(NaturalNews) If you have made the choice to center your and your baby's diet around plant based whole foods, then congratulations. You have chosen an educational and life transforming path. It has been shown that an optimal diet for people is one that is centered on this.

If you do it right you can expect many benefits. To get the most from this diet, be sure your baby gets plenty of calories from a wide variety of whole food sources. This is the best way to insure sufficient proteins as well as other nutrients.

In the first six months of life a baby should be nursing, and will receive the very best form of nutrition this way. Breastfeeding provides optimal immune protection, and reduces risks of allergies. It also reduces the risks of illnesses, not to mention that it is a bonding experience for the mother and baby. It is recommended, that if a substitute must be made, only an iron-fortified formula would suffice. Look for vegan organic formulas. You can find them at most health food stores or buy them from online health sources.


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