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Why Should Animals Have Rights?

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Why AR?   Why animal rights? All the reasons.
Why Animal Rights? Why Vegetarianism?   Or... "Aren't they just a bunch of wimpy, whining animal lovers?"
Why I am an ARA   Why I am an animal rights activist, by Nadine Saunders, National Post
Philosophy Of AR   The Philosophy of Animal Rights, by David Meyer
Politics of Vegetarianism   Agenda for a New America -- The Politics of Vegetarianism
My Dog or ?   My Dog or Your Child? Ethical Dilemmas and the Hierarchy of Moral Value, by Dr. Steven Best
Michael W Fox   Feeling for Animals and Animal Liberation, by Dr. Michael W. Fox
Ecopedagogy   Towards Ecopedagogy: Weaving a Broad-based Pedagogy of Liberation for Animals, Nature, and the Oppressed People of the Earth, by Richard Kahn
Tom Regan   10 Reasons for Animal Rights and Their Explanation, by Tom Regan
Torch of Reason   The Torch of Reason, The Sword of Justicea speech by Tom Regan
The Case   The Case for Animal Rights, by Tom Regan
Bring It To Table   Opening Arguments In Defence of the A.L.F., by Anthony J. Nocella II Ed. Richard Kahn
Serious Politics   Oct 2005. Serious Politics, Serious Consequences: Transforming Motivational Speaking, by Anthony J. Nocella, II and Richard Kahn
The Game Is Over   The Game?s Over: Taking the ALF Seriously, by Anthony J. Nocella, II - Ed. Richard Kahn
Motivation to Education   Serious Politics, Serious Consequences: Reinventing Direct Action?s Educational Strategies?, by Anthony J. Nocella, II and Richard Kahn
A Case For Direct Action   Thinking Pluralistically: A Case for Direct Action, by Steve Best, Ph.D.
In Defence of the Defenceless   Why Violence on Behalf of Non-Human Animals is Justified
To the Revolution   Fast Forward to the future, when animals have rights.
Our Hypocrisy   by Gary L. Francione


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