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Twelve Days of Xmas - Day 12 - Support Direct Action and the Animal Liberation Underground

On this the 12th Day of Xmas, we at Win Animal Rights wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your attention and your indulgence as we realize that not everyone appreciates the darker side of our humor. This year, we once again turn our attention to the very serious subjects of "Direct Action" and the "Animal Liberation Underground" which includes the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), but is not exclusive to the ALF.

Take a look at the pictures above (if you are viewing these in text only, there are two pictures - one of Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella's, hunting lodge burning and the other is two animal liberators holding adorable rescued lambs). Both depict direct actions, both were illegal actions. Which one makes you feel better? Most of you will probably pick the animal liberation picture of the lambs. Now ask yourself this question: Which picture do you think would cause the most distress to an animal exploiter like Daniel Vasella?

Direct action has many qualities and includes actions that are both legal and illegal, open and clandestine, building and destroying, peaceful and violent, giving and taking.

Some examples of direct action are:

Opening the cages and liberating mink from a fur farm

Smashing equipment or cages, so they can no longer be used to hurt animals

Feeding and caring for a feral cat colony

Cutting the chain of an abused or neglected dog who needs medical attention

Blocking the way of a vehicle full of animals bound for the slaughterhouse

Sabotaging the equipment of animal exploitation or abuse

Stealing the breeding cards from a fur farm

Breaking into a lab and liberating animals

Breaking into a lab and destroying their equipment

Setting fire to an empty building that was destined to be an animal testing lab

Taking a pigeon with string wrapped around his or her leg, rehabbing and then releasing the bird

Walking between an armed hunter and his prey

Going into the woods and removing hunters tree stands and bait stations

Attending a fur sale armed with a noxious substance that can be sprayed liberally on really expensive furs

Giving food or water or administering aid to a starving or injured animal

Releasing wild birds that are being held captive for canned hunts or bird shoots

Open rescues of abused and exploited animals

Walking through the woods during hunting season listening to a boombox

Removing traps from trap lines, then destroying said traps

Sailing to the ice floes of Canada to interfere with the annual seal slaughter

Putting yourself between the whales and the harpoons

Opening the cages of wild animals and setting them free

Opening the cages of companion animals and giving them a home

Taking an animal from a live market and finding him or her sanctuary

These are just some examples of the wide variety of actions that can be considered "Direct Action". Some lead to animal running wild and free and others are designed to interfere with the exploitation, imprisonment and abuse of animals.

When you think about whether a certain action is justified, think of this......what would you do if the animal at risk was your companion animal?...or a child of your family? If you were on the ice during the slaughter of the innocent baby seals would you ask the seal killer not to bludgeon the baby seal? If he refused to listen, would you place your body between the hunter and the hunted? If he wouldn't stop beating that baby seal, would you use physical force? If you had a gun and could save countless baby seals would you use it?

Think about it.

We leave you with the gift of this poem, that we found on the website:

Activist's Pledge

Until the last flesh is consumed

and no more animals are born to doom

Our struggle is beside the weak

respect for life is what we seek

Until the last is forced to entertain

and no more animals are driven insane

For all those beaten to a cower

we lend our strength and our power

Until the last suffers in a cruel test

and scientific fraud is finally confessed

To those voiceless we give them word

until their agonizing cries are heard

Until the last dead skin is worn

and for our usage no animal is born

Relentless battles we must fight

until all others see compassion's light

Until the last abuse has ceased

and existence is granted to every beast

We won't abandon or give in

because this war we intend to win

by Janet Riddle

As found on:


And pictures of an open rescue by Igualdad Animal, who rescued a mother sheep and her two baby lambs on 12-25-09:



The time has come to rise up and take action for the animals and the earth. Our vow to you today is to be ever stronger and work harder than ever for animal liberation. Win Animal Rights wishes to thank you again, for your participation in the 12 Days of Xmas '09 and to wish you a happy holiday season and the peace and strength of being or becoming a warrior for animal liberation. There is no better or more satisfying path you can take! If there is anything we can do to help you along the path to animal liberation, don't hesitate to ask.


Until all are free

by any means necessary,

Win Animal Rights


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