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As I understand "veganish" (someone who believes in the vegan ideal and strives to reach it, although being aware that perfection can not be attained), I am also "feminish" and "anti child-abusish". To logically prove I am in the latter two categories I need find only one pompous, self-righteous crier of feminism and a child-abuse advocate with whom I feel takes the definition too far, and I can properly claim the label.

It's ridiculously easy, as I'm sure we all know.

On the "feminism" side, I do not take offense if someone opens the door for me. I have been told by pompous, self-righteous feminists that this is hypocritical, it sends a bad message, and shows weakness. So, I am "feminish".

I am also an advocate of spanking children on occasion, primarily when I need them to recall safety issues and can't hope that dialog will reach them. I have been told by self-righteous mothers (usually with spoiled children) that this is child-abuse, and that there is never justification for spanking or raising one's voice. Count me as "anti child-abusish".

Fortunately most folks in the feminist movement, child behaviorists, and vegans aren't this pompous. But in the case of feminists, we know that the common criticism of them is that they don't have common sense as to where to draw the line. Jokes about the excesses, drawn from real-life stories, dominate the media, creating a negative stereo-type.

Veganism is in danger of being a joke to the masses for the same reason.

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