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Eastern Bluebirds by Julie Zickefoose
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Eastern Bluebirds by Julie Zickefoose
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Nest Box Cam 2002
The Nest Box Cams use real-time Internet technology to observe and interpret the nesting behaviors of cavity-nesting birds and promote understanding of their breeding biology.

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South Carolina
Carolina Chickadee
(Poecile carolinensis)

On March 23, our cameras recorded the first official songbird nesting attempt of the 2002 season! The female laid a fifth egg on March 25th!
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Barn Owl Cam (Tyto alba)

We are live again and have three chicks in our original nest box. We estimate they are within three and four weeks old. 

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Eastern Bluebird Cam

(Sialia sialis)

Success! The five young birds fledged from the nest on July 2nd and 3rdójust in time for Independence Day!

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Hawk Mountain
American Kestrel
(Falco sparverius)

Our first attempt at a kestrel cam was highly successful and we look forward to watching these beautiful falcons again next year. See you then!

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This page will serve as the live remote page for all cams. When there are no technical difficulties, images are updated on the server once per minute during daylight hours (Eastern time). Click your browser's Reload button to see the latest images, or use the pop-up windows that update automatically.

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