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Thursday June 30

I got a call this morning and Jake is going on an overnighter tonight.  I am happy for him but sad at the same time.  I always miss him madly when he goes.  So while Cage was napping today we played outside with the hose ( I had to water my plants anyway).  It was so much fun.  Jake was soaked from head to toe, I was soaked from head to toe, just about everything we came in contact with was soaked.  It was so humid and hot out the cold water was a relief.  Spray...breeze...ahhhhh.  We got exhausted and sat on the porch.  I just cant believe what a big kid he seems like.  I remember my little guy! 
After Jake left I bathed the dogs.  Since I had tested the water from the hose and it was fine they got it outside.  I used my seventh generation soap on them.  I is neat to see a brown dog turn white again :)
Cage and I had a blast tonight.  He is growing so fast as well.  One thing I have noticed is that he is crazy about plants.  If there is a plant anywhere near he will throw himself around until he has a good view.  That works out well because I am a plantaholic.  I am the only person I know in rescue that can keep many nice plants.  I have had my problems (animal trying to shred them, cats using them as a litter box, etc) but we are always able to fix the problem.  2 trees I have had for 11 years.
Cage is getting the biggest kick out of making a noise and having it repeated.  He coos, I coo the exact way he did, his eyes get huge then he smiles, laughs, and kicks his feet.  We did this for hours. 
I keep getting articles mailed to me about 'vegan parents jailed for child abuse' or something close to that.  I am not worried.  For every negative I get there are 6 positive articles.  I can tell you that my family is fine, mentally (ok I wonder about myself sometimes lol...kidding) and physically. 
For breakfast we had cereal and toast.
For lunch we had AWESOME quesadillas.  I made them with soy cheese and black beans, corn, red beans, tortilla chips (yes inside), carrots, fajita seasoning, carrots, and onions.  Served with tofutti sour supreme.  I couldn't make them fast enough to feed everyone!
For dinner I had a fruit salad (pineapple, melons, grapes, strawberries), regular salad, half a peanut butter sandwich, and walnuts.  YUM

Wed June 29

Things moved smoothly today.  I am still talking to concerned family and friends of the animal hoarder trying to work something out.  In my mind this has gone on long enough and something has to be done.  A year and a half ago this person (the hoarder) had maggots living in the filth on her floor.  The number of animals is still unknown at this point....although some people did go see her (thank you) and I think she is willing to cooperate.  We will see.  It is always tough for those closest to the person.  This is a serious mental disease and I wish there were more knowledgeable people out there.  I have no doubt that this woman is sweet....some events in her life just set her on a downward spiral.  IMO she will now need to be supervised her whole life and complete talk therapy sessions with a professional.  My vet is willing to vet these animals at my cost.  We are keeping our paws crossed here.
Cage laughed at Jake for almost an hour today.  They are both so cool (proud mother here).  I can't believe that Jake is going to be five years old in a week!  Where did the time go? 
We are really wanting to expand into a farm sanctuary.  I need to get the ball rolling.  I seem to have a million sub projects going on (as always) plus fielding calls and emails about abuse (I should say potential abuse....1 out of 6 calls/emails is really abuse....the others are basically *bitch* calls...i.e. I don't like you so I am going to turn you in (I believe that child services and the police get the same people calling/emailing).  I am not complaining...I would rather have the option to check it out than not know it exists.  With the sanctuary I could do so much more for my community.  Besides having offices the education would be thru the roof!  I make myself available for lectures or speaking events for free now (Jake used to go with Cage will get to go) but I could increase ten fold.  Speaking of which the only place that ever calls me ( a small college) needs to know I am ready to return. 
Need to find some grant info.  I have several potential places in mind.  This would be our dream!!!
For breakfast today we had hearty oatmeal.  (I met a woman at Jakes school who was an executive for Stoneyfield Farms Oraganic Foods.  She used to work for Mother's Co. which is a division of Quaker.  She told me Quaker Oatmeal is the fast food of oatmeal....its empty.  Thank Dog we buy in bulk from the health food store.)  I like to dress my oats up with dried apples, raisins, fresh ground cinnamon, and agave nectar.  YUM
For lunch we had cheese (tofutti) and Nayonase sandwiches with pasta and tomatoes.
For dinner we had 'big honking' salads (Jakes terminology). 

