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May 31

Oh what a day! All I can do is laugh at myself...which is good because I can be pretty silly :)

I made Jakes lunch this morning at 7am and decided his sandwich looked good. I made myself one and had a gall attack.

I called Bobeye and she took a running jump to greet me and knocked me on my ass. While I was on the floor Helen got excited and accidentally bit my finger...on the nail (ouch).

I watched Max climb up a chair and help himself to a pile of mail on the dining room table. (it was pretty cool to see him climb)

The neighbors got work done on their house and it upset my dogs to have people making noise outside. Bark, bark, bark...

Jake came home from school today and had to have Taco Bell. It is the newest fad at his school...Taco Bell for dinner. YUCK. I liked it when the fads were cucumbers for lunch and kiwis for snack. But Taco Hell...eeewwww. So I made a pot of taco filling and drove to Taco Hell. I ordered several taco shells with no meat and extra veggies. I had plans to take the shells home and add my own taco filling. I don't know who the idiot or Taco Hell...(probably a little of both) but I ended up with cheese and sour cream on the shells. So I had to do a quick switch...I put all fresh ingredients in the taco hell wrappers. Its unfortunate that I only had red wrap tortillas. Jake feels like he had Taco Hell for dinner and that is all that matters. (He does know that we add our own taco filling and he is fine with that.)

Cage has been so alert today. I love it! He is making noises other than crying...cooing noises:) He has been acting like a 'man' too...fart - giggle...fart-fart - giggle.

For breakfast I had a deli slices sandwich with spinach, pea pods, shaved carrot, and radish

For lunch I made Italian wraps (chik, pea pods, yellow squash, veggie parmesan, marinara sauce)

And for dinner tacos.

At least Jake can tell his friends he had some very special tacos from taco hell:)

As stressed as I was today I am laughing. I laid on the floor and let all the animals cuddle with me. Stress relief!

May 30

Today was a beautiful day.  Warm sun, gentle breeze, lots of fun.  Chris had the day off of work for Memorial Day.  It was nice having him home for three days.  We played outside, worked on a friends pool (three days ago it was a swamp), and took a long nap. 
We did a major frog/toad relocation.  The neglected pool had a colony of toads and frogs living in it.  We were able to get them all to a near by swamp except one who just refused to leave.  He sat on the skimmer basket and protested loudly (his throat would inflate as he sang about his was very neat to see).  Every time we got close to him he would hide in the murky water.  Well, we pulled him out (we thought) and went to back wash the pool.  There must have been two frogs de resistance because the loud-mouth ended up in the pump.  When Chris took it apart to try to get him out he swam in the pipe and stayed there.  We ended up flushing him out.  He got quite a ride :)  He is comfortable in the swamp tonight and the pool got treated with mild chemicals.
Cage has been a very alert baby today.  Jake has really been enjoying being a big brother.  He wishes Cage was a little older so they could play but all in all he is a great help.  He likes to be involved in every part of Cages care.  I think it's wonderful because he is great help :)
I am still having quite a bit of discomfort gall bladder wise so eating isn't tops on my list.  Chris and Jake had cereal and doughnuts for breakfast (yes the doughnuts were vegan).  For lunch we had veggie burgers, baked potatoes, and baked beans.  Dinner was open faced sandwiches (bread, smashed potatoes, green beans, and vegan brown gravy) and I made chocolate chip stuffed biscuits for dessert.

