Anti Dairy Coalition Endorsements

"I joined Robert Cohen as a board member of his newly formed ANTI-DAIRY Coalition. I strongly recommend that you get more information on the dangers of dairy products by reading Cohen's book.   Milk and dairy products weaken the bones and accelerate osteoporosis. Dairy products are clearly linked as a cause of osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity, cancer, allergies and diabetes. Dairy products are anything but 'health' foods."

Julian M. Whitaker MD     
Dr. Whitaker has a WEB site of his own!

"I've been a vegetarian for a long, long time but until recently wasn't aware of all the ways dairy products are unhealthy to the human body and damaging to the environment. It also bothers me that dairy cows are confined and over-milked and that approximately half of the calves born will become veal. This is why I refrain from consuming dairy products."

Linda Blair

"In 1936, one of the greatest lies of modern times was cast upon the American people -- that "everybody needs milk." The truth is nobody needs milk. Animal milk is completely indigestible for human beings.
      Remember, death begins in the intestines, and what you ingest determines the quality of your life."

Spice Williams-Crosby
Spice has an excellent WEB site of her own!

I have been a chronic sinusitis sufferer for many years. Eliminating milk and dairy from my diet has improved my condition ten fold. I was surprised at first to find out how many people are actually lactose intolerant. Now that I've realized and put the whole picture into perspective, it's obvious how difficult it is for the human body to digest dairy and how so many allergies are linked to milk consumption!
      Milk is liquid meat. And so, being vegan isn't a sacrifice, it's a pleasure!
Rikki Rockett