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Birdcam Nest Boxes allow you to watch live every moment of the birds development, from building their nest, to laying their eggs. Following that the incubation period, eggs hatching into chicks and the chicks growing into full grown birds ready for their first flight.

Enjoy the pictures and sounds as the parent birds work hard flying in and out of box to keep their chicks warm and fed. The Nest Box gives a fascinating insight into the birds' natural habitat.

Bird Box with video camera

Birdcam have combined the latest CCD infra-red video camera technology with a classic garden Nest Box and for the first time we can see a new aspect on how the birds in your garden live.

A camera is mounted within the roof of the Nest Box and gives a view from above the nest. The live images produced, are of high quality black and white.

The Nest Boxes are also fitted with microphones so you can not only see what is happening but also hear it too.

Everything needed to connect to your televison or video are provided within the Nest Box along with easy to follow instructions.

Bird Box with video camera

The Nest Box has a single cable which carries both the audio and video signals to your house and also provides 12 volts to run the camera and infra-red lights.

An infra-red camera is used because of the low light environment within the Nest Box and like humans garden birds can not see infra-red light. This means that although we can see them as if it is daylight within the Nest Box the birds are unaware of any lights or camera.

The Nest Box is made from renewable resources and manufactured locally in Inverness, Scotland.

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