Week of May 29

Wow, what a week.  Everything went by in a blur...I even managed to displace a few days.  I feel giddy now that I have time to sit down and type (although Cage is in my arms).  OK, I admit...maybe I feel giddy from the lack of sleep :)
First off Oreo got his forever home!!!  It is much more quiet and calm than here.  I expect him to flourish in his new surroundings.  The very next day we did an intake of a long haired Dashound.  His name is Max and he is as cute as can be.  I have no experience with Doxies at all so I did a little research.  Turns out they have strong personalities and are quite active.  Well Max (we call him Mad Max ) has a ton of personality and is awesome.  His previous owners said they did not have time for him and were going to euthanize him.  He is almost 3 years old, healthy, neutered (in fact I have all his vet records and he never missed an appointment), house trained, pretty much perfect...they paid 700.00 to get him (I have that receipt too) and were just going to toss him away.  Well a friend who is president of a canine prison program took him in and thought he should come visit here:)  She was right.  We couldn't be happier.
Cage developed thrush (a yeast infection of the mouth).  It started as a few white spots on his tongue and by the end of the day his whole tongue was solid white and and bottom.  It spread to his gums and to my nipples.  I took him to the Doctor.  She assured me that this was nothing I did wrong, nothing I could have done to prevent it it just happens.  She prescribed Nystatin liquid for Cage and an over the counter anti fungal lotion for me.  While the Nystatin was ok for Cage I was unhappy with the lotion idea for myself.  I would have to put it on and then take it off before Cage eats, then put it back on.  Well, I do not use 'normal' lotions.  They are full of chemicals, animal ingredients, and animal suffering.  I buy all my lotions from the health food store or natural sores on line (ok Ebay too) and the ingredients are all natural, vegan, and organic.  (In fact you could eat it but I doubt it would taste good.)  I also will not put anything on my body that the baby cannot eat.  Not to mention my sore painful nipples would not stand constant washing.  I do respect my doctor, I feel she is one of the best I have ever met, but it is ok to disagree.  So I called the LaLeche league and asked what to do.   They told me to get some Gentian Violet from the pharmacy (it is not a prescription) and put it on my nipples.  They said I can ditch the Nystatin and use it in the baby's mouth and it also doubles as a feminine yeast infection treatment as well.  So I decided to get it the next day.  Well, by the next day I had blisters on my nipples along with white pockets of yeast infection.  BIG OUCH!  I wanted to cry!  As soon as I put the Gentian Violet on the burning searing pain started to calm.  By the end of the night the deep breast pain was tolerable.  The next morning the white pockets were gone and the blisters smaller.  Well it has been three days.  Cage has tiny white spots in the back of his mouth and I have tiny blisters.  Still mildly painful but overall MUCH relief.  He is not nursing every half hour anymore, he is back to every two hours. 
The Doctor did say he gained a pound in two weeks time!  I am even noticing his little baby clothes fitting him.  I always used to roll my eyes when I heard this but its true.  They grow up so fast!
I have been having a real difficult time with my gall bladder lately.  Attack after attack...very painful.  I am taking my medication regularly but even thinking of food can set off an attack.  My surgery is scheduled for June 10th.  While I am scared at the same time I can't wait.  The pain keeps me up at night and grumpy all day.  (Combine that with the thrush and you better stay away from me.  I have a real mean streak sometimes.)  Soon this will all be over. 
On Thursday I took Jake and Cage's Godfather to meet my friends that run a canine prison program called Prison Tails.  Ryan is a director and at one time was the youngest member of the directors guild.  I ave been wanting to get them together so Ryan can help them put together a documentary of their work.  This program has been a labor of love and Cris and Sarah have done wonderful things for the animals.  Jake got to run around with al their dogs and play while Cage sat alert with Sarah and I.  It was a great time and very relaxing for me, which I really needed to get my mind off the pain.  The only problem is whenever I am around other dogs when I come home my dogs feel like I have been cheating on them.  They sniff me up and down and then turn their backs on me until I offer them something tasty.  They make me feel like a cheating spouse, lol.
Eating this week has been tricky.  I have had lots of salads and juice.  I had a few veggie burgers and deli slices sandwiches but I really have been having a hard time eating.  My Doctor said try to concentrate on drinking.  So I have drank alot of soymilk, juice, and water.  I was concerned that Cage wasn't getting what he needed but his Doctor assured me with his weight gain that everything is fine.  A few things I made thru out the week stick out in my mind as 'fun'.  Jake has been wanting a three cheese pizza so I made a big vegan one with 'pepperoni' and 'meatballs'.  Chris wanted a breakfast pizza so I made a biscuit and gravy pizza.  They both only lasted through one sitting with the two of them chowing down.  It makes me happy to see them enjoy the food I cook so much.  It makes me even happier to know that I only feed my family animal free healthy food.  If anyone wants a recipe email me;)
OK, this week is going to be better than last week.  I will get sleep and have internet time, lol.  I will also get some new photos up soon.

