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Thank you for your calls to the White Oak Rod and Gun Club this past weekend. We have great news -- your calls paid off and the gun club did not hold a live pigeon shoot! Below is an article from today's Press on the subject.

Please stop calling the gun club -- no more calls are needed on this issue. Thank you again for your help!

October 21, 2002

An animal rights group came out with both barrels blazing against a planned pigeon shoot, but the president of a Westmoreland County gun club said it was all a misunderstanding.

Mike Patronio, president of the White Oak Rod and Gun Club, said he received 27 phone calls to his home over the last two days about the event.

"You hear about a bird shoot and a majority of shooters know we're talking about clay 'birds,"' Patronio said. Members of the Fund for Animals were on hand to record any live pigeon shoot Sunday with video cameras. No such even was planned, Patronio said.

Pigeon shoots do occur, however, and are not illegal in Pennsylvania.