Video by Alliance for Humane Action. An attention-getting educational video on spay/neuter. Please read the credits.


No-Kill Animal Shelters -- Ideas For Animal Shelters, and what every No-Kill Shelter should be.

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No Kill Declaration -- Declaration of the U.S. No-Kill Movement. website about keeping dogs from suffering and dying in hot parked cars has downloadable pamphlets and fliers to help you get the word out.

Pet Safety - July 2015
Having pets teaches more than just responsibility - April 2015
Kids with pets more likely to avoid eating meat - July 2014
Deborah Tanzer LTE of New York Daily News - May 2014
Do You Really Know the Side Effects - March 2013
5 Ways Thieves Could Steal Your Dog - January 2013
Does Your Senior Dog Need a Cart but You Can't Afford it? - November 2012 the facts about vegetarian cats and dogs - May 2012
(AU) Vegan pet food triggers meaty debate - May 2012
Friends With Benefits - April 2012
Pets Eating Downed Animals - Sept 2011
More Owners Are Making Their Dogs Go Vegan - Sept 2011
Inspiring Video about Pitbulls - April 2011
A quarter of dogs left alone for too long: study - March 2011
Canine Obesity
Vegan Pets
Removing Fleas from Pets with Garlic
How to Rescue Orphaned Kittens
Cities ban pet store animals - June 2010
Rusty's Chains (a case for euthanasia)
Buy One, Kill One for Free - PETA message/advertisement
Euthanasia Facts
Dietrich and Eva von Haugwitz inspire anti-chaining fund
Why I'm Ashamed to Be a Vet
Vet Release Form
Future of No Kill -- Behind every revolution is a statement of grievances.  - Vegetarian Pet Foods
Shelter Noise -- Constant Barking Causes Behavior Changes In Dogs In Shelters : Puppy Mill Auction
Dumb Excuses for Dumping Pets - April 2007
Laurie Rosin's Cat - Declawed by amateurs. March 2007
Normal Day -- June 2006. A Normal Day at the Shelter. By Ty Phillips.
Pet Population-video -- 2006. "This is Goodbye": Powerful video.
The Brokenhearted -- What becomes of the four-legged brokenhearted?
Vets Wont Say - 2005. 10 Things Your Veterinarian Won't Tell You, by Barron
Financial Help -- USA orgs that offer financial assistance for pet owners.
Finding Lost Pets -- 12 Steps for Finding Lost Pets
Finding Lost Pets -- How to Provide Recovery Tips That Save Lives.
Radio 4 Dogs -- Online radio station for dogs.
Got Fleas? -- By Nell Liquorman, Author of Keep Fleas Off.
Saving Summer Pets -- Pet Detective of the Hamptons.
Outwit Bugs -- 10 Ways to Outwit Wildlife and Battle Bugs Without Chemicals.

PetAirways: 'Creatures Only' in the Main Cabin - April 2009
Advice on Traveling with Pets - June 2008
Dog-Friendly Travel - July 2008 - a Pet Only Airline. Pets fly in the main cabin
Pet Travel -- Basic information on domestic & international travel of animals.
Pets On Planes -- link to information on airlines that allow pets.
Pet Air Travel -- with links to other useful websites.
Pet Travel -- Travel agencies that know where pets can stay.

Hang on Wall -- Christmas Puppies For Sale.
Letter From Pet -- Dear Mom and Dad, I died today. You tired of me & took me to the shelter...
Euthanized Quantity -- The number of pets euthanized in one county annually.
Euthanasia -- Euthanizing Thousands of Animals a Year Takes a Toll on Shelter Workers.
On Death Row -- I am writing this letter to you from Death Row, on this day, the last of my life.
Last Will -- Last Will & Testament of a Family Pet by E. O'Neill (1st American to win Nobel Prize for literature).
Birth Miracles -- Showing "Jr." the miracles of birth. Funny and sad.
Commit -- Funny, poignant.
Give Aways -- Giving Away Pets. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Average Idiot, ...
Adoption -- Questions to ask yourself before you adopt a pet.
Destined for death -- Special Report: Animals destined for death by Kathleen Laufenberg.
Dr. Sabina -- No Kill -- No Other Solution says Dr. Sabina De Giacomo.
Pet Trade -- 20 Good Reasons Not to Support the Pet Trade by Coordinating Animal Welfare.
Spaying -- The Ten WORST Excuse's Not to Spay or Neuter a "Pet".
The Answer -- You Are The Answer -- a poem.
Pet Diet -- The facts about meat-based and vegetarian cat and dog diets.
Vegan Dog Food -- new product, April 2006.
Meat for Pet -- Jan. 2006. The beef over pet food.

Dog Bite Prevention - May 2014
Citizens Against Puppy Mills - June 2012
Dogs Are Our Best Friends! Are We Theirs? - Dec 2011
Pit Bulls: Scoring better than 121 other breeds in temperament are gentle dogs - June 2011
     A perspective against Pit Bulls: About Pit Bulls
           Pit Bull Essay Rebuttal
Out of the Box - Dog Training Game
Is a Vegetarian Diet Safe for My Dog? - August 2010
Train Don't Chain
Tick Removal - Info on leaving dogs in hot cars
The Lady is a Champ -- and a Horse-Killer, Too - U.S. Dog Show
Dogs In Danger - web site - Feb 2008
You tube - Saved Dogs
Dogs Deserve Better Video - Jan 08
Finding lost dogs -- Story with good advice for anyone trying to find a lost dog.
When Dogs Fly - travel
Re: John Barnes Doggie U Dog Trainer - May 2007
Teach Dog Tricks -- March 2006. Good dog! Why tricks are worth teaching.
What to do if your dog is choking - tips
Ten Little-Known Facts About Dogs - humor
Dog Biting -- How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting Someone.
Hot Car Flyer -- "Don't Leave Me in Here - It's Hot!" - Hot Car Flyer.
Best friend -- Dogs Often Care for Humans Better than Humans Care for Dogs, by Joel Freedman.
Mean Streets Images -- "Compassion for Camden".  The misery created when dogs don't have happy homes.
Help Chained Dogs -- Ways to Help Chained Dogs. A series of articles.
     Chaining VA -- Activists unchain animal issues in Virginia, USA.
Backyard Dog -- The True Story of Donovan.
Outside Dogs -- What are they?
Angry Vet -- A Vet Gone to the Dogs Speech presented to the Montreal Rotary Club by C. Danten.
Dog's Prayer -- by Beth Norman Harris.

For Cat Owners -- HSUS articles.


Parrots -- Caring for Pet Birds.
Parrot's Bill of Rights -- A PARROT'S BILL OF RIGHTS by S. A. Metz, M.D.
Wild Birds

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Adoptions, U.S.


Mice -- All about Mice.


The Horse Listener

Prayer to St. Francis
Warning: Graphic images of abused pets
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