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July 1st

My mothers husbands family is in town.  My Mom sprung family pictures on me with less than a week to plan!  Jake was going to go to my Moms to visit overnight but they were eating out and I know the place they are going is not vegan I said no. 
   Independence day is coming up and so is Jakes Birthday.  Going to be a busy weekend!
   We had a laid back day today.  We watched a movie on the Disney channel, played candyland, slept with the dogs.  Nothing to exciting:)  Need to conserve for the weekend.
   For breakfast we had oatmeal and toast.
   For lunch it was peanut butter and agave nectar, green beans, and tortilla chips
   For Dinner we had fruit salad (pineapple, grapes, apples, oranges, cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon) and veggie salad

Saturday July 2

Health Food store day!!!! Thank Dog, because we were running low. I stocked up on shampoo and conditioner for Chris (Natures Gate Tea Tree) and bar soap for the family (kiss my face). Not to mention all the yummy things I got to eat.
   I go to at least two health food stores. At the second one some new younger girls were working. I bought vegan marshmallows and one of the girls suggested vegan marshmallow fluff. Sounded great so I bought that too. As I was checking out the two girls were talking to each other. The one checking me out was whining because she didn't want to let the dog out. She had things to do and it would take to much of her time as she had plans to go out with friends. She decided she was going to skip the dog. I asked how long he had been alone. She replied since early that morning, it was her moms dog and she just didn't want to stay around for the extra time it took, she wanted to just go home instead. I told her it would mean the world to the dog to go outside and potty. The dog would appreciate it. She replied I know, but I have plans! Shouldn't you have thought about that before you committed to watching the dog? Well things come up. I told her you never know who is watching you, could be an animal rights activist, don't screw with the dog. She shut up. I was so mad. The health food store has always been a sanctuary for me, like minded people (at this particular one I often talk of AR issues, in fact I am asked to discuss them), products I can't find anywhere else, blah blah blah....ok I was mad.
   I was gone almost all day. It was a nice sunny day (except for the one incident)
   For breakfast we had cereal and toast
   For lunch we had tomato and roasted red pepper sandwiches, garlic breadsticks
   For dinner it was very veggie soup, grilled soy cheese, and fruit salad