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A Camera for Outdoor Videography

Watch the birds in your back yard on your TV screen!

The BirdCam is a color video camera for the serious birder. It allows up-close observation of birds and other wildlife by sending the image back to your TV or video recorder.

You can mount the BirdCam Camera inside a birdhouse for an unobtrusive, non-invasive study of nesting birds.

Or attach BirdCam to a bird feeder, deer feeders -- or anywhere you want to watch the natural behavior of wild birds and animals.

The closest possible view of birds

The BirdCam Color Video Camera with Microphone provides both optics and audio to capture all action at your feeder or birdhouse. It lets you study the fine details of the birds that visit your back yard.

The BirdCam is a high-quality, weather-resistant color video camera with high-gain microphone. The housing is soft rubber over molded plastic. BirdCam is mounted on a 12" flexible goose neck. It comes with 35 feet of cable.

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