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Factory Farming FAQs

   12 Factory Farming FAQs (#48-59).


   Articles about Factory Farming


   Duck farming. Battery hens. Geese used for foie gras.
Cows    Beef. It's what's rotting in your colon, if not your soul. Articles about how dairy and beef cows live.
Pigs_Sheep    2 undercover investigations into the treatment of pigs. An article on pig's ability to remember faces.
Farmed Salmon   The Hidden costs of farmed salmon
Slaughter    Slaughter -- the truth
  Related section: Speciesism
Farm Animal Adoption   Farm Sanctuary will help you adopt a farm animal
Farming data in the uk   Farming data in the UK 
Animals As Food    Great synopsis of animals for food at

The Meat They Eat

   Blog about effects of eating meat
Wishful vs. Reality    Great photos comparing the common image of captive animals and the reality of their existence
Other media/articles  
Meat Eaters Open Your Eyes video
If Fast Food Could Talk A hungry young man gets served some serious food for thought when a sausage starts telling his dramatic life story
Groups Sue FDA for Putting Pigs Before People Force-feeding prescription drugs to healthy people, just to make them grow faster, would be considered ludicrous by any doctor. Possibly even criminal.
http://www. Presentations/ Presentation from 2008 national AR conference. Shows harm inflicted by Western ranching on wildlife species.
Keeping Mares Pregnant for Premarin Horses are also kept pregnant and confined in barns away from animal rights activists with cameras.

Farm movie

   Flash movie from S.A.N.E.
Stop, Look, and listen (.pdf file)    Illustrated article about the true sentience of farm animals
Rabbits are really chickens (.pdf file)    according to the USDA. See the July 2005 advertisement
Science is Growing Meat in a Petri Dish     A handful of scientists aim to satisfy the world's growing appetite for steak without wrecking the planet.
Meatrix 2    Comments and link to the flash movie
Love Me When?   download in either of two formats .flv and .mp4
Videos/ Kosher enough for you (graphic)
A Cow At My Table    Description of movie
3mb .mov movie    parents talking to children about how animals get to their plate
Animals in Agriculture    Ethics. 2 mb.ppt Powerpoint presentation
Simpsons - Meat   This is an educational video on the foodchain.

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary 

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