May 21

No more rain. Its a good trade off for the mildly warm weather we had. The ground is still a bit damp so we still have muddy paws, but not that bad. I do wish the dogs would choose to roll in the grass instead of the mud though, lol.

Tonight we had to go to the grocery and pick up a few things (mainly more soy yogurt) and on the way home we decided to order out black bean burgers from a local place. So we did (black bean burger, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and mustard) and a nice helping of veggies too. We got home and everyone's was fine until I opened mine and it was loaded with bacon!!! It was so gross! Of course by the time I got around to eating everyone else was done so I had soy yogurt and the veggies (the burger was wrapped so it wasn't contaminating anything else). That was quite a disappointment. We did have a giggle though. Who would order the vegan patty loaded with bacon? Makes no sense to us.

For lunch we grilled out. Vegan 'ribs', corn on the cob, and potatoes. It couldn't have tasted better. It was perfect :)

For breakfast I had a gall attack so Jake and Chris fended for themselves. I am not sure what they had but I bet it was cereal. We buy the organic no sugar added cereals. They stay crunchy in soy longer than the un organic sugary kinds. We have a 'graham' cereal, a peanut butter cereal, a raisin crunch cereal, and my grain cereal.

I had Cage outdoors for a little today. He loves it. He looks around and is very content. Jake, Cage, and I sat out on the porch and enjoyed the day. It was very pleasant. Cage likes to suck his thumb (when it finds its way into his mouth, lol) now.

Jake and I had a nice long talk this afternoon. He was concerned that our lunch had hurt an animal. He was very upset. We talked about farms, animals as food, sanctuaries, and ice cream. I would like to take a week and take him to a farm sanctuary. He would enjoy working with the farm animals. Chris's family has a farm. I don't want Jake there however. They farm beef cattle. I do not lie to him and I don't want to have to explain that they butcher and eat those beautiful animals. Besides I am very uncomfortable going there. I always make plans in my head to get all the cows to sanctuary (just thinking NOT like I would ever do something like that) and end up in tears. I am definitely going to look into a weeks vacation at a sanctuary. Got one to recommend? Email me please.

May 20

More rain. Lots of muddy paws. Oreo has been actively seeking out Domino (the little dog) and battering him. He runs after him and stands up to sock him with his paws. Poor Domino doesn't know what to think. Oreo will hide from all the other dogs and stalk Domino. I have decided that Oreo is not a fitting name for such a stalker but it is not up to me to change it. When I think Oreo I think of a cute fluffy cuddly black and white kitty...not a big (almost all black) stalker, lol. Oreo is letting me pet him now and actively seeking my attention.

I can't stop missing Chewy. I keep forgetting she is gone. Rest in peace baby.

I got a letter from Jakes school saying I hadn't volunteered 10 hours this semester so I owe them $100.00...well no one ever told me! And I pay them almost $600 a month. Maybe I am a cheap skate...I dunno but I feel I have done enough. Had they informed me that I needed to volunteer I would have. I need to write them a letter anyway (they wanted me to sell port-a-pit chicken tickets...that some kind of bbq'd carcass) and nicely explain a few things to them. They already think we are odd, lol.

For breakfast we had breakfast links (like a sausage) and tofu scrambles again, with toast.

For lunch I had deli slices, spinach, toast, tortilla chips, and applesauce.

For dinner we had potato wedges and veggie burgers (sides of carrots, and Jake finished the nuts off).

Had lots of snacks today. BBQ soynuts, HUGE soy yogurt smoothies (big yum), apples, carrots, granola, and vegan doughnuts!

May 19

Rain. As I sat outside on the porch in the early morning I saw the rain racing behind the passing cars like silver streaks. I love the smell of rain. For some reason when ever it rains I want to curl up in a soft blanket with a good book and a cup of tea. So that is exactly what I did, for a little while off and on as time allowed. I also got to catch up on some sleep :)

For breakfast I made scrambled 'eggs' (tofu) and toast. Jake didn't want to eat but a couple bites. It worked out ok because Chris happily ate what he didn't.

