Parrots, similar birds not perfect pet for everyone

Before you run to the pet store or a breeder's facility, understand that parrots and similar birds are not for everyone.

Many of the pets at the Parrots-R-4Ever Avian Rescue and Sanctuary in Huntsville are pets people could not properly care for and had to relinquish.

In order to adopt, you must apply and interview. The adoption process is slow and meticulous. Below are the general requirements:

� You must be at least 18 years of age.

� You must adopt the bird as your own personal companion pet. Adoption on behalf of someone else or as a gift is not permitted.

� You must live within three hours driving time from Huntsville, Ala., (as determined by Map quest).

� You must not have purchased, adopted or otherwise acquired another bird within the last six months.

� You must have the financial means to properly support the adopted bird. If you are unemployed, we may ask for proof of your ability to do so.

� You must be a homeowner or have been in your current rental arrangement a minimum of two years. If you rent, we may require a letter from your landlord acknowledging that he or she is aware of your intent to acquire a parrot and that it is permissible for you to maintain it in your rented residence.

� If you have ever been convicted at any time or any place of charges relating to animal cruelty, abuse or neglect, you are not eligible to adopt from us.

For pictures and details about birds currently available or for questions about adoption, contact PARS at  or write to: Parrots-R-4Ever Avian Rescue, Attn: Jennifer Schade, 6275 University Drive, Suite 37-373, Huntsville, Ala., 35806.

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