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Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you have a healthy and safe holiday. My dogs ( 16 now with the new rescue animals ) just love this recipe for dog biscuits. I hope you get a chance to try it. The yeast you have to get from your health food stores. These are actual pretty good. I got hungry and tried one myself!

Happy Holidays.

Linda Gentille

Vegan Dog Biscuit Recipe

  9 cups whole wheat flour
  1 cup nutritional yeast
  1 Tbsp. salt
  1 Tbsp. garlic powder

  Mix dry ingredients. Add approximately 3 cups water. Knead into a pliable dough.  Roll out to 1/8" thickness. Cut into desired shapes. Bake for 10-15 minutes at 350?F. (Important: After turning off oven, leave biscuits in the oven overnight or for an 8-hour period so they become hard and crunchy.) (reprinted from PETA's Companion Animals Factsheet #14)

Linda Gentille
Cape May, NJ