For lunch we had veggie burgers (I believe I am on a veg burger kick) and baked tortilla chips.

Dinner I made open faced sandwiches (bread, deli slices, smashed potatoes, golden herbed gravy) and asparagus. That was awesome:)

[18 May 2005]

Everyone had a good day today.  The weather was was everyone actually.  Jake had a field trip to a local health museum.  He said all they talked about was vegetables.  He came home really wanting asparagus.  It was his favorite vegetable of the talk.  Luckily for him we have plenty of fresh organic asparagus:)

Jake also said (which I knew was coming) that his school is having a 'fun day' at a new ice cream parlor.  It is soon and all his friends will be there...can we go?  Well...sure we can go but will we be able to eat anything?  Is he going to want to stand there and watch all his friends eat ice cream?  Honestly he will probably tell them all that cows milk is for baby cows and that milk hurts cows and breaks up their families.  That never goes over well with other parents.  (Please keep in mind
that this is all stuff he has picked up from me, yes...but I have never told him to tell people.  He told me the first time he started this that it is important to let people know they are hurting animals.  They need to know the truth.  I guess my full time activism combined with child rearing has left a mark.)  Well, I need to remember to stop by the ice cream parlor tomorrow and check them out.  Maybe they have a vegan ice cream option (fat chance) or a slush or flavored ice (they will hate me when I ask them to read the ingredients).  Other wise it will be mom to the rescue with tofutti sundaes at home :) 

Cage is really starting to get alert.  He can now follow a moving object with his eyes for a bit and his neck muscles are really starting to develop.  He is nursing constantly which usually means a growth spurt is coming.  He drains each breast and then does it all over again.  He is bulking up my milk supply. 

With my gall bladder pain it is really nice to nurse.  It relaxes me while it is happening.  I have to sit down and be still for him.  Then to see him eat and the feeling I get (pure love) while he's kind of dreamy. 

While I was making dinner tonight Cage was in the living room with Jake.  He started fussing a little and before I could get out there Jake was soothing him and rubbing his head softly.  Talking in a very soft voice he was telling Cage that everything was ok, not to worry, Mommy will be out of the kitchen soon.  Cage quieted down and I was able to finish what I had started. 

For breakfast I had granola with nut flours (walnut, pecan, peanut) in it and a big glass of soy. For lunch I had a veggie burger naked except pickles.  I also had baked tortilla chips.

For dinner we had nuggets (they were a chik variety,  I don't know if they taste like the real dead thing or not but they were tasty!) with agave nectar, applesauce, blackberries, and asparagus.  For a snack today I had some bananas, spinach, carrots, and right now I am having vegan veggie broth with nutritional yeast in it.  I can't resist the yeast!  I also had toast with smashed blueberries (to make smashed blueberries: combine blueberries with a little grape juice.  Smash with a fork about half the berries.  Refrigerates, use.  YUM).

Oh....the new cat Oreo actively sought my attention today.  It only lasted a few minutes but it was nice.  He even purred:)  Then he ran after Domino (he is small) and stood up on his hind legs and beat him with his paws.  Domino didn't know what to think so he hid under my legs. Still adjusting. 

I have received another animal request.  This time it is a  1 year old Pit Bull, female, needs spayed and all vacs.  I am leaving it up to Chris on this one.  He is going to have to take over my duties with the animals after my surgery for awhile and I don't want him to be over burdened.  I am secretly hoping he says yes, but if not that's ok.  The dog is not in danger.

Chris when you read this PLEASE FIND THE BLENDER!!!  I want a blueberry smoothie!!


[17 May 2005]

Today was a mellow day. Cage didn't want to sleep last night or today. He is up and alert. I love to watch his expressions as he explores his new world. He has been rolling over and all around, usually with a determined look on his face. He is very young to be rolling. He will start rocking and then umph! Over to the other side. He wants to move around. I have a feeling I am going to have my hands full :)

For breakfast I made a tofu scramble and toast. Nothing fancy, lol.

