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Grimes Arrested for Helping Dying Dog, Doogie

2/22/08.Today Grimes was sentenced to 300 hours community service for a 'people organization', because 'people are dogs too'. She was also ordered to pay for the cost of the trial. This was justified by the judge because she said that Grimes chose to go to trial over ARD, therefore she should have to pay for it. Isn't it every person's right to go to trial? Does that right come with a price tag? Interestingly enough, according to Grimes' attorneys, this is not only NOT OFTEN done, but RARELY done. The costs were around $1700.

She was also ordered within 10 days to take everything Doogie related off of any site she 'has control or influence over'. We will be appealing most if not all of the sentencing asap.

The absolute worst part of it all was the way she was treated by both the DA and the judge. The saddest thing is that they actually seem to BELIEVE the horrible things they said about her. They seem to actually BELIEVE that the taking of Doogie was a publicity stunt by Grimes, so that she could be a 'hero'. That the Arnolds are 'victims' of her lies, and that 'the dog was just old'.

The DA said he was shocked this was her first offense, because her disrespect for the law and it's officials is like his worst hardened criminals. He also said that everything on the DDB site is a lie, twisted by Grimes to make people believe her. He was seriously ticked off that the Arnolds received Valentines and a brochure this Valentine's Day. Yet, at trial he insisted DDB should try to educate them, so which is it? Do you want them educated or not?

The judge said that Grimes was no Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr. That she has disgraced herself and her cause, as well as her supporters by her actions. That two wrongs don't make a right. (If she's admitting there were 'two wrongs', then why are the Arnolds still not being convicted of abuse?)

We are saddened by the state of affairs in Blair County, Pennsylvania. Saddened by the people 'in control', and saddened by the beliefs they put out into the world.

Pictures and video do not lie. If it were a he said/she said situation, we could understand how they would believe the Arnolds when they say the dog was just old. But with the abundance of evidence of neglect, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the behavior of both DA Richard Consiglio and Judge Elizabeth Doyle. Pictures and video DO NOT LIE.

2/19/08.Grimes is to be sentenced at the Blair County Courthouse this Friday, 22 February, at 11:00 a.m. Anyone who can go early with a sign protesting Grimes conviction for saving a life, please do. The Courthouse address is 423 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, PA 16648.

2/11/08.Grimes has created a video statement in which she requests jailtime for her actions in saving a dying dog. She will not pay a fine, for she will not support a system where animal cruelty is condoned, either through actions or inactions, on the part of those in power. See the video, below, or read her statement in it's entirety by clicking here.

download as flv file

2/01/08.Grimes has decided not to appeal. Sentencing is set for February 22, 2008, 9:00 A.M., Hollidaysburg courthouse, Hollidaysburg, PA. Love to see you there!

12/17/07.There remains much to be said about this case, but for now we're putting out this release, and also releasing additional photos previously withheld to protect both other people and locations. These photos are shown below.

Open Letter from Tammy Grimes, December 17, 2007

12/14/07.From Grimes, "I wanted you to hear it from me before you heard it from anyone else. Today at 5:00 p.m. EST I was convicted of theft and receiving stolen property in a Blair County, PA courtroom.

I'm sure I will have much more to say about this at a future date. For now I need a day or two to mourn and then begin to pick up my pieces and move on.

Please realize this is just a bump in my road, and I will not stop working for chained and penned dogs. I hope those of you who are on this list as supporters will stay with me...but I need you still believe in me and the work I've done to free dogs from lives of hell on the end of chains. To still believe in us and the differences we are beginning to make in the lives of chained dogs.

A very special thank you to the wonderful angels at Best Friends in Utah. They stood behind me, and I know they took flack for it. You are special people, and I am honored to know you.

For all the rest of you who gave your time and energy to help me in my case, my deepest gratitude. You touch my heart.

For you, Doogie. May you rest in peace, knowing you were loved and cared for. Tammy"

11/19/07. Grimes picked a jury today, according to public record of the Blair County Courthouse in Hollidaysburg, PA. Her trial is scheduled for

December 12, 13, 14 9:00 a.m.

Grimes and everyone involved in the case are currently under Gag Order from Judge Elizabeth Doyle.

While Grimes voice may be temporarily silenced, yours is not.

11/6/07. The case made the front page of the Mirror today, and while the reporter, Phil Ray, quoted everyone else accurately, he downplayed, not for the first time, the feelings and observations of both Grimes and Mrs. Eicher. Note the pullout from the article photo, above. Grimes thanked Mr. Ray at  for the article, but, also asked him to quote her accurately in the future. Here's what she wrote:

"To say that I took the dog because to me 'it appeared to be mistreated' is like saying the Titanic 'appeared to have a small leak'. It is my belief that EVERY dog who lives life on the end of a chain is mistreated. But I did not take the dog because he was chained.

I took the dog because he was dying and needed immediate assistance to prevent that from happening, and I have plenty of proof to back that up.

I really would appreciate if you didn't downplay my thoughts and feelings or the thoughts and feelings of Mrs. Eicher who had to watch the dog suffer for three days. Once again, if you'd like to see the video for yourself, here is a link. To me, this goes well beyond any kind of 'mistreatment'."
download as .flv file

Link to Doogie one month later:
download as .flv file

11/5/07. Grimes went to trial list review today, but she wasn't on the list, apparently because we just got the judge's decision on the motion hearings Friday, November 2, 2007. Most of the judge's (Elizabeth A. Doyle) decision is noncommittal, saying she will reserve the motion to preclude expert testimony and the motion to preclude defense videotape until time of trial.