Tuesday June 28

Today was cool.  Lots of thunder but no rain.  I love the sound of thunder, like a big harley in the sky:)  The dogs don't like the sound of thunder and they all want to huddle under the covers.  People all around me lost power. I am so glad mine didn't go out.  I can do with out TV but the fridge and freezer are essential!

I managed to do five loads of laundry today!  I exciting lol.  It was dog laundry day.  I love dog laundry day.  They love to nestle in their fresh clean blankets.  I do their laundry once a week if not more but I noticed I haven't written about it yet.  My exciting life huh:)
For lunch I made vegan ravioli.  I have never seen them before so I had to try them.  Awesome!  I did it with a tomato and basil sauce and a vegan alfredo sauce on top.  Then I added a little vegan white cheese and parmesan.  The only complaint was that I didn't make enough:)
Cage is handing out smiles left and right.  It makes every bad thing go away to see him laugh and smile.  Jake and I made silly faces at him for hours just to get smiles out of him.  Jake does this really cute 'pinchy crab' impression and Cage loves it (I do cracks me up every time I see it). 
For breakfast we had cereal.  (I bought three boxes...all organic, no sugar, and vegan...'frosted flakes', coco somethings, and graham somethings...they are a big hit with Jake...that's all he wants)
For lunch we had the awesome ravioli
For dinner we had split pea soup (peas again) with carrots and peanut butter sandwiches

Monday June 27

Still HOT!  Ugh!  I like the heat but its the humidity that gets me.  And the dogs, they don't want to be inside but they love to dig trenches and lie in them.  That's not a problem because we fill them in and they just redig them.  Its kind of silly actually.  When Chewy was with us they would always dig her a trench to lie in.  More and more they want to be out all night.  Its never like they are outside with out shelter because we have a breezeway for them to have access to at all times...but I am just not comfy with allowing them to stay out all night.  Besides I miss my special time with them.
Cage is doing great!  Great head control when he is on his tummy now.  He makes the cutest noises.  Chris put together his swing.  That was awesome because he absolutely loves it!  So I was able to do some cleaning (in the same room as him) while talking to him and not have to hold him at the same time.  Its perfect.
For breakfast we had toast and cereal.
For lunch we had peanut butter and jelly (I say jelly but we never eat jelly, I buy only organic all fruit spreads), peas (they are so good!), and chips. (This is one of Jakes favorites)
For dinner I made amazing Chik strips bbq sandwiches, strawberry applesauce, veg medley (broccoli, peppers, carrots, onion)
We had fruit leathers, graham crackers, tofutti cheese, soy milk, and juice for snacks today.

