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Vegan World Networking Site  is a social networking site for vegans & vegetarians. It's a fun, "one-stop" resource for networking, recipes, health & environmental info, veg-celebs, blogs, articles, locating a veg-restaurant or store, fun contests and polls, and a whole lot more.

The site is still in beta testing, but be sure to check it out. even has a live chat room, so you can get together with lots of other people and chat in real time! And perhaps the best part is -- it is totally free to join.

Some of the features include: Detailed member profiles * Recipes * A locator of animal rescue groups, books, products, events, retail stores, restaurants, organizations & wellness providers * Articles * Blogs * Forums * Celebrities * Live Chat * Free Dating * Groups * Videos * Photos * Contests & Prizes * Free Classified Ads * Advice * Surveys * Seminars * Polls * Animal Adoptions -- and more!

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