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Vegans Women Are Less Likely to Have Twins

I just heard on the radio (WBBM) that vegan women are less likely to have twins. I expected this to be a story on how a vegan diet isn't as good. But the news guy said doctors attribute it to the fact that they don't get the growth hormones in their diet, that "food" animals are given to make them grow faster or to produce more milk than is natural.

People ought to be alarmed if there is scientific proof that the hormones the cows are shot up with affect human reproduction. And I wonder if anyone will ever find a connection between growth hormones in our meat & milk to obesity or cancer -- or diabetes, for other chemical reasons I vaguely remember from Robert Cohen, the "Not Milk" guy. I did read somewhere that stomach acid should destroy the effects of the added growth hormones, in the case of meat. But since milk is a buffer, that might inhibit the stomach acid's ability, and allow the growth hormones to get into the system.

If true, I'd like some scientific entity to blow the lid off of Monsanto, who gave us other such things as DDT, Agent Orange, and genetically modified seeds, and many other dubious products, and has way too much clout over the food industry and more.

But this ought to be one good incentive to buy organic, for those who aren't vegan.