She granted the motion to preclude the defense of justification. By way of disclaimer, she states that "Many Americans love dogs and lavish upon them material substance and tender loving care. A dog can be a wonderful pet and a great solace to people, especially in childhood and as a companion to senior citizens. Many people believe the sentiment expressed on a popular bumper sticker, "Dogs are people too." Judges are not immune to such feelings, but must set them aside to follow the law."

She then goes on to say that "Dogs are personal property....and so on and so forth...Therefore the only conclusion that can be drawn from analysis of the ordinary usage of the plain language of Section 503 is that the defense of justification is only available to a person seeking to avoid a harm or evil to himself or another person. Since a dog is not a person, and moreover, is personal property, by the plain language of the statute, the justification defense under Section 503 is not available to the Defendant."

She also states that Grimes did not meet other 'rescue etiquette', such as 1. Attempting to negotiate with the owner, (who was not home and thereby not available to negotiate with. Considering that the dog had already lain on the ground for three days, how much longer did the dog have to survive...this was the immediate and pressing question. When viewing the videotape, you can hear Grimes asking Mrs. Eicher if 'these people are home' was clearly her intention to talk to them if they were) 2. Offer to buy the dog from the owner (again, not home to make such an offer before death occurred) 3. Call the local authorities (Didn't Mrs. Eicher already DO that for three straight days? Wasn't Grimes her last hope to save the dog's life?)

So, apparently, if Grimes were operating as a 'proper rescue', by the time she did 1, 2, and 3 (which had already been done), the dog would have been dead for three weeks. Wow, gotta love that court of LAW!

10/29/07. We were in court today on the motion hearing for the DA to dump all our evidence...the judge is now reviewing the motions, and we'll get her answer soon. On the bright side, we had 14 supporters which almost filled our side of the small courtroom, thanks so much to all of you for coming out! A special thanks to two supporters who drove long distances to be there, Cheryl McGuire from Carlisle PA, and Beth Larsen from New York. You are sweethearts. Eight of us went to eat, talk, and laugh at The Dream afterward.

Here are a couple 'fun' comments by the DA: "She (Grimes) can work for chained dogs all she wants, nobody cares." (Guess that's why he got hundreds of phone calls about this case...)

"I don't hate dogs, I got five dogs, they all live in the house. My brother has a dog on a chain, I don't care about that."

Link to Altoona Mirror article, be sure to vote!

10/16/07.There is a motion hearing on the DAs efforts to bar our evidence from the courtroom Monday, October 29th at 9:00 A.M. We'd appreciate all the support you can give us by being there! The more, the scarier...let's not let them get away with taking away Tammy rights to defend herself. Make sure to get your gifts and attire making fun of our fine, Pennsyltucky law enforcement and DA, just out! Three new choices, the first one says "Only in Pennsyltucky: Save a Life=Go to Jail" (this is available in two versions), and the second new slogan "Only in Pennsyltucky: The Best Offense is to Bar All Defense".

But seriously...Please come Monday, we need your support!

9/11/2007.Not only is today a day we all remember for the horrible loss of life and security suffered as a nation in America, it is ironically the one year anniversary of Tammy's arrest for rescuing Doogie.

Read Tammy's One Year Anniversary Statement Here

The biggest news this week is that we had to switch attorneys, since our needs were not being met by the previous attorney. We've brought on the offices of Despoy and Robertson, who've come well-recommended locally. Of course, this means more time lost and more financial needs...if you're able to donate to offset the costs of attorney fees with a donation for our work, it would be much appreciated! (Note: if there is an excess donated for legal fees and it is not needed in that area, please understand that it will then revert to our general fund, and go !)

I want to help with financial support.

We can now accept donations over the phone using a major credit card at 1.877.636.1408.To donate by mail, send check or money order to P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684. Thank you!

If you're an animal rights attorney or paralegal and have any ideas or approaches to share with our current attorneys, please call Tammy at 814.941.7447, and she will set you up with a time to talk to them, or get you a fax number to fax any information. As we come down to the wire, any and all help is needed and gladly accepted!

Our first task is to defend against the DA's motion to eliminate 99% of our defense, and we had to postpone that hearing until we get the files from the last attorney. We are supposed to have trial list review and jury selection again September 24th and October 1st, respectively, but don't know if that will happen until we get the motion hearing out of the way.

9/3/07. The DA on Thursday sought to bar pretty much ALL our evidence from trial (see scanned article in full, below)... Doogie's video, most importantly, and vet testimony, next in importance. These two pieces of evidence are absolutely crucial to Grimes defense, and if they are barred there is not much point in even going to trail. Grimes has released a statement in response to the DA's actions, read the press release here, and her statement follows:

"Mr. Consiglio has stated that 'the Grimes case has nothing to do with canine rights.' On the contrary, this case has everything to do with Doogie's rights—his right to live free of abuse being already inherent in Pennsylvania anti-cruelty laws.

Whether you bar the evidence or not, the fact remains that laws were being broken for at least three days before I got there. Yet you've shown no interest in pursuing cruelty charges against the perpetrators.

It's a shame you choose not to uphold those laws, especially when the Michael Vick case clearly shows that most of America actually CARES about Man's Best Friend. I'm sorry the police force of East Freedom, Pennsylvania and District Attorney Richard Consiglio apparently do not.

My case not only has to do with the right of a dog not to be abused as per already-existing Pennsylvania laws, but also has to do with MY rights—my right to defend myself in a court of law being first and foremost.

If you take away my right to defend myself, which is what you are seeking to do, then let me go ahead and make it easy for you:

I T-O-O-K T-H-E D-O-G.
Throw me in jail.
I will not pay you a dime.

I have the right to defend my actions, and without evidence I have no defense.