Sunday June 26

Can you say HOT?  That's what the weather was here.  In the mid 90's with so much humidity it was like being hit with a brick.  Chris decided to take a nice afternoon nap with Cage so I decided to dye my hair.  I used White Mountain Natural (yes its vegan and chemicals at all) henna.  I bought two boxes quite some time ago and just never used them.  I have never done henna by myself before.  Pretty soon I was signing "henna henna everywhere"...
First off I have TONS of hair.  So the two boxes I bought equaled four applications.  I figured this was enough.  The henna is pretty easy to prepare.  Boil water, add special effects if you want them (I used paprika for a warm red tone), mix, cool, apply.  Well this is the section where you can see a lot of my personality.  You are supposed to strand test the day before you use.  This clears you for allergies to the product and tells you how long to leave it on.  I decided strand tests are for wussies.  Had I done the strand test I would have known how very difficult it was to apply to my hair (and how long to leave it on).  I tried a squeeze bottle.  Henna is gritty and that didn't work at all.  So I ended up grabbing handfuls and slathering it on.  This worked fine for the top of my head and around my hair line but not for the length.  I tried and tried to get it all covered and couldn't do it.  So I ended up dipping my head in the bowl I had prepared the henna in.  Most of my hair is down to my rump so I am sure you can imagine the disaster that happened when I tried to bring my head up.  Henna was everywhere (and I did it slow and gentle).  Henna on the floor, henna on the rug, henna on the dogs, henna on the ceiling, henna all over the place.  I decided to deal with that later.  So I tried and tried to get my hair into the bag they supplied (getting more henna all over a different room in my house) and finally I did.  Heat enriches red tones so Jake (who had woke up by now) and I went outdoors.  Well the heat made the lenna start to melt and some of the liquid that was in it started running down my face and neck.  Then it started coming off in great big globs.  I had henna all over my face (if you don't already know it stains) and sent Jake in to get a towel.  He bought me a white one...beggars can't be choosers:)  My head ended up getting so heavy with the henna on it I got a ripping headache.  Time to wash out the henna.
Washing it out was NOT easy.  Not at all.  My hair was like one big dreadlock.  Imagine mixing sand, bark, and tooth paste together sticking it on your head and letting it dry in the sun.  That's what my hair felt like.  The grit would not come out.  I rinsed for 45 minutes and finally got my hair to relax a little.  So I put on some Avalon Organics conditioner (lavender) and let it sit.  I rinsed my hair again and there was a big improvement.  Grit was everywhere and made a great exfoliate.  I conditioned again and when I rinsed I rinsed it all out. 
Combing my hair was easy!  It is never easy!  It was a breeze!  My hair took the color well, it turned out great, and my hair feels amazing.  Shine, bounce, less tangles....amazing.  Would I recommend this product?  Absolutely.  Will I use it again?  Only if I get a friend to come over.  Chris and I concluded that my hair is way to long to dye at home alone.  I did need three boxes for maximum coverage but the old color and the new compliment each other so I have some kicking highlights where the dye did not cover.  All is well :)
For breakfast we had cereal and fruit leathers.
For lunch we had peanut butter and jelly (the first time I was allowed to eat one due to my gall problems....oh man it was heaven!), sweet peas, and oven fries
For dinner we had grilled vegan cheese sandwiches, more peas (they were really good!), and corn tortilla chips.
I hurt some after eating but it was much better:)  Yay!

June 17 thru 25

OW!  I have had complications with my surgery due to my fall.  The migraine did fade (thank dog) but was replaced with a constant searing pain.  I have had a hard time sitting up (hence the no blog for a while) and pretty much doing everything.  Eating was a no no for a while...which made me very grumpy.  I am starting to feel better now, and starting to get back on line. 

I went to my surgeon and he said I have to go see a GI Tract specialist. They will be making the appointment for me on Monday.  Otherwise everything is great (except for the fall).

Cage has been so awake lately!  He loves to sit outdoors.  I had forgot how neat it is to have a (infant) little human.  He must think its pretty neat too with everyone always trying to make him laugh and smile.  He is getting so big so fast.  He has 6 nannies (the dogs) that will tell me if he makes the tiniest sound of discontent...its pretty funny.  If I am in the kitchen cooking for Jake and Cage rolls over in his crib making a little sigh along the way I have several dogs that will sit on the floor and whine until I go see if Cage is ok.  When I give him a bath Max (the newest member of our family...a long haired daushund) always sits on the rim of the tub.  If he cant get to the tub he will sit and whine until he gets there...then he just watches. 

Jake is on summer vacation from school now.  I am looking into a summer program of some sorts for him.  It is really difficult to find a solid stable summer program that is not run by a church.  OK, no I don't think there is anything wrong with church if that's your thing...but it isn't mine.  I certainly do not want anyone pushing their beliefs on my son.  If he has questions they get answered but I really want him to make up his own mind about religion when he is ready.  (I personally believe in Darwin.)  So the search for a summer program goes on....

On July 6th Jake will be 5 years old!!!  I can't believe my little guy will be that old.  I am planning him a party (bowling, mini golf, go carts, bumper boats...yes I found a wonderful place to host it).  What to get him for his birthday?  I am in the dark about this.  He wants Yu-Gi-Oh cards (the creator of yugioh is a vegan and speaks out against animal cruelty) and that's fine but I like to get him something educational (maybe his first microscope) and really fun (a swing set of types) as well.  I just can't make up my mind.

As for my recent diet I have tried to eat things that count.  Like raw fruits and veggies (asparagus, strawberries, apples, spinach, carrots, grapes, raspberries, cucumbers, pineapple, etc.) and plain pasta ( I like alfredo noodles).  I also had some soy yogurt (strawberry, blueberry, peach) and some primal strips (meatless jerky...they are awesome).  I tried to eat nuts but that didn't pan out so well for me.  I did eat a veggie burger yesterday and I was able to tolerate it so things are moving forward for me. 