For lunch I had a deli slices sandwich with lots of raw spinach and a couple granola bars.

For dinner Jake and I split some apples and grapes. Jake had walnuts, peanut butter and jelly (well all fruit spread), and some baked tortilla chips.

I have had some raw spinach and fruit leather for snacks. I am also enjoying a cup of hot vegan veggie bouillon with nutritional yeast right now. I find the veggie broth and yeast very comforting.

I am having a hard time accepting Chewy's death. I keep looking for her. We buried her this morning. Ended up uncovering her one side so she could lie in the dirt (her favorite thing to do besides lie in the mud) and placing the bath sheet over her other side. I miss her so much.

Oreo is starting to adjust a little better. He actually let me touch him today and has been out and around. He adores Jake and went right to him. He is starting to tolerate the other cats but still despises the dogs. He stands right up to them which is good because they leave him alone. Chris said he heard him last night and it sounded like he was crying. Poor guy!

[16 May 2005]

Sad day. Chewy, the 19 year old resident passed away in her sleep. She refuses to be a house dog (I have to force her to come in during bad weather) so she lived outside (She did have our breeze way attached to the yard). Every night I would go spend some 'just us' time with her. We would talk while I scratched her back. She always had allot to say. Well, I had the crew out and I went to let them in so I could have my time with Chewy. She looked like she was napping. Her eyes were closed but she wasn't breathing.

I guess I knew this day would have to come but I wasn't prepared. Just a half hour before she was up and going with the pack...barking and playing. I know she had a happy life but I still miss her. Tons of tears were cried. I wrapped her in a bath sheet and I still sat down and had my nightly conversation with her. She was one of my best friends. We will burry her tomorrow.

The circle of life always completes itself. I had a friend drop off a cat that had been abandoned in an apartment when the 'owner' decided to up and move to Florida. His name is Oreo and he is HUGE. Bigger than Hoochie just not fluffy. So far he is very scared of everything. Poor guy, I would be too. My friend had been crawling into the window of this apartment to feed and water Oreo and knew his time was running out. She knows I am in animal rescue and brought him over. Hoochie and Sam are very interested in Oreo. I am assuming it will take him a few weeks (at least) to adjust to life here. He just wants to hide and growl right now.

I did get my gall bladder medication today (finally!) so I was able to eat. To celebrate I made fajitas. I don't do the traditional fajita with lots of peppers because peppers can cause colic in infants. I did Lightlife Chik'n strips (I love them!) marinated in organic fajita mix and snow peas, carrots, sweet onions, mushrooms, asparagus, and raw spinach. Chris and Jake had Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream as well. They were amazing! In fact I ate them several times though out the night. I also had a banana, some grapes, and strawberries. I am so happy to eat again!!

I miss you Chewy. I am lucky to have known you.

[15 May 2005]

Gall bladder attack is still hanging on. In fact it got so intolerable I went to the emergency room. After waiting for well over an hour I left. I didn't like having Cage exposed to so many sick people and the man by the tv wouldn't stop swearing...he was a little intimidating. I called when I got home and they said the wait was at least 6 hours. I wish my Doctors were in town!!!

The only thing I ate today was a veggie burger on the grill and corn on the cob.

According to Chris I did dish out quite a bit of attitude, lol.

[14 May 2005]

Major Gall pain! Puts me in a horrible mood so this will be short. I cannot get a hold of my Docs, they are all out of the area. Go figure, I have three and none of them can be reached. The nice women at the health food store have told me to drink apple cider and apple juice at the same time (apple juice is a natural pain killer and together they will help soften gall and kidney stones) but nothing is working. Cage can sense my pain and has been up constantly. I am so glad I have my family, they are all doing little things to make sure I am at least comfortable.