This case has nothing to do with theft and everything to do with inadequacy. Inadequacy of enforcement, inadequacy of investigation, and inadequacy of prosecution.

In seeking to convict me, you actually seek instead to cover up your own inadequacies.

I will gladly go to jail for Doogie, and I would do so a thousand times over. I am not scared nor intimidated. Barring my evidence cannot stop it from being viewed by the public, which has happened over 50,000 times on YouTube, as well as on local and national news. You may seek to hide the truth, but the truth always finds its way out.

Doogie's truth is my truth, and HIS truth WILL set us BOTH free."

8/27/07. Grimes showed up for her jury selection, only to find out that the trial had been continued again. The DA requested another continuance, and was granted one by the judge, even though Grimes attorney objected. The paper newsletters that are just coming out state the trial is September 13th...please disregard that! We did warn everyone...seems nothing is as you think it will be when it comes to this trial. We will update again as soon as we know more. In the meantime, please continue to call the DA's office and tell them to stop postponing the hearing. They do so love to hear from our supporters!

8/6/07. Well, finally, it appears the Show has gotten On the Road! Grimes was at trial list review today, and the trial is tentatively set for September 13th. Since we don't have a confirm on that yet, don't make any concrete plans, but PLEASE, start checking into taking a day off around that time! We need EVERYONE to come to stand against this kind of flagrant disregard for the life of a helpless animal, and for those who step up to help.

6/25/07. Wrong Again! The trial was postponed due to 'new evidence' supposedly coming from the D.A. Grimes attorneys wanted a postponement to look it over. We've yet to hear if they've received the evidence, or what this evidence is...

6/18/07. Here we go again! Grimes is scheduled for Trial List Review on June 25, 2007, and then jury selection on July 16, 2007. We don't believe it will be postponed again, but then again, what do we know! If we do choose jury on July 16, the trial will then be in 2-3 weeks. Of course, as always, we'll want to hold a rally the day of the trial, and we'll need as many supporters as possible to come. That info will be widely distributed as soon as it becomes available. Let's pack that courtroom!

5/22/07. Yesterday we were scheduled for jury selection, but the DA asked for a continuance, saying that they needed more time to get evidence. The judge was not very happy about it...especially given the fact that the last judge told him he had only until 5 days before jury selection to have it all in. Seems the DA isn't following the judge's orders too well?...They were given 30 days to finish compiling evidence in the case. We doubt the case could/would possibly be continued anymore past this point, so next time we come up for jury selection will be the last, we believe.

]5/15/07. Grimes is scheduled to pick jury Monday, May 21st. If that is the case her trial will be held within two-three weeks. We will let everyone know asap if she chooses jury that day, and when the actual trial will then be. Ironically, a major of a town in Minnesota will also be back in court the same day, after letting his dog freeze to death in the February cold. Read the Op-Ed Every Life Matters by Tammy Grimes as she compares and contrasts her case with the mayor's.

5/4/07 We're thrilled to announce that the Altoona Mirror ran an editorial yesterday championing better laws for Man's Best Friend! The editorial was entitled "Activists must press lawmakers", and one paragraph states "While a court will decide this case, legislators should review the state's laws governing the treatment of man's best friend, including the one designating pets as personal property."

To thank them, send a letter to the editor at this link:

Pennsylvania currently has HB1065 in Judiciary Committee which would limit the amount of time a dog can spend chained. Please visit: for more information and for a link to all the state reps. We must continue to put pressure on our state for better laws for chained and penned dogs!

4/23/07 We lost the motion to dismiss hearing, and so now move forward—again—to a jury trial. Grimes is slated for a trial list review May 7, and jury selection May 21st.

We had 36 people come out to the rally, despite bad weather and a mid-week workday! We were thrilled with the turnout, and people came from as far away as Ohio, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, and the far reaches of Pennsylvania to support Tammy and what she did for Doogie.

Kim Eicher told her story which is very powerful, and we've posted some of it on You Tube, with others telling why they came out to support. Tammy also speaks out for the chained dogs and to offer encouragement for those of us fighting for these dogs on a daily basis.

download as .flv file

The rally began at 9:00 a.m., while the hearing, which was supposed to be at 10:30, was moved to 1:30. Although disappointing at first, this delay proved to be a wonderful opportunity for us to bond in spirit, for we all went to a local restaurant and sat down for lunch together. What a superb group of supporters we have at Dogs Deserve Better!

"I was exceedingly grateful to you all for coming, and I would name you all but I'm afraid I'd forget someone, which wouldn't be right. You know who you are. You made what would have been a hard day into a pleasant memory, something that is hard to imagine given the circumstances! Thank you from the bottom of my heart." —Tammy

I want to help with financial support.

< We can now accept donations over the phone using a major credit card at 1.877.636.1408<.To donate by mail, send check or money order to P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684. Thank you!

3/23/07.On 4/17/07 there is a pre-trial motion hearing to dismiss all charges at the Blair County Courthouse at 10:30 a.m. Can you come to a pre-trial rally at the Hollidaysburg Courthouse for Tammy Grimes at 9:00 a.m. April 17th? The pre-trial hearing is at 10:30, so let's be there at 9:00 a.m., sporting signs, listening to a few speakers, and in general showing support for Tammy and what she did for Doogie. We'll make sure we have new signs made from the new sayings and buttons for everyone that comes. If you can come in from out of town, please do! The more people we have standing together, the better for our cause and for justice. To see Altoona hotels and motels, visit the site.

We can get a room discount at the Motel 6 if we have more than 10 rooms booked. If you can come into town and want to be part of the room block at Motel 6, please let Tammy know by calling her at 877.636.1408 by April 11th so she can make arrangements. If we don't get 10 rooms reserved by then, we cannot block it.