I am really looking forward to putting the surgery and related problems behind me.  I have been horribly bored and I am tired of being in pain!

Well Chris and I decided we want to open a Farm Sanctuary.  I am starting a proposal hopefully today to start things in motion.  We want all the farm animals plus a shelter for dogs.  It is a pretty big dream but I really see it happening...just when and how are the questions.  A farm I used to live on is for sale now (what got our imaginations going) and it is way out of our price range....but we are trying to get something together.  Jake is very excited.  We all are very excited.  It is always nice to have a goal to work towards.   This area desperately needs a farm sanctuary as a learning environment.  I think it is important for the general public to see that a cow is a living feeling being rather than just food (and so on with the other types of animals).  Perfect environment for vegan outreach :)

I have been thinking lately about the price of life.  It has been said hat you cant put a price on life yet everyday I see things like a double cheese burger for a dollar.  Yet my (vegan) double cheese burger can't be made anywhere close to costing a dollar.  There is a price tag on life and it is dirt cheap.  Why is  meat so cheap to purchase and 'fabulous fakes' so expensive?  Also, people say they can't stand the sight of blood or dead things...yet they are cooking and eating meat!  In my mind that just goes to show how society has desensitized the general public to what is really food.  UGH!  I will quit my ranting now, lol.

Well sorry for the short week.  I should be up and running normal now.  Surgery is never fun.

Thursday June 16

Day three of the migraine! Ugh! And to make matters worse I fell and landed right on my incisions (I landed on my bedpost). It hurt really bad but I had to laugh at myself. It would have made a great 'Funniest Home Video' with out the swearing :)
Cage was awake today, all day! It was so cool. He enjoys interacting with all of us, human and non. He smiles, laughs, and coos. I just can't believe how big he is getting! All of his first stage of baby clothes fit him and he has even out grown several outfits.
For Breakfast I had some veggie broth.
For lunch I had a grilled and caramelized onion sandwich and some mixed nuts
For dinner I made a vegan frozen pizza (it was Amy's brand and delicious!)

Wed. June 15


Day two of the migraine! I got one hour of sleep last night, UGH!
Cage was awake all day! He spent his time looking and exploring his surroundings. We had some fun time with the bathroom mirror:)
My whole abdomen is a bruise! It looks horrible and feels that way too. I am just really looking forward to being able to eat with out pain. My day is coming.
For Breakfast I had potatoes and onions
For lunch I had eggless salad sandwiches and lots of tomatoes
For dinner I had corn dogs (make extra thick corn bread batter and dip a veggie dog in it, quick freeze.) fries, and salad. (One of Jakes favorites)

Tuesday June 14

Well the animal hoarder will be inspected on Sunday. I am hoping the outcome is not as bleak as I expect.
I have a horrible migraine! Nothing seems to make it feel better.
Cage is still sleeping a lot. That's ok with me right now because I am not feeling the greatest. Jake, Cage, and I are enjoying napping together:) I am a believer in the 'family bed' to some extents. I need my space to sprawl but I love to nap with everyone. Jake slept with me until he was one and off and on since then. We will always count on him as a bed guest when there is a storm;)
For breakfast I had biscuits and agave nectar
For lunch I had deli slices (in sandwich form) and a big salad
For dinner I had another sandwich and some veggies and fruit
I am eating a bowl of cereal right now :)

Monday June 13

I had to take the first layer of my bandages off today. I had a nightmare about it. In my dream they were stuffed with dog hair! My dogs are shedding! Too much anxiety, lol. So all the dogs got brushed really really well and I am still not allowing bed time together. I took the bandages off and there was no hair. I am such a dork hehehe.... In fact everything is fine and looks good considering. I find it is much easier to stand upright now too. The other bandages must have been constricting me.

Cage decided to eat and eat and eat today. I am trying out new positions so he doesn't rub my wounds. So far we like laying down best, but it is still tricky for me. When I do sit up I use my nursing pillow wrapped in super soft 'fleece' material. I think I may leave the 'fleece' is so nice and soft.