All I ate today was fresh fruit and veggies (a nibble here a nibble there). I did manage to get some supplements down. I will be happy when this is all over and there will be no need for supplements any more:) 

[13 May 2005]

 Friday the 13th....oooohhhhhh freaky was not a good day.  I got one hour of sleep (I did get a two hour nap) and when I checked my email the first thing I saw was that a teacher in Austin decided to dissect a live dog in class.  Next came the constant headache that will not go away.  Let's not forget the ever present gall bladder and not being able to reach my 3 Docs until tomorrow (I hope.  Well my being in pain has really upset Cage unfortunately.  Poor guy has been crying all day and refusing to lie down with out being held (makes it difficult to go potty, lol).  Top it off with a Denver round up of Pit Bulls and not being able to eat.  Whoopee ;)
I did have a very nice visit with a good friend of mine who is recovering from a bout of serious depression.  It is wonderful to see her happy and healthy.  She looks amazing.  She is very much into Harley Davidsons and brought Jake an American chopper coloring book which he adores. 
We have had thunderstorms on and off all day (makes for very muddy paws, lol).  Poor Jake got frightened and came and slept in my room for a little while. 
I had a glass of enriched soy for breakfast.  For lunch I had a nutritional supplement and a tomato sandwich.  For dinner I had a simple salad (lettuce, carrots, onion, cucumber...I carried out) with no dressing.  I also had some broccoli sprouts.  I will eat some soy cheese for protein before I retire tonight.  I am seriously looking forward to eating again ;)
All in all my mood is good.  Cage is starting to want to be alert more.  It is neat to watch him look around and see the faces he makes.  Jake loves to hold him and Cage is very responsive to his voice. 
Cage and I will be starting a baby and me class as soon as my surgery is over.  I am looking forward to it.  The class is at Jakes Montessori school and teaches communication between mother and infant.  They told me we will be learning sign language as it is easier for infants to pick up on it.  I am excited to give this a shot.

[12 May 2005]

Well after 3 hours of sleep and more gloomy weather we are doing fine.  My gall bladder is really misbehaving but my Docs assured me that Thursday I will have a definite surgery date.  That makes me happy and scared at the same time.
Jake and I watched The Secret of N I M H tonight. It has been years since I have seen's a good watch. 
I am over tired so this will be short.
For breakfast I made a tofu scramble with lots of veggies and nutritional yeast.  Also we had toast with agave nectar.
For lunch I had a veggie burger with spinach and barbeque sauce (yum)
For dinner I made a big pot of Cream of Buckwheat with organic dried apples, organic raisins and agave nectar (oh yes...vanilla and fresh ground cinnamon)

[11 May 2005]

I woke up to thunderstorms this morning (after an hour of sleep).  They were loud and beautiful.  I sat on the porch and watched the dogs try not to go outside, lol.  When it rains like that I feel obligated to go outside with them.  The rain was heavy and coming down in sheets.  Thunderstorms are great to sleep to...which is awesome because cage was up from 2 am until 5am.  Jake gets up at 6am to be to school by 8am so around 9am I got to nap until 11am. 
There must be something in the air today that is making everyone grumpy.  The dogs were grumpy with each other and were quite verbal about it, the cats were grumpy with each other and us, Hoochie decided he needs to run in front of me and then lie down...refusing to move, Jake was acting up, and Cage will not let me out of his sight.  Domino decided to tear up the garbage (which he never does) all over the floor of every room in the house. 
Before Chris left for work he gave me some money and told me to eat out tonight.  I gave him a look like 'why?'.   Well it seems we have a large number of 'friends' in the kitchen.  (By friends I mean ants and by large number I mean hundreds.)   Ants are a very interesting species, actually I find them amazing however I do not want them in my house by the hundreds.  So we went out for dinner.
We had HUGE baked potatoes (Jake had his with broccoli, nutritional yeast, margarine, and sour supreme and I had chives, lots of yeast, and a hint of margarine and sour supreme) and fruit salad for dinner.  Simple and easy...actually Jakes choice. 
For lunch I had a tomato sandwich and pretzels.  For breakfast I had a granola bar and toast with agave nectar.  Jake had oatmeal for breakfast and it was pizza day at his he had pizza with no cheese :)
I have been picking at a pad thai bowl with tofu all day.  A bite here, a bite there.  It tastes awesome however it is not gallbladder friendly.  I am leaving it to Chris for a early morning snack.
Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight.  I am looking forward to tomorrow. 