The courthouse address is 423 Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648. Please keep in mind that although we have this hearing, it does not mean the charges will be dismissed. There is still the very real possibility that we are going to a jury trial. We NEED to raise our voices and BE HEARD! It is absolutely ridiculous that in Pennsylvania one can abuse a dog despite existing cruelty laws, allowing it to lay chained, unable to stand, and on the ground for three days and NOT pay a price for that abuse.

It is unconscionable what this case is teaching our children. We must continue to fight, not only for Doogie, but for all future dogs in Pennsylvania and around the U.S. And for our children's future who may have to make the same choices Tammy has made; choices which no one should have to make.

3/10/07.Lori Arnold allegedly called the vet three times 3/6/07 after hours telling them she wanted to pick up Doogie. Each time she was told they were closed, and they would have to pick him up the next day. Steve Arnold picked him up the next morning. With the ground frozen it would be very difficult to bury him...we would truly like to know what they did with the poor guy's body.

3/6/07. Word was that the DA instructed the vet who'd done the autopsy to release Doogie to the Arnold's. They were supposed to pick him up at 10:00 a.m. today, and as of 4:00 p.m. had not shown up for him. We'd like to suggest they spend $100 to get him cremated (we'd be more than happy to pay for his cremation) least he could be in the house after death....

In today's Altoona Mirror the DA kindly suggested we work to educate the Arnolds. Well, we may have succeeded in just the tiniest fraction...sources say the white dog has now 'graduated' to a pen. And it sounds a bit larger than normal. However, dogs need love, proper care, and VET TREATMENT when they are sick. In fact, the vet treatment part is required by LAW...even Pennsylvania law. We hear on occasion it may be enforced.

3/3/07. Doogie died Thursday morning, March 1st, at the home of his foster mother. He died peacefully, waiting for her to leave the room before passing, as many dogs (and humans) do.

He had been struggling with up and down health through December, until his foster mom found a medication that seemed to give him relief from pain; he then flourished, turning into a loving family member. She wrote: "It’s with great sadness in my heart that I tell you Doogie passed away yesterday morning (March 1st) around 9:10 am.

Doogie had surpassed all goals I had set for us both. He learned how to smile, love, kiss, hug, wag his tail, trot (yes! literally trot!) up to me and check me with his hip in an attempt to play. He gently took food from me and never complained about anything we had to do to help him.

I thank you, Tammy, for letting me have time with him. He was an amazing little old man and sadly, the way he lived, no one enjoyed his comedy; a life spent chained had done a number on his mind. I have had much training; I studied animal behavior, first aid, and thank God I live in a place where cruelty charges would have been given and upheld on the owners of Doogie for the condition I saw him in—and that was after a month of care.

I want to thank everyone for the presents Doogie received and all the well wishes. Please know he went very peacefully and on his own, he chose his time and was not in any noticeable pain. I hugged him and told him all the amazing stories about the bridge, about how people who have hurt him will suffer in the end, and about Tammy’s amazing love in refusing to give him back to an immediate death. He had almost 5 months with me, during which time we both learned so much about love."

Doogie's body was returned to Altoona, Pennsylvania, where an autopsy is being performed, and where it has been confirmed by the vet to be the same dog examined September 11, 2006.

2/28/07. We did not do jury selection on Monday, the caseload is so backed up we would not have gotten to pick a jury. Tammy's lawyer has been petitioning the court to have the case dismissed for various reasons, but so far we have not succeeded. No news yet as to when everything will take place, as soon as we know we will post it. Doogie is doing ok right now...

2/3/07. Doogie is still hanging in there, having good days and bad days. Please keep him in your thoughts. While we're amazed he has lived this long, this proves what a little caring, medication, proper diet, and loving kindness can do for an animal who has lost hope and the will to live.

Monday, Feb. 5, is a Trail List Review at 8:30 a.m. Jury selection is scheduled for February 26, 2007 at 8:00 a.m. We still do not have actual hearing date scheduled, but will let everyone know asap, as we are planning a HUGE rally for the night before or the day of the trial. We really need everyone to come out to support us! Remember you are not only supporting Tammy for saving Doogie, but supporting every dog who is left to die on the end of a chain. Doogie MATTERS! They all MATTER. We have to show them that simply saying he is property for them to do with as they want doesn't cut it in 21st Century America. A life is a life, and those who cruelly torture a life by leaving it to die on the end of a chain for 3 days MUST be held accountable for those actions.

We also must stand against the lack of enforcement for basic cruelty laws, not only in Pennsylvania but nationwide. Please stand with us.

12/4/06.We sent out the e-news at noon Sunday, and asked for your prayers and thoughts for Doogie, as we were informed he had taken quite a turn for the worse. Well, it is working! By 7:00 p.m. he was up and moving again. We believe that everyone sent up whatever works for them...thoughts, prayers, energy...but it is working, so keep it up! Here is the message we received: "He is the come back kid. He is walking with big confident steps. I told him this am that I loved him and I thought his time was up. I didn't want him to have this pain and that we would always love him. I came home and checked on him and he BARRELED through the door and demanded out immediately." Please, keep it up for him.

11/27/06.Today was the pretrial conference in the jury room of the Blair County Courthouse. There were no further deals offered or made, and so we informed the judges that we would be continuing on to a jury trial. Mr. Dickey's office will file a motion to dismiss all charges this week.

Tammy will be meeting with Mr. Dickey within the next week to figure out future moves.

We are currently set up for a further pretrial conference on February 5th at 8:30 a.m. This is the final pretrial activity before we move onto jury selection and go to trial.

