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Video: J.D. Piglet
Video: Bella's Journey
Pig taking his daily stroll:

The Last Pig - Documentary - Sept 2015
A Few Things Animal Advocates Should Know About Pigs - June 2015
Undercover Investigator: Pigs Are Just Like Dogs - May 2015
Chipotle Refuses To Serve Pork From Mistreated Pigs - video, Jan 2015
Pigs Inside Gas Chambers - July 2014
Gestation Crate Pigs, Locked Up Hell - Jan 2014
Bacon for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - Jan 2014, animated video
A tiny cage is not a life - July 2013
What Came Before. Meet Someone You'll Never Forget. - Feb 2013
This Is Where Bacon Comes From - Feb 2013
Body slamming piglets to death humane, pork experts say - 12/12
Pigs Making People of Themselves - October 2012
Slaughtering pigs, a never-ending horror - July 2012
Undercover Farm Video had a Chilling Effect on a Minnesota Pork Producer - July 2012
What are Gestation Crates? - June 2012
Pig-Vision will be following the life of a pig in a typical intensive pig farm - March 2012
(US) Whistle-blowing Expose Reveals Cruelty at Iowa Pig Breeding Factory Farm and Hormel Supplier - Feb 2012
     "Not Abusive" - National Pork Board - Feb 2012
ARAs shoot new footage in piggery owned by chairman of pig producers' association - December 2011
About Pigs - facts about pigs that you might not catch on the nightly news
Undercover video shows alleged abuse at pig farm - June 2011
Piglet playing - July 2010
This Little Piggy Has Rights - Feb 2010
The Origins of Swine Flu - Nov 09
Pig Farm Cruelty Revealed - Nov 09
Pig Abuse Exposed - Nov 09
When Pigs Cry - a Report - a report on the pig industry in the USA
The truth about 'British' pork - Daily Mail undercover investigation
Save Babe Video - YouTube Video of pig being trained.
Why I Don't Wear Wool-- Take a look at how sheep are treated down under
When Pigs Cry -- Viva's! investigation into how pigs are treated.
Hog Hell - Have things changed since Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle was written 100 years ago?
Pigs Liquefy in Terror
Pig Torture and the Holiday Spirit
Ellsworth Pig -- 2005. Story of pig who tried to escape; reaction to the story.
10 Reasons Not to Eat Pigs -- Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Pigs
Cruelty Revealed -- PETA's investigation into how pigs are treated.
Had to be Ewe -- Scientists found that sheep can correctly recognize at least 50 different sheep faces and profiles, and remember them for over 2 years.
A Pig's Life
Pig Experts -- What the Experts Say.
Mass Pens -- Mass pig pens: Good farming or bad practice? Tom Avril.
Viva! USA Pig Appeal -- More on the Viva investigation.
Sow movie -- Description and link to 5 mb sow movie, 2006
Video clip -- pig being dragged.
Lord of the Lambs -- swf movie from OIPA
Treatment of sheep -- 0.9mb .wmv file.

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Sheep Are Brighter Than We Thought

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Two-legged Pig Learns to Walk

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