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The Economic Benefits of No Kill Animal Control

Dollars & Sense, The Economic Benefits of No Kill Animal Control

There are four myths that allow the paradigm of killing to continue. The
myth that 'open admission' shelters cannot be No Kill because of pet
overpopulation. The myth that No Kill is not possible because of the
irresponsible public. The myth that No Kill is inconsistent with public
health and safety. And the myth that No Kill is too expensive. The first
three are addressed in the document No Kill 101: A Primer on No Kill
Animal Control Sheltering for Public Officials _

Here's the fourth: 'No Kill is too expensive. Our community cannot afford
it.' At a time when economic challenges are being faced in communities
across the country, legislators and policy makers are asking if they can
afford to embrace a more humane alternative. Thankfully, many communities
have already proven that No Kill animal control is cost-effective, saves
municipalities expenses associated with killing, and brings badly needed
revenues into public coffers and community businesses. In just one
community, a No Kill initiative yielded $250,000 in increases revenues at
a time the shelter also significantly reduced expenditures. In addition,
the positive economic impact to businesses due to subsequent spending by
adopters on those animals totaled over $12,000,000 in sales annually. Over
the course of the lifetime of those animals and subsequent adoptions, it
is estimated that these animals will generate $300 million, bringing in
over $20,000,000 in sales tax revenues.

When dozens of communities across the country have achieved No Kill,
including those with per capita intake rates up to eight times higher than
New York City, shelters which continue to kill in the face of lifesaving
alternatives are not only engaging in morally bankrupt conduct (killing
animals who have a place to go), they are bankrupting community coffers.
No Kill animal control not only makes good sense. It makes dollars and

Dollars & Sense, The Economic Benefits of No Kill Animal Control, is a new
resource and incredible tool for addressing and answering questions to
achieve No Kill success in any community. Check out the full version at
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