There have been an unheard of number of letters to the editor published in the Altoona Mirror. 12 at last count, only three of which were negative. We have a TON of support here!

We would like everyone to continue to write letters to the editor of the Altoona Mirror at Keep them short and snappy if possible. Also, copy and paste your letter to the editor to these following national media outlets, making sure to put the DDB website and phone number in there too:
USA Today
The New York Times
LA Times
ABC News
NBC News
CBS News
Fox News
Dr. Phil
Washington Post
Washington Times
Any others you can find, including other talk shows, radio shows, and magazines that you know of would be great, and keep sending...we CAN raise national awareness of the lack of enforcement and dog chaining problems in our country!

We also NEED to have a TON of people attend the hearing! We would like to hold a rally at the next pretrial conference, however it is very early in the morning...if you have a great idea how to really raise local support, please e-mail us at  and let us know.

How about a large group marching in a holiday parade in Altoona or Holllidaysburg? Worked for the suffragists!

10/25/06.The D.A. offered this deal to Mr. Dickey, Tammy's attorney: Give the dog back and we'll let her go with just ARD. (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition). We said, "No Way!" Please write the D.A. and ask him what Tammy needs to be rehabilitated from? Caring? Standing up when no one else will? Putting the value of a life, any life, before fear and 'property'?

Meanwhile, in nearby Cambria County, Pennsylvania, 8 boys stole and cruelly slaughtered 2 lambs from a local farmer. According to the Altoona Mirror, one local said. “This was boys being boys, and they made a mistake.”

State police said the farmer initially reported the livestock stolen, then settled the matter with the boys and their parents, accepting $500 in restitution.

The Cambria County District Attorney’s office turned the matter over to the state Attorney General’s Office to decide if criminal charges are warranted."

IF criminal charges are warranted? So, apparently in Pennsylvania, it's ok to steal lambs to torture and slay them, but not OK to get a dog the emergency medical help it needed when it's supposed caretakers left it to die on the ground for three days?

Latest news, we do NOT have a definitive court date set yet for when supporters need to come out. We will post far and wide as soon as we do. The next activity is set for November 27th, however that is something either the lawyer or the lawyers and Tammy need only be present for.

We are sending a letter to the D.A. once again, in writing, requesting him to pursue charges against the Arnolds.

Kathleen Slagle, the area rep accused of harassment to a Houtzdale couple for sending them two letters, had her charges all but dismissed outright on Monday, October 23. The magistrate is continuing the case for 60 days, at which time the charges will be dismissed.

10/18/06.October 18th Tammy went to see Doogie to see how his health was. He was doing excellently for his age and physical challenges! He is receiving great care, love, home cooked food, and kindness. These are the two latest pictures of him, please click below to see the videos.

Doogie eating, forgetting for a moment that he is camera-shy.
download as .flv file
Doogie walking in the yard.
download as .flv file

10/16/06.Get your National Enquirer this weekend, the Doogie/Tammy story is in this edition, the 10/30 edition.

10/8/06.The Altoona Mirror has run at least 6 positive letters to the editor in the past week! Thanks to everyone who chipped in to make this happen, and thanks to them for running some of your many, many letters, finally.

We got new, very brief video footage of Doogie walking, quite spry, today. Word is he is doing better and responding to his new medication. download as .flv file

9/28/06.Continue to write the D.A. and ask why he refuses to even look at charges against the Arnolds? Isn't this America, shouldn't all potential charges be examined? We have video, photos, at least 2 eyewitnesses to the abuse, and a veterinarian statement. How much more does he need?

Calling/writing the D.A.s office at:
Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio, Esq.: 814.693.3010
423 Allegheny St. Suite 421, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

To e-mail:

9/25/06.Tammy Grimes is a Finalist in the Animal Planet Hero of the Year Contest! If you believe her actions and the work she has put into Dogs Deserve Better to improve lives for chained/penned dogs is worth your vote, please choose her at

9/24/06. Make sure to watch Inside Edition for an update Monday, September 25, check the times near you. They are telling me they are getting a ton of e-mail response to our stories, and have promised to actually MENTION Dogs Deserve Better this time (which they haven't done in the past)! Write them at with positive or negative comments on this story.

The Altoona Mirror ran a photo of Doogie provided by the Arnolds (on his chain, of course) on Sunday, September 24. This is after they have told everyone who asks them that they do not run any photos that they do not take themselves, because someone could be doctoring it. Apparently this is NOT true, they just won't run the photos we've provided of him suffering! They also have not run ONE positive letter to the editor, despite receiving thousands of them. Please continue to write them and insist on fair editorial practices at .

PA state reps Geist and Stern say they have not heard from their constituents on this issue. If you are in the Blair County PA area and are in their district, please start calling, writing, e-mailing them asap. We need them to understand HOW MUCH we need things to change here, and that we expect them to support HB1911and stand up for dogs who are left to die on the end of a chain.

Hon. Richard Allen Geist
The Gables Building Suite 104
1331 Twelfth Ave.
Altoona, PA 16601
(814) 946-7218
Fax: (814) 949-7915
Main Capitol Building, Room 144
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2020
(717) 787-6419
Fax: (717) 772-5142

Hon. Jerry A. Stern
324 Allegheny Street
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
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9/23/06.We know many of you are waiting for an update on the court case! Best Friends is actually doing a better job of keeping this up to date than we are, please visit their network for updates as well at

The rally was amazing on Thursday. Tammy's attorney advised her not to speak, so many others spoke on her behalf. Approximately 75 people attended from all areas of PA, Utah, Canada, Maryland, Ohio, New York and Delaware, most bringing great signage and t-shirts. We handed out pins for everyone to wear. The rally was organized by Best Friends, and we cannot say enough good about the way they have stepped up to help. Our gratitude goes out to all of you and most especially Best Friends.
40 or so people went on to the district court, filled the courtroom, with 30 or so people overflowing to the parking lot, where they waited for 4 hours to see the results and be there when we came out. Talk about dedication! They were amazing.
Attorney's Dickey and Childers were incredible, and fought the good fight to get all four charges dismissed outright. We were able to get rid of the criminal trespass and criminal mischief, and still must go to court on November 27for theft and receiving stolen property. Your support will be CRUCIAL for these dates, so save the date and please SHOW UP! It's so important.

