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Subject: My pigeon refuses to leave home!

I live in England and have been a bird lover for many years, i have rescued and rehabilitated a variety of species. Mainly exotics, but alas, 3 yrs ago i hand reared a pigeon from chick. He had been nest thrown by mum, and was at the hands of teens intent on playing footie with him in a pub car park!

After much observation, it was apparent he had to be taken in, in order to survive.

After 2months of strict nurturing he gained weight and the ability to fly!

He had to be taught to cope with the outdoors, many trips to the garden with him sat upon my shoulder or nesting in my hair for comfort, lol!

Though time consuming and possibly one of the most entertaining moments of my life, I can honestly say that i have never had a bond with any bird such as this one, even the parrots fail to hold the same cognitive ability as him!

I considered that after some time Chuck the pigeon, would eventually find a mate and leave home, as he flys through the village and even the town during the day. He has friends, other pigeons outdoors that he likes to bully but no one special lady, lol! I believe he only has eyes for me, yikes!

If i get in my car, sometimes he will follow me miles and perch on the building i have visited until i leave!
He will fly past my living room window and if he sees me watching the telly, he will land on the satellite dish to ruin my viewing and gain attention!

He is also, the only bird i have rehabilitated that will half kill himself by flying into the window to get himself back into the house! His level of jealousy, well that's another story, lol!

So my question is, will he ever leave home???

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