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No meat for me, please, I'm a strictly vegan cat

Mishu is a 7-year-old cat who isn't chowing down on fish or mice.

He's vegan.

His owner, Marco Pagliarulo, 41, stopped eating meat and fowl about 15 years ago. Nine years later, he added fish to his no-eat list. Eventually, he became vegan, cutting out all animal products, including eggs and milk.

So after adopting Mishu, in March 2010, Pagliarulo considered veganism for his feline friend, too.

"I don't want to kill other animals to feed Mishu when I can just allow all of them to live," says Pagliarulo.

While Pagliarulo's veterinarian was hesitant about the cat's new diet, Pagliarulo did his own research and found meatless options out there.

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