-chimp Gene Study Upsets Long-held View - April 2007
Chimps 'more evolved' than humans - April 2007
Unraveling Where Chimp and Human Brains Diverge
Human Ancestors -- May '06. Humans May Have Interbred With Chimpanzees.
Human-Chimp Split -- May 2006. Two Splits Between Human and Chimp Lines Suggested.  Chimp DNA -- Sept. 2005. Scientists Complete Genetic Map of the Chimpanzee, Differences From Human DNA Pinpointed, by Rick Weiss.
Chimps in our tree May 2003. Chimps Belong on Human Branch of Family Tree, Study Says.  Personality -- Looking for Personality in Animals, of All People, by Carl Zimmer.


Turkeys - Who Are They? - Nov 2014
Depressed Fish Could Help in Search for New Drug Treatments - Aug 2013
Neuroscientists Declare Animals Have Consciousness - October 2012
Homolog of Mammalian Neocortex Found in Bird Brain - October 2012
No difference between human and insect - Sept 2010
Preserving Humanity - August 2010
Insect Consciousness - January 2010
What We Share With Animals - December 2009
Just Different - video, August 2009
Defending Rats - August 2009
No Difference Between a Human and Insect  - Gandhi. July 2009.
Crane Found With Arrow In It Survives, Thrives - April 2009
Monkey Gets Seat on Airplane - January 2009
One World, Many Minds - Dec 08
A Highly Evolved Propensity for Deceit - Dec 08
Simple Brain Mechanisms Explain Arbitrary Human Visual Decisions - 11/2008
Dogs Find Human Yawns Contagious - July 2008
Baby birds babble like humans before singing: study - May 2008
Mirror Mirror - Evidence against vivisection - October 2006
Whales Outsmart -- March 2006. How whales outsmart fishing fleets.
Animals = Thyself -- 2005. Know the animals, know yourself, by B. Heinrich.
Chimps Like Us -- 2005 Interview with Jane Goodall.
Lowest Life -- The Lowest Form of Life by Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.
Partly wolf -- Evidence suggests that to be truly human is to be partly wolf.
Can You Tell? -- Rodent & human characteristics. Can you tell the difference?
Suspicious Minds -- by Frans de Waal. DO YOU think of animals and humans as "them" and "us"?
Essay -- How Much Like Us Need They Be?

Anthropocentrism -- definitions.

Speciesism Forgotten -- Photos of animals getting along with other species and the related stories if available.

An elephant crackup? 08/magazine/08elephant.html?ex=1160971200&en=877ba39c74c19871&ei=5070&emc=eta1

link to animation "I Eat People"

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