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August 12

Wow, a long time has elapsed since my last blog entry. I have been so busy. We ended up with 30 cats from the animal hoarder. I can honestly say that was the worst smell I have ever encountered. The night they came, July 6, was Jakes Birthday. I felt horrible, but these cats needed to get to the vet ASAP. I had an appointment for 5:15pm. How was I going to swing it? I didn't want to shaft Jake, but at the same time I had made a commitment to these animals. Luckily Jakes party was so busy I was able to slip away for a little bit and take the cats to the Vets. Jake didn't even notice. He thought it was neat 30 cats got saved n his birthday, he considered it saved in his name:)

I have forgotten how hard it is to actively pursue rescue and animal welfare while having an infant. I had the cats at a foster home and was spending most of my waking hours there. Jake would come along and play with the fosters children (which was perfect) and Cage would get held by the foster so I could take care of the cats. I would stop hat I was doing and shower every few hours to feed him and spend some time with him and then back to work. I bathed 15 cats one day and 15 the next. They were so weak they didn't even fight me as I dunked them in warm water and loosened the mounds of poop off their hair. Fleas were everywhere. These cats were allowed to roam freely inside and out. The condition of them was critical. They didn't seem to mind that I was handling them all the time, or giving them medicine, frontline, etc. They were really well behaved. Then they started feeling better.

They were almost all feral. Some of the smallest kittens seemed as if they could go either way, but the adults were not happy with any human contact. They would run from me, hiss at me, and hide in the tiniest of places. I had a feeling this would happen. Feral cats are not indoor pets. This makes them not adoptable (if that were to be a choice). So I began looking at other options.

They are finally flea and parasite free. The brittle coats still have no shine, but hair is not falling off in your hands anymore. I am sad to say not everyone made it. Most did, and it was a tough call. They are still not friendly, but seem to be adjusting to not being allowed outdoors. My vet had to go out of town and I am waiting for his return. The toughest thing right now is litter box duty. With so many cats in one area litter boxes need to be changed hourly, at least. There is no more odor and their stools are normal.

I was told a farmer from down the road offered to take all of the cats. I said I had no problem with this as long as I could talk to him and his vet to make sure the cats would have proper vet care. This was no problem and the farmer passed the reference check with flying colors. I was ecstatic! This would be perfect! The farmer agreed to absorb the final vet bills (ouch) and what a perfect life these guys would have. Spayed/neutered and enjoying the feral life they were used to....without the disease, pregnancies, parasites, etc. He also agreed to feed them daily (he said he would do this anyway) and provide them with heat in the winter.

All the cats are gone! I am exhausted! I took one weekend and did nothing but sleep. Yes I had 30 cats to take care of, but I also had 6 dogs, 2 cats, and an iguana at home, not to mention children. I have had no time at all to do anything. My internet time was minimal...mainly talking to my rescue friends about the cats and getting advice as needed. Sleep and no more animals for awhile (yeah right).

Our little Daushund found his forever home in Detroit Michigan. He is with experienced Daushund people who think the world of him. We drove him half way (to Battle Creek) and cried when he left. We always cry. On the way back we stopped at a place called 'The Air Zoo'. I thought it sounded interesting and from the looks of the billboards it seemed to be educational. The Air Zoo was a flight museum. It was very awesome. There were hands on learning activities, rides (space stimulator, fighter pilot simulator, balloon rides, etc), a detailed history of flights involvement in war (very graphic, I was glad to see the bold and blunt photos and details displayed....making war seem like it really is, unglorified and brutal), and lots of planes. We had a blast! Got hungry and went to the Kitty Hawk Cafe (only eatery there) and lo and behold no vegan food. Premade salads with cheese (not happening) were the closest we got. We just went home.

Back to the 'no more rescue animals for awhile' thing. Chris got a puppy. We were shopping at a store about an hour from us (discount store, carries the most awesome animal supplies at dollar store prices) and there was a old man holding a puppy next to the door. I stopped and pet the dog and went inside. We were inside for a few hours, came out and the man was there still but the puppy was not. I didn't notice the puppy in the cardboard box in direct sunlight, but Chris did. We went to the car and I had to sit down and feed Cage. Chris said he was going to run in and get some water, he would be right back. 15 minutes passed and I thought there must have been a helluva line. He came back a little later with a big cardboard box. The side of the box said gazing ball and stand. Did you buy me a gazing ball? No. I took that mans puppy. He placed the box in the cold air of the car (it was in the 90's outside) and I saw a little white paw pop up. He said I couldn't leave him there, he would have died. He was right. This puppy was skin and bones, covered in his own waste, and dehydrated. I carry electrolytes in my car so we mixed them up with some water. Poor puppy cowered from us and shook. I noticed his little puppy teeth were brown, so brown that if he was an adult dog he would require extensive dental work. OK, lets get him home.

I gave him (now Bailey) a bath as soon as we got home. He had been outside a lot, he had plants all tangled in his hair. Full of fleas too. He cowered in the tub, then just laid down and wouldn't even lift his head. It took an hour in the tub and then I finally felt he was clean. His hair had been falling out in chunks. We gave him more hydrating fluids and some gentle dog food (we feed a meatless holistic food). He went outside and hid. We brought him inside and he hid. Late that night he crawled out from under the sofa and licked Chris's heel.

Bailey is doing well now. His coat is so improved! He will still hide from strangers, but he is very comfortable with us. I have caught him crawling up in August 12, 2005

Cages bouncy seat and napping with him:) Jake and Bailey play for hours, then they both collapse and take a nap.

So what have we eaten thru all this? Well with the cats to take care of I was on the road a bunch. So I would make things in bulk. 13 bean soup works well in a thermos for quick lunches, peanut butter and all fruit is always a great sandwich, cream of buckwheat cereal is great in a thermos as well (I always add raisins, apples, and agaves nectar). I did a lot of heat and eat vegan meals too. Red bean curry, tofu scramble pocket sandwich, black bean and tofu pocket sandwich, noodle bowls, (my favorite) Mathews veggie vegan burritos, cheeseless pizza, and of course there were times where we would eat out...vegan stir fry with home made tofu:) A few times we did grill Tofurkey Brats o the grill and veggie burgers too. I did make a few Tofurkey roasts (they go great on sandwiches the next day) and a few pots of red beans and brown rice. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies from organic local farmers (Jake and I bought two pounds of grape tomatoes and ate them all on the way home...we had to turn around and buy more!).

Needless to say I am tired. But I am fulfilled. I have two great children that are growing up to learn compassion toward animals.