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Cockfighting is a bloodsport, two roosters are placed in a pit to fight, usually to the death. The bird's natural spurs and waddles are normally removed and the spurts are replaced with knives (called graffs) like the one in the background photo. Drugs are often given to enhance the animal's aggression. It is common that at least half of the birds fought are killed or severely injured during these fights. Even the winners can suffer sever injury such as blindness, broken bones, and puncture wounds.

Not only does cockfighting pose a threat to the animals but also to our society. It is all to common for gambling, drugs, drinking and violence to be found at these events due to the fact that the sport is illegal in most of the country. What may even be worse is the fact young children are taken to these events. This is no place for any child to be and it is not a past time that should ever be considered a type family entertainment. Beside the fact that gambling, drugs, drinking are violence toward other human beings take place let us not forget the emotional impact this is having on the children from having to watch birds being killed right before their very eyes!

Some people use the argument that cockfighting is a tradition however not all traditions deserve to continue on. Slave traders used to  this very same argument at one time however they like the cockfights couldn't be any more wrong. Some culture consider it a tradition to mutilate women etc. Tradition should never involve abuse, mutilation, killing etc of human and non-human animals. Harming a creature is inexcusable and steps must be taken to stop this from happening. The movement to ban these sports is not about taking away right however it is about protecting these animals from torture and certain death. It is also important to remember that a majority or the people in the states were the sport is legal wish for the sport to be banned (this includes Hispanic and Cajun voters.) It is fine to have a culture and tradition but it not fine to do so at the expense of other, at some point we as a society must draw a line.

It is vital that if you see a cockfight in a illegal state (everywhere other then Louisiana and New Mexico) please call law enforcement straight away. Do not attempt to break up the fights yourself for your own safety! Also if you live in the two mentioned states be sure to check out towns in which the "sport" and even the breeding of these birds have been banned.

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