[10 May 2005]

Today was a good day.  I am so over tired it's funny, but I am happy so all is well.  Last night at 3am Cage woke up and it was time for me to change his diaper.  I thought I did a good job until I picked him up and realized he was still a little bit stinky.  I was seeing double from lack of sleep and in my haze cleaned and wiped his back instead of his bottom :)  So Cage got re-diapered.

Cage had to go to the hospital for routine blood work today.  It came back as everything is normal.  I already knew this but it never hurts to have the official word on paper.

The weather was amazing again today.  I was able to have some time to sit on the porch and watch huge bumblebees work on a big flowering bush and just relax.  I also was able to get two hours of sleep (hooray!).  It did rain last night and all the dogs enjoyed rolling in the mud.  So its bath time for all the dogs and in the process I too get a bath.  For some reason every time I bathe Bobeye she jumps in the toilet.  If I close the lid she will open it and hop in.  LOL, then she gets another bath.

Jake and I cooked dinner on the grill tonight.  We had veggie burgers, corn on the cob, and carrots (I put them in a foil packet with agaves nectar and a little margarine...divine).  We ate strawberries and tomatoes as well. 

For lunch today I had a tomato sandwich with spinach and onion.

For breakfast I had a cherry organic (no sugar all healthy) cereal bar.

I snacked on tofu jerky, strawberries, pretzels, and animal crackers.  I can't wait to get over the gall bladder problem!  Of course, as everyday, I took my vitamins.

well I am off to an early bed time tonight.  This is a great thing, I am really looking forward to sleeping.

[9 May 2005]

Another weather beautiful day.  I am waiting now for thunderstorms...I love to watch them.  The animals know they are coming, all the dogs tried to cram under my computer desk.  They couldn't all fit so they had to settle for hiding under the covers in a lump.  I can't wait to hop in bed with the and become the bottom of the lump complete with a cat on top :)

I am having trouble with some neighbors that are afraid 'the pit bull' (Sassy, a AKC Canine Good Citizen Pit mix) is going to eat their poodle.  Sassy will protect our family I have no doubts about that.  However the neighbors let their poodle run free range.  Well, we lined our property line with dog poop to let their dogs (they also have a white Shepard) know they have boundaries.  The neighbors didn't like that.  Our houses are not close together at all but lately they have been walking to
our property line.  Today they were discussing the dog poop (it is not a lot either...not like a mountain) and trying to determine if they could call the cops on us. They decided they couldn't because there was not poop on their property.  Then they said they wanted to throw it at our house.  They are stupid and didn't realize all the windows were open.  Grrrrr.....the last thing they want to do is start a neighbor war with us.  Chris tried to gently educate them on the Pit Bull breed and Sassy in general but they do not want to listen and he got very frustrated with them.  Sorry about all this but I have to vent!  Bottom line...they shouldn't let their dogs roam free and worry about my dogs eating them.  We have new dogs and other animals coming in to rescue constantly and Sassy does fine.  Also, she passed her CGC and that involves testing with another dog.

If I catch their animals in my yard I might just take them in and neuter them. 

Tonight for dinner Jake and I made rice noodles with an onion broth.  Jake also had a banana and some carrots.

Today I also had a 'bologna' and 'cheese' sandwich with spinach, a fruit leather, some soy pudding (my absolute favorite), and some Hain animal crackers.

Not having a good gall bladder day :(  I did have supplements and lots of nutritional yeast (in fact I eat so much yeast that my milk smells like it).  The gall bladder is coming out soon and I am looking forward to eating normal again. 

I am going to have some cream of buckwheat before I go to bed. (Chris thinks the name of that cereal is sooo funny.)  Buckwheat has the most protein of any vegetable or fruit I believe.  I love it, I think it tastes great.  I like to make buckwheat pancakes and I just saw a recipe for buckwheat pudding (doesn't sound like pudding though...more like a bread pudding with no bread) I have to try sometime.