Video footage showing Patricia Haddock, volunteer with Best Friends, as she opens the rally.
download as .flv file

And then Kim Eicher, the neighbor who called us for help for Doogie, speaks, and is cheered by the crowd. download as .flv file
Tammy's father, Jerry Sneath, gave the invocation for the rally, and voiced his support of Tammy, saying he knows abuse when he sees it, and this was clearly abuse. (This was the only time all day Tammy cried, thank you for standing with me, Dad, it means a lot!)

9/19/06.We brought on Attorneys Thomas Dickey and Leslie Childers of Altoona to work with Courtney Bartholemew at the Preliminary Hearing on Thursday. We received the below footage of Doogie, eight days later. Shows what a little vet care, love, food, water, and a good bath will do for a dog! Pick the person who was rudest to you and call them again...would be a hard choice, but we've heard TV10 is leading the votes!

download as .flv file

9/18/06.Thanks to everyone at Awareness Day and Woofstock for their support! The Altoona Mirror Saturday ran a headline that states 'Vet Confirms Dog Was Abused!' Finally! I spoke to a lot of legal experts plus two great humane officers who said they would absolutely prosecute the Arnolds for abuse given all the evidence. Our Action Call is therefore to keep up the pressure on the humane officer to get the cruelty investigation rolling.

Central Pennsylvania Humane Society: 814.942.5402;

Humane Officer Paul Gotshall: 814.942.3780

Start Calling/writing the D.A.s office at:
Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio, Esq.: 814.693.3010
423 Allegheny St. Suite 421, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

To e-mail:

I want to thank everyone for their e-mails and donations to our cause. I have over 1000 e-mails right now, I try to answer them all, but if you don't get a response, please know how grateful I am for your support!—Tammy

9/15/06.I will be out of town all weekend in Harrisburg, speaking at Awareness Dayand then Woofstock. Our new action alert is to send letters to the editor of the Altoona Mirror at

Mail: Altoona Mirror Letters
P.O. Box 2008
Altoona, PA 16603
Fax: (814) 946-7540

Start Calling/writing the D.A.s office at:
Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio, Esq.: 814.693.3010
423 Allegheny St. Suite 421, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Ask him to drop all charges against Grimes, and file charges for cruelty against the Arnolds based on video, photos, eye witness accounts, and veterinary witness.

9/14/06.Inside Edition is coming today to film. We will post asap when it is to air. We've put Doogie Attire and Pins on the cafepress store, see the side panel. We've ordered 200 buttons for the demonstration planned with Best Friends Thursday, September 21 in Hollidaysburg, PA. Please be there to support Doogie and Grimes! The art is also linked here in jpeg format. You can use it to make signs or iron on transfers for t-shirts (probably need the flipped version for this.)
I did a hostile interview with WRTA Talk Radio in Altoona today. The Inside Edition interview is done, he is also interviewing the other parties. No word on air date yet. Did an Animal Radio interview, thank you Hal and Judy! Mark from the Mirror did a longer interview today, they seem ready to show more of our side. Your calls are working! They still are not running a photo of Doogie, saying they have to take it themselves. I have a hard time believing that. Keep up the great work!

Please continue to get the video to national talk shows and media.

The rally with Best Friends is set for 11:00 a.m. Thursday, September 21, at the courthouses at 423 Allegheny St. in Hollidaysburg, PA. We need all your support! Please come and bring signs of support for Tammy and Doogie.

9/13/06.We made front page of the Mirror yesterday. Were interviewed by WTAJ and WJAC. WTAJ and the Mirror are still biased toward the abusers. Kim Eicher, the neighbor who witnessed the abuse, tried to tell WTAJ her story. They refused to take it! She immediately went to WJAC, and they filmed her on the spot.

Action Alert: Call the Mirror at 814.946.7535, tell them their story is biased, and they need to show Doogie's photo, as well as interview Kim Eicher.

Call WTAJ and tell them it is unacceptable that they refused to interview Kim Eicher. They must give her story equal time. 814.944.1414

Doogie is safe, warm, loved, being treated,
and doing as well as can be expected.

Tammy Grimes, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, was arrested September 11, 2006 for helping a dying chained dog named Doogie who could not stand in East Freedom, Pennsylvania. Below are the details of the case, with photo and video documentation.

Tammy's statement: "I made a hard decision; I could not have lived with myself or looked myself in the eye if I were such a coward as to leave Doogie lying there dying on the ground for fear of what would happen to me. I see this case as a travesty against justice...the true perpetrators of a crime are the people who left Doogie to lie there dying for three days without doing right by him. I am very saddened that we live in a society where people have to be afraid to do the right thing, to help those in need, whether that need be human or animal. Arrests such as mine are a pitiful statement for America, and I ask all dog lovers to stand with me to insist that all charges against me are dropped and charges of animal cruelty are instead placed against the Arnolds of East Freedom, PA. The Arnolds who left Doogie to die. This video truly speaks for itself, and for Doogie. I did what was morally right; I stand by my decision to help him and will be proud of it until my dying day. No one can take that from me."

