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Cockfighting Rooster Kills His Handler
January 14, 2003

A rooster about to be set loose for a bout in a crowded cockfighting arena in the Philippines attacked his handler with the razor-sharp steel spikes strapped to his legs, killing the stunned man, police said on Tuesday.

The gaffs hit the man's thigh and groin as the bird made one rapid shuffle, causing him to bleed profusely on Sunday before a large crowd of shocked spectators, police investigator Johnny Muhajil said.

The man died while being brought to a hospital in Zamboanga, a bustling port city about 530 miles south of Manila, he said.

Cockfighting is an extremely popular gambling sports in the Philippines, especially in rural areas.

"Few things in this modern world remain all black and white, But one which surely does is cruelty to animals. There is simply no excuse for it-any time, any place, for any reason."

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