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On July 10, 2009 the U.S. Department of Agriculture (National Agricultural Statistics Service) released its annual survey of mink farming in America. The USDA counted 274 mink farms in operation in 2008, a decrease from 283 in 2007 and the lowest number in decades (there were 438 mink farms in 1998, 1027 in 1988 and 1095 in 1978). Is there a mink farm near you? Find out at:

Anti Fur Campaign:

Fur Q&As -- Fur questions and answers. Download an anti-fur brochure.
Trapping Myths -- Exposing the Myths: The Truth about Trapping.
Inside Fur Farm -- Inside the Fur Industry: Trapping Maims and Kills Animals.
Activists Guide -- Fur Free Activist Guide.
How Fur is Produced - Page contains a streaming video
Sept 2006: Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll made a video against fur : fur_with_jay.wmv

Realities of Trapping:
Trapping footage donated by a former trapper who was upset with the cruelty he witnessed day after day on the registered traplines. He provided the footage in the hope that the public would see the cruel truth behind fur products and realize the importance of their purchasing decisions.

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Horrific Conditions at Quebec Fur Farm - August 2014
Biologist: "No one can convince me there won�t be [mink] survivors" - Oct 2013
A majority of Americans agree: the fur industry is cruel - November 2012
The Real Fox-Coyote Enclosure - YouTube - November 2012
Montana Wolf Trappers Will Cause Pain and Suffering - July 2012
Mink Farm Conditions in Washington - May 2012
lte: Trapping: Time to evolve past cruel practice - Dec 2011

The Fur Commission USA issues new signs threatening Animal Enterprise Terrorism charges for trespassers - July 2011
Fur Farming Exposed at Paris Fashion Week - March 2010
Trappers Know They Cause Pain - March 2008
The Real Price of Fur - essay
Anti-fur Society -- Jan. 2006. Link tp new web site.
Chinese Fur Trade -- Link to movies.
Interview.mp3 -- Tracey Protest Chinese fur trade cruelty.
Naked Not Fur -- Amsterdam The 5th of November 2005.
Wintour Fur Ad -- Oct 2005 PETA Advertisement.
Fur--dying -- Native Issues.
Fur Origin -- Number of animals it takes to make a coat.
McCartney -- Beatle wife says "Ban Fur". March 2005.
fur update -- Poll shows consumers prefer to shop fur-free. link to web site.
The true price of fur.pdf -- Leaflet in convenient printing format. From In Defense of Animals.
Anti-Fur Posters 2  Anti-fur posters  posters 3  posters 4 -- gifs and jpgs.
Fur commercial (.wmv) with a happy ending
The Sadness of Leg Traps - Bobcat caught in trap, February 2007
Tour of A Norway Fur Farm
Protestors -- This time it's war, say fur protesters. As hostilities escalate, activists warn of guerrilla tactics against traders ... and wearers. By I. S. Bruce
Seal Hunt Facts -- as of March 2006.
CAFT -- Oct 2005 vs. Joseph Ltd.
Fur Factory Farming -- Fur Factory Farming. Description.
CaseVsFur -- The Ethical Case Against Fur Farming.
Fur Today -- The Fur Trade Today 12/29/01. Joe Miele.
Dog Fur -- Betrayal of Trust: The Global Trade in Dog and Cat Fur.
Fur Environment -- Fur, An Environmental Nightmare
Anti Fur -- The Oregonian -- Commentary -- 12/01. Misery on the mink farm.
Anti Fur art -- Anti-Trapping Page. Poem "The Trap" by Wolf Fang.
Turncoats -- BETRAYAL OF THE FUR TURNCOATS By Katie Fraser and Sally Eyden. Celebrities who changed their "minds".
To fur wearers -- Leslie Craine: Another good thing to say to fur wearers.
Fur Wars -- Fur wars, by Jillian Risberg, Special to the Daily Record. Fur is making an all-out comeback.
Fur substitute: Pleather .
FAQs - Seal Hunt -- FAQs about Campaign against the Canadian Seal Hunt.
Sea Shepherd -- Canadian Seal Hunt 2005.
Seal Editorial -- Canada's National Post is forcefully against the seal hunt.
Seal Commentaries -- 2 Commentaries. 1. Our black eye: Most propaganda about seal hunt is true, by MARGARET WENTE.  2. River of Blood.
Anti-Fur Posters 2  Anti-fur posters -- gifs and jpgs

Dog Cat Fur Booklet.pdf

European Fact Sheet.pdf

Fur report 2005.pdf

News Stories.pdf

Warning: Before you view the videos below, please read some of the readers reactions:
Reactions to the fur movies

Fur.wmv movie of dog fur industry in China

Chinese Fur Farm Footage

Fur Farm -- another fur farm movie  higher resolution

Seals -- HSUS movie

Martin Sheen Speaks about Seal Hunt


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