Here is the background info:

We got a call from Kim Eicher in East Freedom 9/11/06, crying because Doogie hadn't gotten up since Saturday. She had been calling the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society since Saturday to no avail. We told her we aren't law officers, and she needed to call the Humane Officer. We told her to make sure she left a message, very clearly, about the problem. Then we got another call about the same dog, from another person who passes him every day. At that point we called Kim back to see if she'd heard from the Humane Officer. She had not, was very, very upset and we were very worried about him, so we promised her we'd go out and see what we could do.

When we arrived, we took photos and video of Doogie. We initially thought he was dead, as he was not moving and his back was to us. We found out that the people were not home to talk to about him, so I made the decision that I would not leave him lying there on the cold wet ground for one moment longer, and I would accept all consequences of my decision.

Kim Eicher has agreed to testify as to the animal cruelty perpetrated against Doogie. She cried the whole time we were there, you can hear her on the video.
I think once you see the video and pictures, you'll understand why I made this decision.

The vet documented his general negligent condition, low weight, sores, missing fur, and took xrays of his back and hips. He determined that he has very bad back spurs that are causing him a lot of pain and are most likely responsible for his inability to walk. He also saw an undetermined mass near his hip on the xray. He gave him a shot for pain plus some B vitamins for energy, so that perhaps he could have even one good day or a few good hours. He wrote a letter stating his condition.

As we got to the vet, the CPHS Humane Officer Gotshall was just leaving, and he stopped us. He was about to go out to the residence. When he found out we had Doogie with us, he was not happy. I volunteered to take Doogie back and he could pick him up instead. He refused that, and stated that I should get him the vet care he needed, and to call him afterward on his cell.

When I later called him, he did not answer, I left a message asking him what he wanted me to do with Doogie, he never called back.

Shortly after we got Doogie to my home, situated, bathed—had to, the stench was too bad—and fed and watered an Officer Flaig called from the Freedom Township Police Department (Freedom, isn't that ironic?). He wanted me to return Doogie, which I refused to do. I explained that I had video and photos documenting the animal cruelty, and the neighbor was willing to testify; why didn't he pursue that as they were the perpetrators of the crime, and should be charged? He refused, and was not interested in seeing my evidence.

He and three other police vehicles arrived at my home at approximately 9:30 p.m. As I refused to hand Doogie over to be returned to death on a chain, and would not tell them where he was, I was taken into custody, transported to the East Freedom police office, and charged with theft, receiving stolen property, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass. I was released on $50,000 unsecured bond and ordered to appear at a preliminary hearing September 21, 2006.

I was treated like a common criminal, especially by Chief Reilly, who called me a 'freakin' idiot', 'incompetent', and I overheard him telling Officer Flaig that if I ever came near his dog I would have a slug in my a**. Again, there was no interest in any evidence that the dog had been abused or criminally neglected. As far as they were concerned, the dog's safety or condition was not even an issue.

I was released after seeing Judge Aigner, where Chief Reilly asked that I be not given bail but incarcerated for my failure to cooperate. It was 2:00 a.m., and I had no ride home, over 30 miles away. I had to walk to a local all-night store to call and get a cab, because there was no concern over how I would get home. Their attempt to dehumanize me didn't work. I held my head high and still do. I looked Chief Reilly square in the eye at every opportunity. I will not be broken.

Here's what I need from you all. View the videos and photos. I think you'll agree with me that this is NOT acceptable in ANY way in any kind of civilized society. We cannot allow this kind of animal abuse. Period. Not ifs, ands, or buts. Insist that all charges against Tammy Grimes are dropped and animal cruelty charges are instead filed against the Arnolds of East Freedom, Pennsylvania. Pass along the photos and the video, or a link to it, as much as you possibly can.

Doogie laying on the ground, neighbor crying in background:
download as .flv file

Doogie after vet at Grimes house:
download as .flv file


I could never look myself in the eye again, much less sleep at night, had I left Doogie there dying, shivering in the dirt.

Please, contact ALL media with these photos and videos. Get justice, for Doogie and for me. Do NOT allow this treatment of those who are here to help, and who actually care. Call the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society and tell them you expect them to stand with me against this kind of abuse, and that you expect them to return phone calls for dying dogs the same day.

Officer Flaig: Cell 814.201.0149 (Apparently cancelled cell phone)

Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio, Esq.: 814.693.3010

Freedom Township Police Headquarters: 814.695.8545

Central Pennsylvania Humane Society: 814.942.5402;

Humane Officer Paul Gotshall: 814.942.3780

Altoona Mirror: 800.287.4480; ;

WTAJ-TV10: 814.944.1414
WJAC-TV 6: 814.255.7600

All national media! Make sure to send them links to the video, it's very compelling. Don't stop until there is Justice for Doogie and me! Any help with legal fees to get a competent attorney would be much appreciated.

Tammy S. Grimes

We can now accept donations over the phone using a major credit card at 1.877.636.1408.

If you prefer to donate by mail, send check or money order to P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684.
Thank you!

Supporter letters

The Backyard Hell

As I lay dying in a pool of dirt and mud
I felt a hand touch my matted fur
My old eyes looked up and saw
An angel with sad eyes staring down at me

The hands stroked my fur and the unfamiliar
touch puzzled, yet comforted me
Can it be that I have already died,
Released from the never-ending agony
of chains, neglect, bones grating cold ground?

Yes, my rescuer has picked me up from this backyard hell
And bathed my skinny, dirty, bony body
Released me from the heavy chains and the fleas
whose bites I long ago became accustomed to

I have little time left
But in a dog's world, a hint of kindness,
a soft touch, a kind word and a warm blanket
overshadow the years of suffering when no one cared
Can you see the love and gratitude in my eyes?

