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General Care of Parrots

Parrot's Bill of Rights -- by S. A. Metz, M.D.
Importation -- Help Ban the Importation of Wild Caught Birds.
Bird Profiles -- Profiles of each type bird. See if your bird fits its profile.
Parrot Myths -- Parrot Behavioral Myths and Misconceptions by Liz Wilson.
Why Parrots Lose -- Why Do Some Baby Parrots Lose Their Homes?
Escaped Birds -- The Great Escape, by Louise Bauck.
Lost Birds -- Tips for Recovering Missing Birds, by J. Pattison.
Egg Laying -- FAQs. What to do if your bird lays eggs.
Live Animals -- Transporting Live Animals by Air.
Traveling with Your Bird -- tips.
Traveling Info -- Tips for Traveling with Your Feathered Friends, by T. King.
Traveling with Pet Birds -- C. Swicegood.
Daily Life With Your Parrot -- by Robert Mabrito.
Avian Auto -- Get Your Kicks on Route 66, by Su Egen.
Parrots on Vacation -- VACATION PLANNING WITH PARROTS IN MIND, by John Geary.
The Portable Parrot -- Most owners say they prefer to keep their car-riding birds in secured carriers.
Cat Control -- From Humane Society.
Travel tips -- for taking your parrot with you.
Traveling with pets -- Traveling in the USA with your pet or abroad? Hotels are doing something to help us.