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The Mean streets 4

Above: This little dog was found huddled in the corner of a Camden commercial building. Sadly, no one paid any attention to his grim existence. The nature of his severe internal and external injuries did not allow for anything more than euthanasia.

Above: In a Camden neighborhood, two roosters who had been fought, wait to be brutalized once more. One of the roosters is pictured.

Above left: These Camden people moved and left the dog to starve to death. Above right: A common Camden scene: one dog chained to a tree (not pictured), the other to an old stove. Their fate would have been sealed here.

Above left: Another trash-filled backyard holding a pitiful, mauled dog. Above right: On a below-freezing day, two little pups were found under all of this trash. They survived without food, water, shelter, and had to endure living in their own feces. Luckily, both were rehabilitated and later adopted.

Above left: On a hot summer day, this little girl was found chained in such a way that she could not reach her water bucket. The Camden "caretaker" opted to surrender the dog. She was later adopted. Above right: This poor soul was found in yet another Camden yard. He was tied with electrical wire and hung to death.

Marion & Star

Above: Star belonged to a 15 year old boy in North Camden, NJ. His mother told us that the boy fights Star regularly. We worked with the family extensively and believed at one point we had actually made new friends. But, now we know that we went overboard providing for the dog, which included a new fence for the back yard. The fence was soon vandalized and broken up and the boy continued to fight the dog. Still, it might be us who is to blame that Star was not allowed indoors on a brutal winter's night left to freeze to death. All these years and we still have not learned about life on the mean streets of Camden, and probably never will.

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