As I lay dying, I looked up
and saw kind eyes looking back at me
An angel rescued me from backyard hell
And paved my way to eternity.

For Tammy
Who gives me the strength and courage to rise above my own fears and limitations—Patti Ragsdale

Thank God for angels like Tammy Grimes.   
That the Arnolds planned on euthanizing their dog is NO EXCUSE for him lying on the ground for THREE days without intervention.  Clearly they were unconcerned about the relentless pain their poor dog was enduring.  That the Humane Society also did not intervene for that 3 day period, in spite of calls to their office and regardless of some other “high priority” case to which they were attending, should be an equal embarrassment to the citizens in your town and county. 
Thanks to Tammy Grimes’ courage and the credibility she enjoys nationwide and even internationally among influential animal advocates, the breadth of this entire debacle will not go quietly away.  The world is watching to see how your community handles this.  We are hoping that it will be with compassion for the animal so that he is not returned to the hell in which he was living, empathy for the neighbor who called Tammy in earnest to help when the humane society failed, and exoneration for Tammy who did what any civilized human being would under the circumstances.
You should be thankful for a powerful voice for the animals such as Tammy Grimes in your midst, prosecute the Arnolds for the abuse that is inarguably evident in the photos and videos, and encourage animal service providers in your area to embrace Tammy as a trainer such that in the future they would be better prepared to intervene!
Debra Griggs

Well done Tammy for your correct actions to stop this poor dog's suffering.

I thought things in Ireland were bad, but there is no way that you would have been arrested here for saving an animal.

Your country is so fecked up with political correctness it is in danger of disappearing up its own ass, and your legal system is a bad joke.

I hope you are rewarded for your action, as I would have done exactly the same thing.

Yours sincerely Alison Herbert

I can hardly see to type through my tears.  It breaks my heart every time I read it.  Thanks god there are people like you willing to stand up for what is right! 

Thank you, Mara Fisher

I appreciate everyone's opinions and thankfully we live in a country where everyone is entitled to such. I think we, advocates against animal abuse, in order to remain passionate and effect change, have come to acknowledge we have a large stack of opposition. Be it laws, ignorance or a combination of both. To be truly passionate and to cause change, we must not back down from our beliefs just because there are those that stand against us. If everyone did that, we would not have Civil Rights laws, Political parties, etc. People rebelled against what politics and the judicial system deemed "right" because we live in a nation where revolution (in the lighter sense) is not only accepted but expected. Boldly stated, to effect change, we have to be prepared to see the worst before it gets better. Laws will not change until we prove they are unjust and sometimes that means being "unjust" in the process. I respect anyone with the courage to step down, but I respect more, those that refuse to back down. Much love to DDB!

Jennifer Reiman

I sent this on to several of the national news programs, hoping that it may receive well-deserved air time. I am so sorry for all that you are going through but so proud of you for standing up for Doogie and against those rotten "owners." This may end up to be the best thing that could have happened in the long run, because I think it will force a LOT more people to open their eyes. Thanks for doing what is right, Tammy!! I applaud you and your convictions.
Blessings, Joni Peters

First of all, I can't believe you were arrested and the Arnold's were not. Just so you know, I would have done the same thing no matter what the legal ramifications were. And although the legal issues will be a pain in the butt to resolve - you pleased the only Judge that really matters - GOD. I have order pamphlets and posters from you and I keep your pamplets out at the law firm where I work. Several people have seen them and I encourage them to take them and share the information. I gave one to a woman I met on the street the other day. So you are making a difference.

I will write a letter to the judges (I got their info from your website) on your behalf and demand that the Arnolds be charged with animal abuse. I watched the video and the more the neighbor cried, the angrier I got. Poor Doogie. I have sent the video to several people already and will tell whoever will listen about it. I'm way down in Miami, Florida but I've got your back. And boy, am I pissed!

My best to you, Carol Ann Moore

This story about Doogie makes me physically ill!  I cannot believe that someone who was helping would get arrested while the abuser goes free.  Please tell me that Doogie is not back at his old "home".  I think Animal Abuse is one of the worst acts someone can do.  Please let me know who I can right or what I can do to help.  I want to commend you for what you did regardless of the consequences I wish that there were more like you out there.

Sarah Dashofy

You called this poor little neglected creature Doogie and it has hit a heart string for me because that is what I named my old beagle that I rescue three years ago. He is an inspiration to me and he will pass away one day know that he was truly loved.
God bless you Tammy, you are truly an angel and Doogie is so lucky that you came his way. Please keep me informed as to how he is doing. Animals should never have to suffer and a human being should never be arrested for doing what you did, after all it the right thing to do.
Take Care and God Bless
Keep up the fight for chained dogs.
Wendy Clarke

I just want to send my words of support for doing what is RIGHT --
regardless of the consequences. Perhaps if enough of us would take a stand
like you did, animals would get better treatment and the people who abuse
them and neglect them would be the ones behind bars, NOT the people who are
trying to help them. You are a hero to everyone in the rescue community!

Faith's Hope
Philadelphia, PA

*At the End of the Line*

At the end of the line,
It's a lonely place,
Why even have me if this is the case?

At the end of the line,
There can be no joy
A pile of rocks for my only toy.

At the end of the line,
No pat on the head
A bowl full of food, if I'm lucky, instead.

At the end of the line,
No people to greet,
Although I'd be friendly to all that I'd meet.

At the end of the line,
A cold hard wet floor,
If I were inside, I could guard your door.

At the end of the line,
I just wonder why,
Is this really the way that you chose me to die?

~Lisa Stocks 9/13/2006


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