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Sept 4

 I feel overwhelmed. For starters there is the crisis with Hurricane Katrina. People evacuating and leaving their pets behind. There are several relief groups for animals going down south and taking over which is great. However now rescuers (myself included) are faced with the tough decision on who to take in. There are many debates going on right now, local animals vs. hurricane victims. One rescue I know has decided to foster dogs that people cannot care for right now due to the hurricane. That is a good idea too. I have been flooded with so many emails to take in animals I can't even keep up. I have 5000 emails in one box and 300 in another, I have two more I have not even checked yet. This breaks my heart. It makes me angry. I know I can't save all of them but I sure wish I could. Right now I am at the point that I think I am going to scream if I open another email and see sad eyes staring at me.

Do I want to quit? All the time. Will I ever quit? Nope, never. Why do I want to quit? I can't save them all. Even if I take in fifty animals it will not dent the numbers of needed homes. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. There is no greater feeling than seeing a sick unwanted animal turn healthy and find the perfect home. The look that they get when they finally realize you are actually helping not hurting. The first time a scared abused animal decides to sleep with you in bed, all the while you know damn well the animal is too scared to even let you touch him/her yet, and they are reaching out to you. This job (job for lack of better terminology) is a roller coaster. I am on a down swing right now.

I feel I need to say one thing about the hurricane. Ok, several things. Chris says I am harsh but agrees it is true. I saw a video from the Hurricane that had people in desperation, dying, starving, ill, decaying, babies was horrible...these people kept saying "They are treating us like animals!" I have to comment on this. Animals should never be treated that way (human animals included). Maybe if we treated our animals better everyone would fare better? OK, I am done with that subject now.

The next topic I would like to discuss is people evacuating and leaving their animals. I hear of some people refusing to evacuate because they cannot take their animals. Good for them! If you are one of those people good for you! I also understand this is a long standing ethical debate (AR vs. anti-AR) so I will not go into to too much detail. There is a man on a hospital roof voluntarily taking care of peoples animals so the people can evacuate. I want to buy this man a beer (or several kegs) or if he doesn't drink many cups of tea. There is also an anesthesiologist euthanizing animals in a make shift gas chamber. I have heard that the bigger dogs fight the gas. The sadness roller coaster continues.

Abuse emails have been pouring in. There is a suspect Pit fighter in the next town over form me, can I check it out? There is a pet store owner selling sick puppies and neglecting them in the worse ways. There is a man who adopted two fluffy puppies from a rescue and they just got them back, horribly abused and neglected and unadoptable. There was a witness to some horrible abuse that took place at a vets office by kennel staff. There is not enough of Lesley to go around. I wish I got paid for this because then I could afford to hire an assistant which I desperately need. However if I do receive a cash donation it goes directly to the Vet.

I took in two new dogs. A Min Pin (miniature Pincher) who is young and full of life. I bet he weighs 6 pounds. Also a spaniel mix that hates Chris. He is a great dog but he is very protective of Cage, Jake, and myself. Chris can cough and this dog is on him. I see this type of behavior all the time. The dog was abused by a man probably for standing up for his (the dog's) family. Once again my heart is breaking. This behavior reminds me of Boomer, my canine angel.


Boomer is a whole other story good for another time.

Thank Dog I have a great family. I feel sad and Cage smiles...I get a burst of instant elation. Jake comes and puts his arms around me and tells me how much he loves me. My dogs lick my tears as I cry and cuddle up to me doing everything they can to make me happy. And I have Chris to hold me at night and assure me that things will change in the world, sometime they will change.

Cage is developing greatly! He can crawl, roll, scoot, you name it...he is mobile! I put him down one day and sat a ways away from him. I called him, he came. Happy tears are great to cry:) He is a handful though. He loves Jake. He is fascinated by him. Watches his every move. If Cage is crying Jake can stop the tears. Jake is a great older brother too.

Cage went to the doctor with me (he has another check up soon) and she had to check him out. He is perfect (well I already knew that). Good health, good growth, good color.

Oh sheesh in all my rantings did I forget to mention that my bank account information was compromised and all our money stolen? Not to mention all the overdraft fees?

I made a 33 bean and 7 vegetable soup the other day. I cooked it overnight in vegan bouillon and nutritional yeast broth. This soup was heaven. Jake enjoyed looking at all the colors of the beans, I enjoyed the taste. I made enough to feed a small army so we ate it for many days. I called it a welcome leftover, we looked forward to eating it again and again. I also made a Swiss onion soup (vegan gourmet mozzarella style cheese finely grated, two medium pungent white onions browned in vegan margarine, 'breakfast' peppered gravy, soy, left over mashed potatoes...sounds icky but oh man is it good, and very thick) that we were sad to see go. Tomatoes are in season so we have been eating more of those than I thought possible. Lots of leafy greens in salads. We have been eating a lot of veggie burgers (these are made from ground raw sunflower seeds, brown rice, carrots, and sea salt) too. Macaroni and Cheese has become the new house hold staple (throw that with a peanut butter and all fruit spread and some tomato slices and its a great easy lunch). I am trying to figure out a way to freeze and reheat it so Chris can have it whenever he wants:) I did make a few pizzas with lots of the vegan gourmet cheese (if you haven't tried this mozzarella style cheese you need too.) Lots of potatoes...baked, sautéed, boiled, mashed, you get the drift. I love the vegetable harvest time. I have a fridge full of organic farm fresh veggies and I love it.

Well I am off for the night. Cage is sleeping now and I think I am going to do the same. We were able to buy some very expensive paint (I have been looking at it for sooo long, wanting it) for $5 a gallon because it was 'mistinted' to the exact color I wanted, so tomorrow I am painting. I have been waiting for over a year to paint this houses pink walls a not pink color, tomorrow is my day:) Right now I need to crawl into bed while there is still a open spot among all the animals and husband. Cage still sleeps in my room and I find the cat at the foot of his crib sometimes. I love my family. And yes, the animals are my family too.