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Anthony J. Nocella, II, first became involved in political activism growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While living in Philadelphia he attended the Delaware Valley Friends School (DVFS). This was a private Quaker school for students with learning differences. Teachings of peace were inherent in the programs of this school and the teaching style impacted him greatly. Also, in Philadelphia he attended with his family First United Methodist Church of Germantown, a church based on respect and equality for all no matter of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or belief.

At the age of thirteen, Nocella moved with his family to Houston, Texas. It was here he soon became politically conscious. At the age of fifteen, he began to volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center, which directed him later the next year to work for the Sierra Club for a summer.

After graduating Briarwood High School (a school for mentally and learning challenged students), where he was highly involved in a number of after school activities and where he even had time to stared anti-racism organizing in the form of inviting guest speakers at school, establish People for Animals Rights, and volunteer for the Houston Democratic Party; Nocella went to college to pursue a degree in forestry. He later found out that forestry was not what he was looking for so he came back to Houston, to pursue a degree at University of St. Thomas. It is here that he became a professional political organizer. It took him no time at all to become active for social causes such as: Catholic Worker; O22 (National Day Against

Police Brutality); and and volunteering at Brookwood Community; which allowed him to start up an Amnesty International chapter at UST (which is still active); became the Executive Director of Houston Animals Rights Team(1996-2002), a non-profit established in 1985. He was a statewide representative for Rainforest Action Network on the U�wa campaign, an indigenousness people in Colombia, who were threatened by Occidental Petroleum to drill. Since his work with the U�wa in 1999, he has traveled to South and Central America to work for peace with a number of revolutionary and indigenousness groups for peace. He also assisted in developing a number of Earth First! chapters in Texas, with winning more than eight campaigns, which included the protection of Brazos Bend park from Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT) and Memorial Park in Houston, Texas against the Professional Golf Association (PGA).

After graduating from University of St. Thomas with a degree in political science, he worked for Texas Peace Action as the Statewide Coordinator, volunteered with Animal Liberation of Texas, and was a Representative Assistance for a Texas State Representative. Since then he moved to Fresno, California to attend Fresno Pacific Universityto achieve his Masters in Peacemaking and Conflict Studies. In Fresno, he volunteered for Fresno Center for Nonviolence, Mennonite Central Committee, Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP), Students Against Sweatshops, Student Action Front, co-founded Act Up Radio on Pacifica (which is still on the air), and hosted the Resist and Exist Teach-ins. After he received his Masters, he moved to Los Angeles to work for Worldfest.

Today, Nocella uses his past experiences to assist him when peacemaking with revolutionary and extremist groups. As a peacemaker (who also aids in providing fair and respectful profiles and platforms for revolutionary and extremists to enter into peaceful discourse) he provides forums, lectures, conferences, and writes on peacemaking with revolutionary and extremist groups. Today, he works with many NGOs, academic centers, and grass-roots groups, including American Friends Service Committee, Friend Peace Teams, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Center on Animal Liberation Affairs(CALA) a scholarly center that focuses on the policy and philosophy of animal liberation, which he is a founding member, Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee, a disabilities rights organization on Syracuse University campus, Conflict Management Center, and he is directing the Institute for Revolutionary Peacemaking and Education(IRPE).

Anthony J. Nocella, II
410 Maxwell Hall
 Syracuse, NY 13244

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