Jake and I watched a Scooby Doo movie tonight complete with nutritional yeast laden pop corn. The pop corn was awesome and Jake liked the movie so it all worked out.

Right after the movies end I got a phone call from a concerned person. Seems she knows an animal hoarder. From the sounds of it she is an especially bad one. A year and a half ago there was only trails you could walk on thru the house, animal waste everywhere, maggots on the floor in filth, sick and dying cats, sick dogs...and now she is getting evicted from her rental and needs the animals placed! Geez, I wish it was that simple! So I gave the lady a run down on animal hoarder disease and she agreed that it fit the woman perfectly. I also explained (as it was told to me that many animals were severely sick and some had died) that the animals may be suffering with illness and needed immediate Vet evaluation...which costs money. She agreed with that too. We decided that she would get in contact with the woman's well-to-do family. She is also going to this woman's house with a friend of mine on Wed to do an official assessment. I should hear back from the family said tomorrow. I asked that they pay for the woman's on going pysch care (that I would help establish) and pay for the animals vet care. We will see what happens.

For breakfast today I had potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions all together with biscuits.

For lunch I had a deli slices sandwich with butter lettuce.

For dinner I had a mixer...some popcorn with nutritional yeast, some veggie broth, a banana, and a flavored frozen ice.

Sunday June 12

OW! I over did it yesterday. I was feeling good and moved around too much or moved the wrong way but I am paying for it today. I also decided I didn't need to take my pain medication in the night and that was a mistake too. You live and learn...

I am still having a hard time standing upright. Chris says I walk like a granny all hunched over :) I need help up and down. Oh my, is rather humorous. All this pain now is worth being able to eat again and not have any more gall attacks though.

Cage is doing well. He is sleeping a lot still, but I am sleeping a lot still, so it works out well. Actually with all the storms we are having here we are all sleeping a lot.

Jake just cant get over the pics of my gall bladder and the stones. He keeps asking to see them and goes "Oh WOW" Hehehe...its pretty cute.

For breakfast I had potatoes and onions, biscuits with jam, and breakfast links

For lunch I had lots of juice

For dinner I had a veggie wrap, potatoes, and a big pickle

Saturday June 11

Ugh...I still feel the effects of the anesthesia. I am coughing it up constantly (and it hurts to cough) and I am still woozy. I am pretty much in bed all the time, its the most comfortable.

I am eating off and on small bits. I cant believe I am on the same crappy diet for a month! Its worth it though in the long run.

I had potatoes (chunked up and heated up), applesauce, toast, a veggie burger, pretzels, and fruit in no particular order today.

Friday June 10th

Surgery Day!!!! I am so nervous!!! I didn't sleep at all last night!

When I got to the hospital they asked me to shower with a special was medicated and anti-everything. When I got out they started my IV giving me fluids and some stomach medicine (I forgot to mention that before I came I had to call and ask permission to take my gall medicine because I had such a horrible gall attack I couldn't see straight!). They said it would be any time and I would be going. So we waited. And waited. My scheduled surgery time passed. Chris, Jake, Cage, and I all fell asleep. Then we woke up. Four hours had past since my scheduled surgery time. Stressed out and angry I asked the nurse when it was going to happen and what had happened. She said there was a scheduling conflict and I should be going with in a couple hours. Well that was too much for me! I was so scared anyway I decided we were leaving. I said we could come back some day when they got there scheduling worked out. (Yes, I can be very dramatic) As I was on the phone with my mother the anesthesiologist came in and gave me a sedative. I asked what she had given me and she told me, but I don't remember now. Next thing I knew I was in the operating room asking for photos of my surgery. The nurse giggled and said sure. Then I woke up in recovery.

OW!!!!!! Waking up really hurt! The nurse told me to breathe, I told the nurse if I wasn't breathing I would be dead, she told me to be quiet and go to sleep, I told her I was in too much pain to do anything, then she pushed some pain relief in my IV and I was able to calm down a bit. I guess its silly of me, but I never expected that much pain! lol!

