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County To Use Non-Lethal Method To Control Geese

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― They're beautiful birds, but to some, Canadian geese are a problem that just won't go away.

Last year, Allegheny County euthanized more than 270 geese in North Park, but this year officials are taking a non-lethal approach.

Appalled animal rights activists picketed County Executive Dan Onorato's church in protest of the decision last year.

"We would just like to point out the moral hypocrisy and we felt that the church was a place to shame him in front of his fellow parishioners," Lindsay Zurosky, from Voices for Animals of Western Pennsylvania, said.

From now on, the county says it will try to manage the goose population without killing them.

"I would never promise that we're never going to harvest, but we're going to try hard not to," Andrew Baechle, from the parks department, said.

With nesting season upon us, the county says it will dispatch an army of workers to fight each goose nest - oiling the eggs to prevent them from hatching.

"We're not talking about killing the geese or anything - just oiling the eggs so no more young are born," Baechle said. "We need to stabilize the population."

The county also plans to step up its harassment of the geese using lasers, pyrotechnic flares and border collies to scare them away.

The county hopes it will make the park more user-friendly and visitors can enjoy the groves and lake side areas without stepping in goose feces.

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