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March 1, 2006

Wow, time is flying! Cage is HUGE! Seriously, he is gigantic. He is almost walking on his own. He can 'cruise' by holding on to the furniture and take a few tentative steps between Chris and me. He is very determined to gain independence.

Cage is saying Mom, Mama, bah bah (brother), dah, dada, kiki, and bye. He is giving kisses, hugs, pets the animals, and waves goodbye. It seems like everyday there is a new skill.

Of course, now Cage will not eat baby food. I was making all of it instead of buying it, but now he only wants what we have. That is easy enough for me. If we have something mushy (like pasta, tofu scramble, sloppy joes, etc.) he can eat it with out grocessing. When I make stiffer things I put them in the food mill on coarse grind (this has to be done in front of him or he will not eat it) and then he dines with us at the table. He loves my pot pie with seitan! He also enjoys plain tofu. He will eat one block if tofu a day. He does not care if I season it (nutritional yeast, mix it in with veggies or fruit) or not. Cage is also wanting to feed himself. Its so funny! He has to share bites with me, which usually end up in my eye or ear :)

Cage and Jake are like two peas in a pod. Cage is just fascinated by Jake and everything he does. Jake loves to have him around, they play quite a bit. They do have their sibling moments, where Jake has enough and they both end up crying. Mostly it is all giggles though.

Jake is really excelling in school. His teacher (at parent-teacher conferences) told me that he is incredibly bright. I knew that, of course, but it is so nice to hear it. He brings allot of things he does home. I was so impressed by the drawing of the dinosaur that said he didn't eat meat, only leaves. I beamed that day. I am so proud of him.

Jake has been becoming quite the little activist. He is now telling people their fur coats used to be someone's parents and child. He has always addressed food issues and companion issues, but the fur is new. Little ears hear big things I guess. All I know is that I am very very proud of him. I can't wait for our next leafleting event!

I have been up to my ears in letter campaigns. It is so important to write, even if it is just a few lines. Every little bit counts. Jake has been helping me with envelopes (putting stickers on, sealing, stamping) which makes it allot easier. I will write to anyone and everyone, any and every issue, newspapers, judges, abusers, no one is free from the wrath of Lesley and Jacob.

I realized that I have not said too much about activist things that I do in my daily life. I think I need to start including what I can. We make it a family habit here. If we can accomplish just one action a day I am happy (although I usually take on way too many things). Whether it be writing letters, making calls, sending faxes, sending emails, protesting, leafleting, stickering, educating (the most important) we do something. Chris keeps a roll of stickers in his car about vivisection, these come in very handy for trips to the store. Every little bit helps.

I have decided that raw food diets are where its at nutrition wise. Unfortunately, we love cooked foods. So I am trying to find compromise. We do eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies, but there is so much you can do with raw foods. I am looking for recipes on the web always, and what I have tried so far I like. Chris is more of a hot meal type guy, and that's OK. We compromise. For instance, I love raw oat groats for breakfast. Chris will have cooked oatmeal. Jake will say he wants cooked oatmeal but really, he wants my oat groats. Cage does not care as long as we are eating it. I have a recipe for a raw carrot cake I cannot wait to try! When I make that I will also have to make one of my famous chocolate cakes for Chris. Good thing I love to be in the kitchen :)

We have been eating really well. I am in love with Tofurkey Italian 'sausages'. Chris and Jake love my seitan pot pie (I make the whole thing from scratch). Tonight we had veggie sandwiches (red pepper, broccoli, onion, romaine lettuce, tomato, mushroom, then add a little balsamic vinegar to some mayonnaise and voila!) at my request. Chris's all time favorite meal is pancakes, so we have had quite a bit of them. They are easy for Cage to eat, so that works well. I do loads of different types...plain, chocolate chip, coconut, any kind of fruit, bacon chip, peanut least once a week and once on the weekend. I use flax in every batch. Of course, they are all vegan. Ener-G egg replacer works wonders in all my cooking.

Well I am off for the night. Cage was nice enough to let me type this, so now I need to get some rest. He is still not sleeping through the night (I say that is why I am so goofy), so I am up every hour to hour and a half. That is one thing I miss so bad. A good nights sleep.

I thought I should mention that Cage does still sleep with me. I have not yet been away from him and do not plan to be anytime in the near future. I have been asked if I miss going out. The answer to that is no. We rarely did anything by ourselves before he was born, and almost everything I want to do I can take both children with. Since everything I want to do involves the plight of animals it is educational for both kids. Jake has picked up everything on his own, making his own slogans for protest signs. He listens to me talk to people and forms his own conclusions. These are the next generation of Animal Advocates. Being kind to our mother (Earth) and our brothers and Sisters (all animals, humans included) is a priority. If you are going to have a family you should raise them properly ;)

Ps. Sindee I am glad you are back and OK. I look forward to your AR writing!