I would like to inform you about a very special species of whales, the Minke Whale.
They are hunted by the Japanese whaling fleet, relentlessly, because it is not a protected whale species.

We have to stop this, because they are about to be killed all. This hunt is considered as "no big business"', but be very  aware of this, they are such wonderful creatures, we simply have to protect them.

Nobody does, we have to help them!

Let me inform you about this specific breed of whale. (Source About.com.marine life)
The minke whale, is a streamlined baleen whale found in most of the world’s oceans.
Minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata), are the smallest baleen whale in North American waters and the second-smallest baleen whale worldwide

Minke whales are cetaceans that belong to the Suborder Mysticeti, the baleen whales. Baleen whales have hundreds of baleen plates hanging from their upper jaw that allow the whale to separate its prey from the ocean water. Minke whales are part of the group of baleen whales called the rorquals, and have pleats in their throat that expand when the whale is feeding. Minkes are the smallest rorqual. Minke whales have about 500 baleen plates and feed primarily on crustaceans (e.g., krill), plankton and small schooling fish.

Minke whales are distributed throughout the world’s oceans in tropical to polar waters. Most migrate seasonally, breeding in warmer areas in the winter and feeding in colder areas during the summer.
Northern minkes are found in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, from the arctic to the equator, depending on the season. Antarctic minkes are found in waters around Antarctica in the summer and closer to the equator in the winter.

As said before, these amazing creatures are hunted by the Japanese whaling fleet because they are not protected, as other whale species are.

In order to save them, we need to get an import ban, preferably a total European import ban, on all Minke Whale products, for a start, as we did on all seal products, including the Cape Fur Seals.
These whales deserve our protection. Nobody cares, it is time we step in!

Please help us in our quest. Let the world know!

The Minke Whales need our protection. We cannot let them to be all slaughtered.
They need our support.

So, let us all help them. They are in need of us humans for support.
On behalf of all left Minke Whales,


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