Cage is growing by leaps and bounds.  He grew an inch in two weeks!  He eats a lot and he still sleeps almost round the clock (if he is not up being fussy, lol).  Jake loves to help with anything having to do with Cage...its so cute.  He beams at being the big brother. 

It is so neat having children.  I can never explain how much I love them...not to them, not to anyone.  To watch them grow and help mold them into the adults they one day will hope you help lead them down the right path....what an experience. 

[8 May 2005]

Mother's Day

What a beautiful day!  The sun was shining and the temperature reached 81 degrees.  Jake picked some of our lilac flowers for me and the whole house smells wonderful.  The best part of the day was the nice 2 hour nap I got.  Right now sleep is bliss :)
For dinner we fired up the grill and had a vegan bbq (my favorite thing) complete with 'hamburgers' and 'hot dogs', lol.  To cook the tofu pups (hot dogs) we chop up tomato and onion add a dash of salt and pepper, a sprinkle of oil, and wrap with the tofu pup in foil and throw the package on the grill ... it's heavenly!  We also had corn on the cob and macaroni and cheese.  The perfect dinner for a perfect day :)
I didn't want gifts for mothers day, I thought it would be more fun to honor our mother (mother earth).  So we transplanted some saplings and planted some bushes...mowed the grass and hugged trees.  (Yes we are a corny family).
My gall bladder is still acting up so I really didn't eat until dinner.  I did take supplements and ate a seitan 'jerky' for extra protein.

[7 May 2005]

Wow, what a blur the past days have been. Cage has not been sleeping at all...I figure I have got about 6 hours in the past three days (we could make it an even 9 if I go back 4 days, lol). But my gall bladder has been acting up and I wonder if that has made him not feel good too. I have not been able to eat much at all...I have just been taking my supplements (nutritional yeast, super green, vitamins, protein drinks, superfood drinks) which his doctor said is fine. I have to admit I was concerned due to my lack of intake but the Dr. said not to worry he is still getting everything he needs. (Whew)

I have made some food over the past few days...tofu scramble with heavy tomatoes, vegan cheese and vegan deli slices sandwiches, fake pepperoni bread (foccia bread with fake pepperoni and tomato sauce), tofu burgers....simple things like that. Geez just talking about food makes my gallbladder flare up.

Saturdays are health food store favorite days. Even though I cant eat I can still shop. Yesterday I bought tons and I am looking forward to eating it (even though it may be slowly, lol). Included with my shopping were slow, low heat, no sugar or sulfates added dried pineapple rings. I did have one to try it and they are delicious!!! The texture is chewy and dense and the flavor was incredible. These will be a definite new snack food around the house. I also bought more eco/animal friendly laundry detergent and fabric softener. I will not tolerate harsh chemicals on my children's clothing.

Today is Mother's Day. To celebrate I have asked for no gifts for me but gifts for our Mother...Mother Nature. So in a bit (after the rest of the house wakes up) we are going to go plant some trees, bushes, name it we are planting it. Then we are going to pick up trash along the highway in front of our house (and the neighbors too). I have already been out tree hugging this morning (yes I really hug does feel good).

I am sleep deprived and moody. When I look at Cage I know it is all worth it. I was the same way with Jake except no gall pain. I am having surgery very soon. I am really looking forward to eating peanut butter again (and eating, lol!).

Hang in there everyone...more is coming soon.

[1 May 2005]

Today has been a nice and slow lazy day.  I finally got some well needed sleep, last night from 2am until 6am and today from 2pm until 5pm.  Still very tired but I can't complain.  My gall bladder has been misbehaving so eating is not an enjoyment today.  I have had 2 'bologna and cheese' sandwiches loaded with spinach and for dinner we had tofu pups (hot dogs) with American style 'cheese', maple and onion baked beans, and penne pasta with cheddar cheese.  Of course water water water to drink (ok and one glass of chocolate almond beverage...couldn't resist).  

For it being May it is unusually cold here...46 right now with the feel of 40...I am worried about planting.  My goal for this year is to grow enough veggies to last until next growing season....but we have not had a start to our season yet.  It is supposed to be in the low 30's tonight.  Brrrrrrrr.....