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T.A.R.A. - Spay and Neuter

Updated March 12, 2016

Dear Animal Lover,

Our phone number is (845) 343-1000. TARA has now spayed/neutered over 100,000 animals to date and we now spay and neuter dogs at our stationary clinic in Middletown, New York!!

The Animal Rights Alliance, Inc. (T.A.R.A.)

60 Enterprise Place, Middletown, NY 10941

(845) 343-1000

T.A.R.A. would also like to advise you that we have recently joined Facebook and twitter. Please help us spread the word of the benefits of spay/neuter by adding us on your Facebook or twitter page and recommending us to your network.!/TARA.INC02!/TARA_INC 

Thank you for your time, support and commitment to the cause. Together we will help those who cannot speak for themselves, the animals.

Annemarie Campbell
Development Coordinator
The Animal Rights Alliance, Inc

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