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NAALPO January 2007 Newsletter

The latest issue (Vol. Three, No. 1: January 2007) of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) quarterly newsletter is now available on-line at:

The latest issue of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office Newsletter is filled with some important information on recent developments in the world of activism and animal liberation. Also, as with every issue, movement warriors speak out about direct action and the struggle against the oppression of non-human animals.

Shortly before ending their final session in November, the US Congress passed the latest version of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). In a pathetic attempt to further criminalize the actions of those who fight on behalf of oppressed and exploited animals, the US government instead sent a clear message to animal liberation forces: Focus your activities on clandestine liberation activities, since we will impose ever-harsher penalties on those who utilize effective forms of legal protest. No one in the underground cares what ridiculous laws are on the books to protect those who abuse animals; everything the underground does is illegal already under an outdated, speciesist system of laws formulated by rich white male humans to benefit rich white male humans. Read a provocative and insightful analysis this issue by Dr. Steven Best, as well evidence that the liberation movement is as active as ever.

As with all liberation struggles, both historically and concurrently, the struggle for animal liberation is not going away until non-human animals are free from human exploitation, suffering and oppression. We encourage everyone with any compassion for species besides their own to join the struggle, in whatever way one can.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter, and look forward to hearing from you on how we can continue to fight for the lives of the tortured and the oppressed.

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