They let me go home after I ate something and held it down. They brought me chicken broth (not eating it), Jell-O (not eating it), coffee (it was not decaffeinated, not drinking it), and grape juice (ok, that's a good one). All this after I told them in detail about my diet! They said I needed to eat more so they took my order and went to the cafeteria for me. I got a veggie burger, a salad, fresh fruit, a bagel (plain), and raw veggies. Perfect! Now of course I didn't eat it all but I had a bit of everything (split it with Chris, Jake had went to my Mom's at this point) but it was enough. I went home! YAY!

When I finally got here it was 1am so there wasn't much to do but greet the animals and go to bed. It is so good to be home!!!

June 02

Rainy day. I like the way it sounds filtering thru the trees. Lots of muddy paws, lol.

We kept Jake home from school today. All in all it was a good day. At the last minute we decided to run to the health food store. I needed some soy pudding. They told me I could order a fact I can order anything I want in a case! I can see myself getting into trouble with this :) I want a case of pudding, a case of yogurt, a case of soycheese pizza, and the list goes on and on and on.

Saturday we are picking up the new dog. This will be exciting! I can't wait to meet her.

For breakfast I had some soy. Everyone else had oatmeal.

For lunch I had tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and onions on panini bread.

For dinner I had pot stickers vegan style. I have not had them in so many years. They were awesome! Also had some soy yogurt and pudding.

I also bought some strawberry soymilk today. It has pureed strawberries in it. I am impressed (add that to the case list)

While at the health food store one woman I usually see there said she found this site on line. She said she had no idea that we were so involved in animal rights and she was very impressed. I am happy for the feed back :) I guess I don't even think about being so involved anymore, its just my everyday thing. Granted, everything is slow for us right now with my upcoming surgery and the new baby but I expect things will pick up again soon. Chris told me I can't have a conversation with anyone without it ending up in animal welfare/rights in some way. For some reason people always bring it up and I am glad they do. I don't have much else to talk about :)


June 01

Oh what a day!  I had a Dr apt today for my post delivery and pre surgical check. Everything is fine.  I am having my tubes tied the same day that I am having my gall bladder out.  June 10th!!!

My Ob/Gyn said I am healthy (other than the pesky gall bladder) and the baby looks great.  He does look great...he is the cutest baby in the world:)

Jake had a field trip today to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.  It was supposed to be three hours of fun in the woods.  Chris and I picked Jake up from school and headed out there to meet his class.  When we arrived we were informed that Jake was not allowed to go on the field trip today because he didn't listen to the teacher and ran outside without telling anyone.  OK, I agree with loss of privileges for bad behavior however I do not agree with getting told about his behavior in front of the other parents (one who stayed behind just to listen...she left after a very dirty look from me) or the fact that someone could have told us BEFORE we drove all the way out there.  So tomorrow I am going to have a talk with his school...politely and ask what we can do to prevent this in the future.  We already feel like we don't fit in (I didn't get a Hummer or equally expensive vehicle for Christmas, I am the only parent covered with tattoos, I do not live in an estate, you get the drift) but a good education is so important for us to give Jake and Cage (soon).  We pay through the nose ($600/month) and it is worth every penny.  I was private schooled for a long time and would have done great things with it if not for the car wreck, amnesia, and running across the US following the Grateful Dead or similar bands (that had nothing to do with amnesia).  At least I know my ass from a hole in the ground :) 

So Jake had a bad night.  He was very upset about the events of the day.  I decided to go pick up dinner from one of my favorite restaurants.  Vegan spaghetti, freshly made bread, and lightly sautéed spinach....Oh it was heaven.  While in the restaurant Jake announced to everyone that I breast feed, milk comes out of my breasts, drinking milk from cows is wrong unless you are a baby cow, and he loves his brother.  I have to admit I blushed at the breast feeding comments.  The place is located on a golf course and has the most amazing food.  I always order something not on the menu and they go out of their way to accommodate me.  I had them cater my wedding :)

For breakfast I had a big glass of soy.
For lunch I had a grilled/caramelized onion sandwich (don't knock it till you try it)
For dinner I had spaghetti, spinach, and bread (oh man that was good)

Now I am going to go watch adult swim and relax.  Oh...I am taking in another dog soon.  She is a 7 month old pedigreed Mini Schnauzer.  My mother has been looking for over a year.  This must be a new trend...its raining pedigreed dogs!  I have to admit I can't wait to have a Schnauzer around again :)