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Fish / Hunt FAQ

  Animal rights FAQs #60-68 on fishing and hunting


  Articles and essays about fishing. How fish feel.


  Articles, essays, facts about hunting

Hunt Sabs

HSA History. Strategic Non-violence.


  Articles and essays about fur and trapping



Wildlife (Mis)Management Myths Prevail What Animal Advocates Should Know!

Fewer Americans Are Hunting and Fishing

A five-year survey of outdoor recreation finds a sharp drop in the number of Americans who cast a rod and reel--and a lesser decline in hunting


  Thoughts on Hunting and Fishing by Martin Balluch. Hunting destroys the social structure and culture of its victims.

My Animals Will Live

  Response to an essay by a hunter on appreciating the outdoors

Scientists Alter Findings

  2005. U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings. More than 200 Fish and Wildlife researchers cite cases where conclusions were reversed to weaken protections and favor business, a survey finds.

Fur, Fortune, and Empire: the epic history of the fur trade in America

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