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Rehabilitating Fighting Dogs is Dangerous to Children

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Excerpt: Pit bulls. The nation, including Florida, has gone to pit bull worship based on the glory and fame of the NFL and Michael Vick.

Florida Representative Luis R. Garcia, Jr. Filed HB 4075 - dangerous dogs, and SB 722, “Deletes language that includes any dog used primarily or in part for purpose of dog fighting or any dog trained for dog fighting within definition of "dangerous dog" for purposes of provisions regulating dangerous dogs.”

Apart from the emotion evoked from Michael Vick and "rehabilitating fighting dogs" keep in mind - dogs - which are animals - can't talk. You may be able to correct the behavior but flashbacks do occur, especially considering how intelligent pit bulls are–something can snap and trigger a mauling–thereby compromising public safety, for a dog. If you go to any local pound thousands of dogs need rescuing - adoptions - dogs that *never* had any exposure to dog fighting - and they will be killed - those dogs should be prioritized. They don't have the glamor of the NFL and Micheal Vick behind them, so pit bulls are all the mania now. Meanwhile the other dogs are sadly ignored and killed by the millions in municipal pounds everywhere-but they don’t count-they aren’t pit bulls. So in people’s minds they don’t even exist.

Pit bulls. Ever wonder why they are called pit bulls? It is a fighting breed--trained with human cruelty-taught to kill. Whipped, beaten, even given cocaine and other stimulants - even cats thrown in to be ripped to pieces alive ("bait training"), our Vick mania has put children at grave risk releasing fighting dogs to the general public. Pit bulls were specifically bred for that purpose itself - dog fighting.

Pit bulls don't just bite-they grab human flesh with a vice grip, and rip skin clean off, even exposing bone. Emergency room and trauma physicians published details of such horrific "dog bites" (whose term does not justify just how horrible it really is) of pit bulls. There are reports of pit bulls literally scalping children. Even eating the scalp. To see how badly pit bulls rip off flesh-this article was written by trauma doctors - WARNING - VERY GRAPHIC ARTICLE.

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