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12 Days of Xmas '09 - Day 9 - For The Mink

OPERATION: 12 Days of Xmas '09 - Day 9


For our 9th Day of Xmas, we post the following alert, which came to us from Voice of the Voiceless. Much appreciation to Peter Young and to Voice of the Voiceless for this priceless investigative report. Way to go, Peter!

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Landmark Investigation: The Blueprint
Dec 19th, 2009 by Peter Young

Announcing the release of the largest update of fur farm addresses in nearly 15 years.
After five months of research and investigation, I am announcing the release of a landmark document: The Blueprint - the largest update of fur farm addresses in nearly 15 years.
The Blueprint: Fur Farm Intelligence Project Report is the product of my two-month, 13,000-mile investigation of over 75% of the fur farms in the country. It represents the largest-ever collection of fur industry intelligence to date.
The Blueprint is a 62-page supplement to the 10,000-word narrative on my eight-state Fur Farm Intelligence Project investigation, featured in Bite Back Magazine #15.
Included in the 62-page document:
*Massively updated state-by-state fur farm address list
*Photos of nearly 100 mink, fox, and lynx farms.
*Anonymous reports and photos from clandestine visits to fur farms and industry research sites.
*Massively updated closed farm database.
*Detailed data and status updates on over 200 fur farms.
*Dozens of newly discovered, unpublished fur farm addresses.
The Blueprint: Fur Farm Intelligence Project Report was compiled with the intent of mapping the entire supply-side and infrastructure grid of the industry: from auction houses to feed suppliers, fox farms to research facilities.
The Blueprint contains new addresses and updated data on:
*Fox farms
*Mink farms
*Lynx farms
*Fur industry research farms
*Fur feed suppliers
And much more.
20 years of collected fur farm data has culminated in this document.
The Blueprint can be downloaded here:
(large file - allow up to several minutes to open)

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