Hunt Sabbing: Hunt Sabs - HSA history. Strategic Non-violence.
    The Field Guide To Anti- Hunting

Think hunting is safe? Thousands of hunting accidents can be found at

Defending the Defenceless: Speciesism, Animal Liberation, and Consistency in Applied Ethics - March 2015

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Sun Tzu: the Art of War For the Wildlife -12/12
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Arguments For and Against Hunting - 11/12
Hunting Triggers Herd Growth - 11/12
Quotes About Hunting - 11/12
Hunting in the Bible - 11/12
Yes, Hunters are Psychopaths -- and Sport Hunting is Serial Killing - 11/12
Are Hunters Psychopaths? - November 2012
Some Cold Hard Facts about Wisconsin Wolf Hunting - October 2012
Ask the Elk if Hunting is Ethical - September 2012
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That "Good Clean" Shot? - July 2012
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Term of Undeerment - June 2012
We Cause Pain and Suffering With No Apology - May 2012
Cutting off the Financial Lifeline to Hare Coursing - May 2012
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Taking Trophies - April 2012
Vegans--Not Hunters--Are the Best Environmentalists - April 2012
Deer kill will hurt children's psyches - Dec 2011
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18.3 Million Unoccupied Houses in the U.S. - Dec 2011
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Bow Hunters' Self-Damning Confessions - May 2010
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No Cull website - Feb 2010
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A Dissection of Hunting - October 2009
Deer - New Battle of Valley Forge - October 2009
As Hunting Season Begins, So Do the Lies and Misinformation - October 2009
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"Man the Hunter" to Homo X: Rethinking Human Nature - by Dr. Steven Best
No surprise when animals attack hunters - June 2008, humor
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Lead in Venison from Hunters - April 2008
About Cheney Hunting - Hilarious video - but, of course, sad in reality.
Elkless Methow residents don't know what they're missing - January 2008
US Hunting on Decline - January 2008
Non-Lethal Deer Management - Oct 25, 2007 - Columbia MD
Scientist Backs Birth Control for Deer - September 2007
Hunters Are Conservationists? Greatest Fear - July 2007
Deer Alliance's Strategy Causes Accidents - February 2007
Non-Lethal Integrated Deer Strategy - February 2007
LTE: If We Won't Ban Hunting... - February 2007
The Nature of an English Fox Hunter - February 2007
Killing Animals - January 2007
Starvation is not good management - January 2007
Cars Hitting Deer Running From Hunters - January 2007
Hunting -- It's bad for animals, it's bad for America - by Kelly Overton
Hunting isn't best way to limit deer
Hunters -- Open season on half-wit hunters, by Howie Carr
Hunters -- Hunters are terrorists of animal world, by Gary Yourofsky
Hunting Season is here... And wildlife are running
Hunting Tradition --Treaties, Law, & Subsistence Killing, by L. Kemmerer, PhD
Ethics Of Hunting -- Essay on discussion in UK
Hunting and Disease -- Hunting can increase wildlife disease epidemics
Editorial -- March 2006. Editorial on the morality of hunting.
deer dilemma -- Deer management dilemma will effect our future seasons
canned lion hunt -- lion hunting video -- hunters on canned hunts.
Buffalo Hunt -- 2005 Montana Buffalo Hunt
Films Own Murder -- Teen With Camcorder Captures His Own Killing On Tape
Pheasant Hunting -- Henderson: Pheasant farming. Docile birds offer no 'sport'
Re: Hunters -- Response to reasons for being a hunter
Archers -- Studies point to high archery mortality rate
Early Man -- Man's early hunting role in doubt , by Bob Holmes
Hunter Debunked -- 'Man the Hunter' Theory Is Debunked in New Book
Brutal Hunting -- Arrests expected after huntsman beats campaigner
Hunting in US -- Hunting in Decline in the United States by Katherine Shephard
Hunting Realities -- Hunting Realities by New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance
Safe Hunting -- How safe is hunting? See for yourself.
Hunting QA -- Some Hunting Questions and Answers
    Hunting_QA -- more Q & A
Sport Hunting Fallacy -- The Fallacy of Sport Hunting
Hunting Is Not the Cure -- But The Cause Of Overpopulation And Starvation
Scotland -- Mounted fox hunting and hare coursing was banned in Scotland
Deer Hunting Facts -- Some facts about deer hunting
Facts: Deer Population Control
Controlling Deer -- Non-lethal Methods of Controlling Deer Population Growth
Hunters Church -- Hunters in England trying to set up "church" in order to protect themselves from their government's attempt to ban fox hunting.
Duck Hunting -- Schwab Duck Club Qualifies for Federal Rice Crop Supports
Surplus Population -- A Fallacious Basis For Sport Hunting by D. Favre
Pheasants -- Gov. raises pheasants, at taxpayer expense, to provide targets
Wildlife -- Editorial - January 1, 2002. Guarding the Ark.
Harassment -- A Kalkaska hunter convicted of violating a law.
Hunt Photos -- Several miscellaneous photographs
Thoughts -- Hunting destroys the social structure and culture of its victims
Hunt Sabs -- Hunting Saboteurs

Predator Control -- 2mb .pdf

Hunter getting kicked by a deer .mpg

There's nothing funny about canned hunts, the practice in which wealthy "hunters" pay a hefty fee to kill animals in enclosed areas. But we're hoping satire can help spread the word about trophy hunting's dirty little secret. Watch the HSUS animated short, which drives home the "drive-thru" convenience of canned hunting. Then forward it to your friends. Click here to watch

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