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Revolutionary and Militant, by Walter Bond
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Revolutionary and Militant
by Walter Bond

From Golden, Colorado jail
December 2010

[Walter is making himself available to the media for interviews from jail. Contact 303-277-0211]

Two buzzwords I often hear in various radical circles are 'revolutionary' and 'militant'. I think they are two very important words that have become far too commonly used and thus do not command the respect they deserve. In this essay, I am going to put a fresh perspective on the word 'revolutionary' and get back to the definition of 'militant'. All this from the perspective and for the benefit of the abolitionist animal liberation activists and radical environmentalists that care more about our mother earth and her animal nations than contemporary industrialized society.

Revolutionary. Advertisers would like us to think that their products are revolutionary. Politicians would have us think that revolutionaries are 'radical' and 'extreme'. Religionists believe their prophets to be standard-bearers of revolution. I guess the common usage for 'revolutionary' might mean anything that brings about great change, and in particular, great change for the cause or causes in which one believes. But for me, the importance is in 'How do we effect great change?' Therefore, I view revolutionary as a steadiness instead of an event horizon. From my unorthodox view of the word, I find a planet in orbit to be the best and most accurate depiction.

A planet in orbit stays in orbit. Revolution after revolution, our mother earth stays that course of action. No matter what obstacles fall in the path of travel, be it asteroids or comets. Even if a confrontation with another planet were to occur, threatening the certain deaths of both planets, our mother earth would not move. Even though, to an outside observer, the failure to move out of the way or change direction may seem suicidal, or the inability to budge may seem to be unreasonable. In any case, the earth can only remain in orbit. She revolves, she is revolutionary.

But what if that were not the case? What if our mother earth were reactionary? Every time an asteroid was on a crash course, she moved. Same for comets and any other obstacles. Soon these deviations in course would add up; eventually the gravity from the sun wouldn't be strong enough to aptly apply and not only would the orbit or course be compromised, but life on the planet's surface would end and there would remain no useful movements within the earth's actions. Back to the animal and earth lib movements: the same rule of revolutionary movement applies to earth and animal liberation.

We as abolitionists are the ones that continue upon a straightforward path toward our goals. This is of incredible import because there are many other forces trying to divest us from reaching the event horizon of change. Because if or when it occurs, it means the end of property being more important than life. That is a serious problem for those that profit off the death and subjugation of the sentient. So we fight for the total freedom animals. We do this in any approach we take. We do not protest 'how' KFC kills chickens, we protest 'that' KFC kills chickens. We don't promote vegetarianism, because trading in solid flesh for liquid flesh is no gain.

Most animal exploitation industries are connected, therefore supporting one is supporting all. Example: a dairy cow , like any other mammal, only lactates in response to pregnancy. Therefore, she is artificially inseminated against her will; another way to say this is that she is raped. This keeps her milk production high; every time production falls, she is raped again. Her children become veal calves confined so thoroughly that any movement, even standing, is made all but impossible. At the end of her miserable life, after she has been repeatedly raped and her children all killed and when she can no longer produce enough to satisfy her 'owner' under even forced circumstances, she gets turned into burgers and leather. Go vegan! As true abolitionists animal liberation activists, we do not value property or business over life.

Welfarists, on the other hand, are reactionary. Being truly reactionary, the welfare arm of animal rights seems to have no definitive goals outside of lobbying for such things as four more inches of cage space that two more chickens will get put into, or having sit downs with ranchers to let the rest of us know they are 'really nice people, just like you and me'. Just like you and me, except that they kill for a living and seek to kill more and profit more year after bloody year. In a lot of my run-ins with welfarists, I have noticed a few absorb core beliefs that don't make any logical sense.

First, they all seem to believe that if people think you are nice, they will just radically change their lives to be just like you.

Second, they seem to think almost anything is a victory for animals, things such as a car honking at you when you hold a sign in your hands at a protest. While I agree moral support feels good, I'm fairly certain that if every horn in every car on earth blew at this very moment in solidarity with animals, it wouldn't so much as save one life.

Third, welfarists have no sense of urgency; stopping animal exploitation now is an impossible dream for them. Instead, they look to a grand future where somehow the war for earth and animals is won because we were all really nice and morally superior for a couple of generations (of course, when it comes to needing money, there is a huge sense of urgency and victory is just 1500 bucks away.)

And lastly, respect for authority and law is promoted with religious zeal, to the point where many of these welfarists would have turned me in to the feds as quickly as my own brother and for probably half the money.

In the end, welfarism works hand in glove with many animal exploitation industries. Instead of standing firm on a platform of non-use of animals, these reactionaries have brought us 'free range', 'cage free', 'humane slaughter' and a bunch of other nice-sounding terms to appease everyone and change nothing. And therein lies the danger.

Our revolutionary movement cannot compete with the lobby power of corporate animal and earth killers. That's not to say that abolition doesn't belong in politics; it most certainly does. What it does say is that we must be aware of how to navigate a playing field that is bought and paid for by corporate devils. Our first priority is now and forever shall be to save animal lives and the biosphere, without which there is no life. Our second priority is to speak truth. As long as an animal in a cage seeks total freedom, then we seek their total freedom. Lastly, our third priority is to educate the public about the positive effects of veganism and the various plights of animals. At this stage of earth use and abuse, all else is hobbyism and human-centered bullshit.
Militant. The word usually invokes thoughts of the military, or adherence to a strict discipline. But as I look the word up in a dictionary, the definition of the word militant is: adj. 1A: engaged in warfare B. prone to fighting 2. aggressively active, especially in a cause. I can think of no better word to describe what we all should aspire to as abolitionist animal liberation activists.

Engaged in warfare- a cursory glance will reveal that there is a war, mainly a lopsided war where humans and our supremist mentality are raping the earth and causing more torture and pain to every critter in our way than our limited minds can comprehend. Yes, there is a war and we should all be engaged in the fight to defend all innocent life.

Prone to fighting- there are many ways to fight. You can fight with your fist, with your mind, with your tenacity. The ways in which you can fight are limited only by your imagination. But there can be no fight without confrontation. In this day and age we are all programmed not to confront anything. Practice speaking truth instead of biting your tongue. Of course, there are times to use tact (I wouldn't go to dinner and call my grandmother a flesh-eating bastard), but as a central rule when protesting, tabling or otherwise on the clock for animal rights, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything nice.

Aggressively active in our cause- we all have different abilities and talents. Do an honest self-assessment, learn what your strongest attributes are and employ them to this most important of all struggles, mainly the biocentrism and the total freedom of the animal nations from human use and abuse. Like a planet in orbit, accept no obstacle and remember: whether you live to see the end to this tyranny is not what's important, but rather that we spend our lives earnestly fighting for it.

Animal Liberation, whatever it may take.

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