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Animal shelters pick up abused animals almost every day, but some can't be helped because they're already dangerous. WYMT's Angela Sparkman spoke to one worker at the Floyd County Animal Shelter about what you can do to protect your pets and help the animal shelters.

The last few weeks we've covered several dog attacks or animal abuse stories in different counties and local shelter directors believe there are many more potential cases out there. They believe it can be prevented, but say it's up to the public to help.

"It makes me very, very, very angry to find animals mistreated.

There's no sense in the cruelty we put our animals through. We're supposed to protect them, yet we're cruel to them," Terry Hays said.

Hays takes in dogs no one wants or were abused.

"The cruelty is getting worse, it's getting worse," said Kathy Mullins, Floyd County Animal Shelter Manager.

Right now, 213 animals fill the Floyd County Animal Shelter, one of their highest totals. All were left on the road or discovered abused.


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