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New Writings by Animal Liberation Press Officer, Adviser

New Writings by Animal Liberation Press Officer, Adviser
Also, Activists Should Use Caution in Visiting the Website of FBI Informant Darren Thurston

In our last email communication, we informed activists of FBI collaborator Darren Thurston's latest efforts to possibly harm activists and the animals they protect. In case Thurston/Hard Mac is working for the government, we would make it clear that activists should not go to his web site on their own computers. We have heard that the government has the technology (and is using it on at least one site) to put tracking devices (probably keyloggers / screenloggers) onto every computer that visits a web site, without even downloading anything but simply by visiting the site. If Thurston/Hard Mac is working for the enemy, this could be one of those sites. Perhaps this is being overcautious, but security is better than needless risks.

On a lighter note, Press Officer Jason Miller has just released a new essay: They cannot shackle the truth, gag those who speak it, or blind us from seeing it…
and Press Office Adviser Dr. Steve Best has recently had an interview published online at: Dr. Steven Best: The Left, Capitalism, and Animal Rights.

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