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Breakfast: Eggs, Pancakes, Waffles

Birdie Breakfast Comfort Food.

Posted by: Linda - - March 22, 2001

1/4 c. quick oatmeal
enough water to just cover and microwave 1 min.
1 tsp peanut butter
chopped apple, grapes,orange pulp

Mix together, spoon into feed dish. When cool, may add vitamins and or calcium. (my blue front amazon loves it)

  Birdie French Toast

Posted by: Frank Dillin - - April 25, 2000

2 eggs, 1 jar of sweet potato baby food, 1/4 cup milk and bread. Mix all ingredients together except bread, dip bread in mixture and pan fry till golden brown. They luv it!

  Gertie's Great Griddle Cakes

Posted by: Stephanie Williamson - - September 5, 1999

1 pkg Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
1 egg, including shell (wash egg and grind shell thoroughly)
leftover seeds (if you own a bird, you know what I mean)*
1 Tbs hummus (this was roasted garlic hummus)
1 Tbs peanut butter (this was smooth, but chunky would have been nummier)
1 Tbs honey (actually just dumped it in and didn't measure it
1/3 Cip milk or so

I dumped it all in except for the milk. Mixed it up and then started to add milk. I got it to muffin consistency, but then I remembered reading about someone making a cookie on cast iron, so I decided to make griddlecakes. Gertie(my U2) is still trying to decide if they are edible, but Cassanova (my rotten Standard Poodle puppy) has already stolen at least one and pronounced it delicious. He stands with his nose pressed to the bars when Gertie is eating out of her treat bowl. He thinks he is abused!

Dumped it by 1/8 cup amounts onto a very hot cast iron pan. Let it get dry on the edges and bubbles on top and then flipped. They were a bit hard to flip and the first ones weren't pretty, but who cares! Will let you know if miss picky Gertie decides they are edible.

  Jayne's Birdie Waffles

Posted by: Jayne Nelson - - February 29, 2000

Waffle batter, grated apples, carrots and brocolli. You can use veggies and fruit of any kind. Mix together and make up waffles for your Fids. Freeze in single servings and pop in the toaster for breakfast or dinner. All my Fids love them.

  Lynns Pancake Breakfast

Posted by: Lynn Coppess - - July 22, 1998

1 box of just add water pancake mix
Prepare as directed only using orange juice or apple juice instead of water. You can also add bird vitamins to mixture if necessary. Any left over pancakes can be frozen or refrigerated and reheated in microwave for later use.

Recipe is versatile, so you can add any combination of fruits or nuts if you want to, like mashed bananas, or blueberries etc. My African Grey is very finicky and hard to please, but he loves those pancakes and gets his vitamins as well. Try it and see.

  Pookie's Omelet

Posted by: Kristen - - April 4, 1998

1 egg
3 Tbs finely chopped carrot (I have to cut it small to hide it from her)
1 Tbs riccotta or cottage cheese
1/4 cup beans any kind ( not refried ) black are her favorite
1 splash of milk to mix it
3 Tbs chopped each ( green pepper, broccoli, sweet corn)

Use any vegetables you have at the time, to add a few new ones besides corn. My amazon loves yams, most finicky birds will eat a sweet yam. Mix all the above ingredients together and microwave in a bowl for a couple minutes. Don't use the stove. If you keep fresh veggies around its really fast to make. Hope your baby enjoys it. If he doesn't you might try mashed potatoes. My goffins love them.

  Quick Beakfast (breakfast)

Posted by: Jamie Hullenbaugh - - September 16, 1999

Quick easy breakfast for stubborn babies while weaning.
One packet instant grits OR oatmeal. SUBSTITUTE apple juice for the 3/4 cup boiling water. Add 1/4 cup raisons or dried fruit. Let sit to cool... also has the purpose of letting the dried fruit absorb some juice. This also applies to the standard grits and oatmeal. It makes more batches that are easy to freeze in ice cube trays.

I have 6 kids and a bunch of feather babies. On cold mornings this is great for all of them.

  Scrambled Eggs and Vegetables

Posted by: Joe & Rebecca - February 28, 1997

2 eggs
2 Tbs low fat ricotta cheese
1/4 cup shredded carrots
1/4 cup chopped broccoli

Scramble eggs with shells and ricotta cheese in a bowl. Pour into a frying pan and add vegetables. Cook until eggs are firm.

  Sunday's Sweet Eggs

Posted by: Denise - - May 2, 1998

Spray non-stick vegetable spray in a pan.
Mix number of eggs needed to feed your flock with, a small dash of cinammon and a dash of vanilla.
Scramble in pan until cooked.
Add small dash of maple syrup, cool and feed to all.

  Sweet Potato French Toast

Posted by: Joe & Rebecca - February 28, 1997

2 eggs
1/2 jar sweet potato baby food
4 slices whole wheat bread

Mix the eggs and sweet potatoes together. Dip bread into the mixture and cook in a frying pan until both sides are golden brown. Cut the bread into small pieces and sprinkle sliced almonds on top.

  Willie's Green Eggs & Ham

Posted by: Willie Muylle - - July 27, 2000

Eggs, (scrambled or boiled), bacon bits, Spirulina, Parmesian cheese and grits. Scramble or chop eggs. Add bacon bits. Sprinkle Spirulina and cheese. Toss with dry grits - just enough to keep from being sticky. NOTE: If you can't find grits, use cornmeal. Make a lot or just a little.